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Jeweled Scepter
The Jeweled Scepter in its hiding chamber
Statistics and Overview
First appearance

Sonic Rush Adventure
(First and only appearance)


An ancient artifact which is the key to unleash the Power of Stars

The Jeweled Scepter (宝玉の杖 Hougyoku no Tsue?, lit. Cane of Jewels) is an extremely significant artifact that exists in the Sol Dimension. It has been guarded by Blaze's royal family for generations, and is the key to unleashing the Power of the Stars, an immense power that ensures the existence of parallel worlds. It is also said to be able to control the geological activity of Blaze's home world.


The Jeweled Scepter was stolen by Captain Whisker and Mini & Mum during the events of Sonic Rush Adventure and Blaze tried to get it back with the help of Sonic, Tails and Marine. After chasing the pirates to several islands, they cornered them and defeated their ultimate weapon, the Ghost Titan and obliterated the island the pirates and the scepter was on. Blaze, Sonic and Tails were depressed about not reclaiming the Jeweled Scepter because they thought it sunk to the bottom of the ocean, until Marine revealed that she grabbed the scepter while Captain Whisker wasn't looking.

After collecting the seven Chaos Emeralds and Sol Emeralds, Doctor Eggman and Eggman Nega stole the Jeweled Scepter from the royal treasury and revealed that they made the pirates and wanted to use the scepter to unlock the Power of the Stars so they could turn both the Chaos and Sol Dimensions into their own personal realms. The Jeweled Scepter was then used by the Egg Wizard which was confronted by Super Sonic and Burning Blaze. After the Eggmen were on the verge of defeat, Nega attempted to use the scepter's power to destroy the world. However Marine interfered, giving Super Sonic and Burning Blaze the chance to destroy the Egg Wizard and reclaim the Jeweled Scepter. It was later returned to its altar by Blaze and was placed under heavy guard to prevent it from being stolen again.


  • Gardon once mentioned "How could [the pirates] have gotten the Jeweled Scepter again?!". This implies that it was stolen by Captain Whisker and his crew before.
  • In one scene, the Jeweled Scepter is misspelled in the subtitles as "Jeweled Sceptor".
  • In Sonic Universe #1, it appears that Eggman Nega (in silhouette) holds the scepter in hand, which is apprent if you compare the two. It may actually be canon, as it was mentioned as one of the mysteries in the Sonic Universe logs.

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