This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Underground continuity.
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Jerod is a character that appears in the Sonic Underground television series. He is an anthropomorphic raccoon from southern Mobius.


Jerod is one of the Valley Folk, and the group's fastest runner. He had a race with Sonic the Hedgehog to test whether Sonic was who he claimed to be, a test that Sonic won easily. Jerod acted as Sonic Underground's guide, showing them first to the dam that Doctor Robotnik was building, then to the edge of the land of the Mountain Folk.[1]

He was secretly in love with Serro from the Mountain Folk. When Sonic Underground convinced Zeb (leader of the Valley Folk) and Granny (leader of the Mountain Folk) to attend a sit-down so that they could work together until the dam was destroyed, Jerod was present. Granny and Zeb did reach an agreement, but when Granny saw Jerod and Serro holding hands, she went back on the agreement. Nevertheless, Sonic Underground were able to convince the Mountain and Valley Folk to work together by singing "How You Play The Game".[1]

Jerod participated in the attack on the dam after Sonic led the Guardian Bot away. When Sleet and Dingo arrived in their scorpion hover vehicle and ruined the plan, Jerod offered to deliver a message to Sonic from Sonia (by following the trail of destruction left by the Guardian Bot). The plan works, and the Guardian Bot destroys Dingo and Sleet's vehicle. Jerod and Serro are reunited, and Manic manages to destroy the dam (and the Guardian Bot) with his drums. At their celebration, Jerod openly dances with Serro.[1]