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Kabutoto (カブトト?) are a brand of badniks made by Dr. Eggman that exclusively appear in the video game, Sonic Labyrinth. These badniks appear in the second zone, the Labyrinth of the Sea.




Kabutoto badniks are based off of a horseshoe crab. Their body are colored crimson, while their tentacles are colored gray. They have light yellow fangs. The badniks have seven tentacles, three appearing on each side while one appears in the backs of these badniks.

Kabutoto badniks have no attack pattern. In fact, there is actually only one in the game, which can be seen guarding a key for the second act of the second level, Labyrinth of the Sea. It can be destroyed via a Spin Dash from the player, who controls Sonic the Hedgehog.


  • Kabutoto's name comes from the Japanese word "Kabutogani", which is Japanese for horseshoe crab.

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