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Two Kaamdaarn (the one on the left is Mello) from Sonic the Comic #113. Black and white art by Bob Corona and colour by Nigel Dobbyn.

The Kaamdaarn are creatures that appear in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. They are a peaceful alien race. Known members include Mello and Amber.


Kaamdaarn are short humanoid creatures with round bellies, spindly limbs and wild hair. Each Kaamdaarn glows a bright colour, although not all Kaamdaarn are the same colour - individual members of the species have been seen who are pink, yellow, and green. Most members of the species have long drooping snouts as well as nostrils,[1] although some individuals (such as Amber) lack such a snout.[2] Kaamdaarn can float through the air while sitting cross-legged, although they can also walk.[1]

Kaamdaarn culture combines advanced science (psi technology) with natural laws and they have evolved to become one with their planet. Their positive energy flowing through the planet prevents any weapons from working on it, and wars are expressly forbidden.[1] They have the ability to create feelings of tranquility in order to diffuse violent confrontations, even in robots (although not in beings that have no love in their hearts, like Doctor Robotnik), although this influence fades when the Kaamdaarn is no longer in the vicinity.[2]

The spiritual leader of the Kaamdaarn is Mello.[1]

The Kaamdaarn are apparently a spacefaring people and possess maps of the universe.[3]


A starship belonging to the Insectra Empire crash-landed on Kaamdaarn after it was shot down by the Blurrgh. The Blurrgh landed shortly afterwards, and the two species intended to continue their war on the planet's surface until Mello and another Kaamdaarn appeared and informed them that wars were forbidden. Instead, the Insectras and Blurrgh decided to conquer the Kaamdaarn, only to find that their weapons no longer worked on the planet. Both sides were defeated in unarmed combat by Amy Rose, Tekno the Canary and Shortfuse the Cybernik, who had been on the Insectra ship when it crashed.

The Insectras and Blurrgh decided to end their war and live on Kaamdaarn. Shortfuse also decided to stay on the planet, in the hope that the Kaamdaarn would be able to free him from his armour.[1] The Kaamdaarn gave Amy and Tekno a spaceship and a map to help them get back to Mobius.[3]

Later that year, on Christmas, Shortfuse returned home from Kaamdaarn through an inter-planetary warp-gate built by Tekno. He was joined by a female Kaamdaarn named Amber, who wanted to see what life was like on Mobius. She witnessed a Badnik attack, and managed to save a hostage by inducing feelings of tranquility in the Badniks.[2] Before she returned home, she gave Shortfuse a computer program designed by Kaamdaarn psi technology, which allowed him to be free of his armour for the first time in two years.[4]


  • The name "Kaamdaarn" is derived from the phrase "calm down".


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