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Kassim is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is a thief who lived on Shanazar.


On Shanazar, Kassim was known among the Imperial Guards as a thief. While running from the guards one day, Kassim bumped into Sonic the Hedgehog, another wanted criminal. Sonic took Kassim to a rooftop, where the thief pretended that Princess Kupacious had locked his girlfriend, Sapphire, in a tower and that the Imperial Guards were out to stop him from reaching her.[1]

Wanting to help, Sonic got Kassim to the top of the tower, only to realize that "Sapphire" was a pile of gems that belonged to the princess, which Kassim sought to steal. Partly sorry for lying, Kassim offered Sonic half the gem pile, only for it to turn into a monster. Repelled by the monster when trying secure a few gems, Kassim was take away by Sonic. Regardless, Kassim was still determined to get the gems with Sonic's aid, but was left confused when Sonic left, refusing to steal from Kupacious.[1]


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