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Junction switches[1] are gimmicks that appear in Shadow the Hedgehog. It is a type of rail switch for changing the traveling path of the President's escape pod.


Junction switches appear at the junction points in the Air Fleet. As the President's escape pod is being conveyed through the Stage on a monorail track, the player can use the junction switch to change the escape pod's course. The escape pod's course depends on which way the junction switch faces. The player can change the junction switch's direction by shooting it with a weapon.

Depending on which way this switch faces, and in turn which way the escape pod goes, the escape pod will either be in the player’s attack range for a prolonged time or a short time. When the junction switch glows blue, the path the escape pod will take is favorable to the Hero mission of the Air Fleet. If it glows red instead, the path the escape pod will take is favorable to the Dark mission of Air Fleet.

Reference list

  1. Sonic Team (15 November 2005). Shadow the HedgehogGameCubeSega. Area/Level: Air Fleet "Tails: This junction switch changes the escape pod’s destination!"

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