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Not to be confused with Little John from Sonic the Hedgehog serialized manga.

Jon O' Hedge is the son of Rob O' the Hedge and Mari-An. He is sometimes referred to as Little Jon by his parents.


Unlike most cross-bred Mobians, Jon has very few obvious hedgehog traits about him, inheriting phenotype mostly from his mother.


  • Just as his father is loosely based on the folk hero Robin Hood, Jon's name is based on one of Robin Hood's outlaws: Little John.
  • It was originally thought that Jon took on the gender of his father but the species of his mother, it was later revealed in The Complete Sonic Comic Encyclopedia that Jon is actually a hybrid, a rare occurrence between two different species (a Hedgehog and an Echidna).
  • Jon is considered an honorary member of the Mercian Freedom Fighters, though he is obviously too young to be an active member.

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