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Kintobor Badnik

The Kintobor Badnik attacking Sonic, from Sonic the Comic #143. Art by Richard Elson.

The Kintobor Badnik is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It was a robot operated by the Kintobor Computer after it was taken over by Grimer. The Kintobor Badnik is large and powerful. It appears to be modelled off a wasp or bee and has a screen above its' head that shows Kintobor's face.


After Grimer had been arrested and locked in Metropolis City High Security Prison, he managed to take over the prison and make the Prison Governor his lackey. Grimer hacked into the Kintobor Computer remotely through the prison's systems. He first used some old footage to fool the Kintobor Computer into reporting a Badnik attack, luring Sonic to the Metropolis Zone, then took full control of the Computer and turned it evil. The Kintobor Computer took control of the powerful Kintobor Badnik and attacked Sonic on the street.

Sonic attacked the Kintobor Badnik, but was unable to beat it because Kintobor knew Sonic so well that he could anticipate the hedgehog's moves and counterattack or dodge them.[1]

The Kintobor Badnik claimed to be tired of Sonic treating him like a mere machine, and threatened to take over the whole Metropolis Zone by hacking its computers. However, even Sonic collapsing a condemned building in top of the badnik could not defeat it. Instead, Sonic ran back to the Control Centre in the Emerald Hill Zone, with the Kintobor Badnik in hot pursuit. Back at base, he shut the Kintobor Computer down, causing the Badnik to crash on the grass outside.

When the Kintobor Computer was restored the next day, Porker Lewis had fixed it so that it was no longer evil.[2]


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