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King Solomon (ソロモン王 Soromon-ō?) is a character in Sonic and the Secret Rings. He is one of the kings in the world of the Arabian Nights and apparently the king that sealed creatures like the Ifrit Golem in ancient times.


Long before the took event of Sonic and the Secret Rings, King Solomon had sealed away many evil demons. This angered the spirits who decided to join with Erazor Djinn to get revenge.

At some point after Erazor was had served his sentence, Erazor sent the 40 Thieves and many others to kill Solomon, whom he saw as a threat to his plans. Solomon somehow survived, but he had his body scattered throughout the castle. When Sonic and Shahra arrive, he asks for help recovering the rest of his body, and eliminating the Forty Thieves in return for advice on how to defeat Erazor. He is intrigued by Sonic, whom he can tell has been cursed by staring into the hedgehog's eyes. After recovering his body, he helps Sonic and Shahra by telling them how to unlock Erazor's palace gates. After the two leave, Solomon states that he "senses death approaching", eerily foreshadowing an event that occurs later on.


  • He is the only character in Secret Rings that is not a genie, but is not an alternate form of a character from Sonic's world.
  • King Solomon is similar to the Jewish King, Solomon in three ways:
    • His name is based on the King of the same name.
    • He has hair locks on his sideburns, which is a cultural attribute to certain branches of Judaism.
    • His concept art reveals a six-point star on his clothing, another symbolistic attribute to Judaism.


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