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Joe Sushi is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is an anthropomorphic walrus and one of the Emerald Hill Folk.


Joe Sushi is a diminutive walrus, although he resembles more a pinniped. He has grey-whitish skin/fur with a rotund head, two large black eyes, small triangular flippers, and a fin-like hind flipper. He possesses no tusks, but instead has a fussy white muzzle reminiscing a mustache and a small black nose.


In Dr. Robotnik's early attempts to conquer Mobius, Joe Sushi was caught and turned into an organic battery for a Badnik, although he later freed by Sonic the Hedgehog.[1] Follow Robotnik's global planet, Joe got put into another Badnik, but was set free by Sonic upon his return, and Joe helped show what had happened in Sonic's absence.[2]

Soon after, Joe was put to endless work in Robotnik's factories until he was freed by Sonic.[3] Despite finding sanctuary amidst the Emerald Hill Folk, Joe still got captured to power another Badnik until he was fred by Sonic in the Hidden Zone.[4] While working a new hideout, Joe and the Emerald Hill Folk got attacked by Extra Life whom they mistook for Sonic until the real one got hid of the imposter.[5] Joe later came with Sonic to the Scrap Brain Zone where he saw the hedgehog stop the Terra-Droid which was turned into a home for Joe and the villagers.[6]

During Christmas, Joe and the Emerald Hill Folk were convinced Robot had turned over a new leaf when he brought them present until Sonic revealed this Robotnik was a bomb in disguise and got rid of them.[7] Not long after, Joe and the Emerald Hill Folks were attacked by Metallix and deceived by Metamorphia (as Cosmic the Hedgehog), both incidents which were handled by Sonic.[8][9]

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