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Catherine Davis "Kate" Higgins is an American voice actress, singer and jazz pianist. Born in Charlottesville, Virginia and grew up in Auburn, Alabama. She is the current voice actress for Wave the Swallow and was the voice of Miles "Tails" Prower as of Sonic Free Riders and Sonic Colors.[1]

In 2014 she was replaced as Tails by Colleen Villard,[2] who is also the current voice of Charmy Bee.




Video games


Voice acting


In the review of Sonic Free Riders by IGN they had praised the new voices especially Tails' saying that he finally sounds like a boy.[3]


  • Apparently Kate auditioned for the role as Tails for Sonic Boom, but didn't get the part for unknown reasons. She also had a feeling she wouldn't get the part.[4]
  • It is currently unknown why she was auditioning or replaced for Sonic Boom as she had been voicing Tails during development and the other current cast had reprised their roles. Additionally, while Kate returned to voice Wave in Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, she didn't voice Tails in the same game, the latter still being played by Colleen Villard as he is in Sonic Boom.


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