Quotation1 The fastest baddies around, these guys also top the charts for hardest to hit! Quotation2
— Description, Sonic Unleashed[1]

The Killer Bee (キラー・ビー Kirā Bī?) is an enemy that appears in the nighttime Stages in Sonic Unleashed. They are a variant of Dark Gaia's Minions that resemble bees.


Contrary to their name, the Killer Bees look more like wasps or yellow jackets than bees. They have a long thin horn and antennas on their foreheads and possess mouths that resembles a beak with tusks. Their thoraxes are rather spherical and possess small spikes and four wings, and they have purple smoke emitting from their backs. Also, they have stingers on their abdomens that resembles arrowheads. Finally, they have yellow-green and black skin with cyan markings.

The size of the Killer Bees differ between the versions of Sonic Unleashed; on the PS3/Xbox360 version, the Killer Bees are a little larger than Sonic the Werehog, but on the PS2/Wii version, they are only about half this size.

Powers and abilities

The Killer Bees are able to move around by teleporting into an area in a puff of purple. As a Dark Gaia minion, the Killer Bees can possess people by latching onto the deepest, darkest part of the heart, and generate despair, negative emotions or even erratic behavior that are completely opposite to the person's personality.

The Killer Bees are the fastest of Dark Gaia's Minions,[1] presumably only second to the Red Killer Bees. With the wings on their backs, the Killer Bees are capable of flight and can move swiftly through mid-air. They are also quite nimble and acrobatic in mid-flight, being able avoid incredible fast attacks with fluid movements.

The Killer Bees also possess barbed stingers that they can use to pierce their opponents.


The Killer Bees and the rest of Dark Gaia's Minions were created at the beginning of Sonic Unleashed when Dark Gaia broke apart into millions of fragments after awakening prematurely, with these fragments becoming the Killer Bees and the rest of Dark Gaia's Minions. They first appear in Apotos Night Act II: Moonsoaked Alleys on the Wii/PS2 version and in Dragon Road Night Act 1 on the Xbox 360/PS3 version.

In comparison to the rest of Dark Gaia's Minions, the Killer Bees are arguably some of the most dangerous. They have easily some of the fastest movements of their kind and can deal a lot of damage. The safest way to beat them is to throw objects at them as they are highly vulnerable to such damage. Like real insect swarms, the Killer Bees always show up in pairs or groups of themselves. They also have a stronger version of themselves called Red Killer Bees.

In battle, the Killer Bees will circle Sonic to signify they are getting ready to attack. When attacking, they will strike using their large stingers, either by launching themselves into Sonic from behind at incredible speed or dealing a barrage of stings when up close. The Killer Bees also possess wide movement capabilities that let them dodge attacks by either moving out of the player's range or fly into the air for then to launch a counterattack, making it quite hard to strike them.

Upon the reconstruction of Dark Gaia by Dr. Eggman, all of the Killer Bees along with the other Dark Gaia minions were returned to the beast, who was later defeated and sealed within the planet's core.

In other media

Archie Comics

Main article: Killer Bee (Archie)
Killer Bee Archie

A Killer Bee, from Sonic Universe #63.

The Killer Bees make an appearance in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-off comics published by Archie Comics. In this media, they are Dark Gaia Creatures that began emerging from the core of Sonic's world during the Shattered World Crisis. They first appeared in Sonic Universe #63, where a group of Killer Bees and Nightmares ambushed Knuckles in Pumpkin Hill Zone, but they were quickly defeated by Knuckles and the Chaotix.



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