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For the attack used by Rouge the Bat, see Kick Attack. For the move in Sonic Colors, see Kick boost. For the Parkour move in Sonic Lost World, see Flying Kick.

Kick (キック Kikku?) is a Speed Formation maneuver and a Solo Attack used by Sonic the Hedgehog on Team Sonic and Shadow the Hedgehog on Team Dark in Sonic Heroes. When performing this move, the user attacks with a flying kick.


When performing the Kick, the user does a somersault and attack forward along the ground while stretching out both his feet in front of him. When doing so, the user is surrounded by his respective aura (Sonic in a blue aura while Shadow in a yellow aura). When using the Kick, the player can inflict damage on enemies or destroy wooden containers.

To perform the Kick in gameplay, the selected team must be in Speed Formation with Sonic/Shadow as the leader. The player then has to hold down the action button (PSSquareButton/XboxX/SNNBGAMECUBEDISCO) and then release it without any teammates nearby to launch the Kick. While performing the Kick, the player can control the direction the playable character is heading with the movement controls.


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