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The Juggling (ジャグリン Jagurin?) is an enemy that appears in Sonic Advance 3. It is a Badnik model created by Dr. Eggman. It only appears in Toy Kingdom.



The Jugglings are based off of circus clowns. They have a round red and blue torso with a single black wheel as legs attached below it, and two thin blue arms with hands that look like white gloves. They have a round head with a face like a clown, complete with white skin, red lips, red round nose, X-shaped eyes and a pointy red hat with a ball on top.

Powers and abilities

Living up to their name, the Jugglings are quite proficient jugglers.


The Jugglings move back and forth while juggling with pins directly up into the air. If the playable character hits their pins, he/she will take damage, making attacks from above useless. However, they are still vulnerable to attacks from the side.

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