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The Jump Panel[1] is a gimmick that appears in Shadow the Hedgehog. It is a large metal-plated footing and variant of the regular Spring, which is used to travel between sections.


Jump Panels are wide, rectangular grey plates embedded in the ground, with yellow and black hazard stripes on the edges.


Jump Panels only appear in Prison Island. They serve the same purpose as Springs, which is to send the player flying through the air to other locations. Unlike Springs though, the Jump Panels can launch the player far higher into the air and at much greater speed. They also specifically serve to let the player otherwise unreachable sections or shortcuts. When using them, the Jump Panels will expand upward and push the player through midair at incredible speed.

To use the Jump Panel in gameplay, the player has to press the jump button when standing on these panels.

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  1. Shadow the Hedgehog: Prima Official Game Guide, pg. 21

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