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Heroes Kao

A kao model.

Kaos are large circular rocks that have spikes protruding from their sides and have faces on the surface.

Kaos are also seen in Sonic Generations at both Acts of Seaside Hill in some areas, as well as in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed in Ocean View.


They are first seen in Ocean Palace in Sonic Heroes. When a team enters the area where there the Kao are found, they will begin rolling to chase the team and will try to roll over the team. Eventually, two more Kao will roll along with the first. The team must outrun the Kao in order to escape, continuing the first-level-run-from-the-danger theme.


Due to it's huge weight, Kao can break anything smaller than the size of[1]. While in gameplay only, Kao still has enough speed, that lets it to rolls at speed to reach Team Sonic and Team Dark. Kaos appear to be semi-controlled as when it hurts an opponent, it stops, and then increases it's running speed to react with enemy movement, instead of continue rolling in an endless loop.



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Sonic Heroes

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Sonic Generations

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