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The Knuckles Knock-Out Special was a one-shot special edition of Sonic the Comic, published on 6 April 1996 (between Sonic the Comic #74 and #75). It features Knuckles the Echidna and guests stars, the Chaotix.


Featured stories

Knuckles - "Traitor of the Lost Pyramid"


Knuckles is surprised by the appearance of the Chaotix Crew on the Floating Island, who arrive by means of the Omni-Viewer. They explain that they are following the traitor Nack the Weasel after his escape from prison, and that they believe he is heading for the Lost Pyramid of Sandopolis. Knuckles gives them permission to track Nack on the Island, and decides to go with them.

When they reach Sandopolis, Nack's vehicle is already outside the pyramid... but Knuckles is surprised, because the last time he visited the pyramid he left it buried under the sand. They enter the pyramid, but are attacked by Hyudoros, one of which puts a hand straight through Espio's chest! Although Espio is not seriously hurt, the attack makes him feel cold, and the group hurries for a light area where the Hyudoros cannot follow.

They find Nack in the treasure room, but the treasure has completely disappeared except for a single sarcophagus. Knuckles demands that Nack explains how he unburied the pyramid and where the treasure has gone, which Nack does with relish because he loves explaining things. He reveals that he used a shrink ray, first on the sand (it is currently under their feet) then on the treasure, which he has loaded into a large chest. He will enlarge the treasure later before he sells it on, because it's more valuable that way. He demonstrates the ray on the sarcophagus.

When the heroes try to stop Nack from escaping, he reveals that he has re-activated an ancient Stone Guardian of the treasure chamber, which now serves him. As they attempt to fight the Stone Guardian to no avail, Nack makes his escape, but accidentally leaves behind his shrink ray. Fortunately, Knuckles notices the shrink ray and uses it on the Stone Guardian, shrinking it and rendering it harmless.

The heroes chase Nack outside, but he is already flying away in his vehicle with the treasure. Knuckles aims the shrink ray at the vehicle, and sets it to re-enlarge mode. All of the shrunken treasure returns to its normal size, causing Nack's vehicle to explode, the treasure to be scattered across the desert, and Nack himself to fall squarely into the waiting arms of Mighty the Armadillo. Chaotix arrest Nack, taking him back to prison in the Special Zone, and Knuckles is left alone to pick up all the treasure.




  • Chaotix learned that Nack the Weasel had escaped prison in the Special Zone and was heading for the Sandopolis Zone in Sonic the Comic #76, "The Big Decision" (which must therefore take place before this story).
  • Knuckles previously worked with Chaotix in "Total Chaotix", from Sonic the Comic #53 to #58.
  • Nack was revealed as a traitor to the Chaotix Crew in Sonic the Comic #57, "Total Chaotix, Part 5".
  • Nack was injured by a Metallix in Sonic the Comic #58, "Total Chaotix, Part 6". He has since been recovering in a prison hospital.
  • Knuckles wonders how Nack bypassed the Floating Island's forcefield. Therefore this story takes place before Sonic the Comic #73, "New Master Emerald", in which damage to the Emerald Chamber causes the force field to fail.
  • Knuckles last visited the Lost Pyramid of Sandopolis in "Mystery of the Sandopolis Zone" in Sonic the Comic #47 and #48, in which he encountered the ghosts, saw the treasure chamber, and left the pyramid buried under the sand.
  • Nack previously used shrinking technology in issue #58, "Total Chaotix, Part 6".


  • Chaotix claim to have been following Nack for three weeks, since his escape from prison, and have only just discovered that he has a map to the Sandopolis Zone. This contradicts the events of Sonic the Comic #76, "The Big Decision", in which they learn both that Nack has escaped and that he has a map of the Sandopolis Zone, and thus head to the Floating Island immediately.
  • This story was reprinted in Sonic the Comic #220.

Knuckles - "Jake's Story"


In the middle of the night, an EggRobo, left behind when Robotnik was kicked out of the Floating Island, sneaks into the Mushroom Hill Zone where the Emerald Hill Folk now live. Its internal electronic power supply is running out, and it needs to absorb an organic battery. It soon finds an open window, and on the other side a young bear named Jake is sleeping. When other Emerald Hill Folk come to see what is the matter, the EggRobo rockets away. Jake's mother finds the boy's room empty, and the Emerald Hill Folk quickly call Knuckles to get him back.

Knuckles tracks the EggRobo to surface of the Lava Reef Zone, where jets of flame periodically burst up out of the ground. He can't see Jake, but realises this is because the Badnik must already have absorbed him as a battery. Knuckles fights the EggRobo, taking great care not to hit it too hard so that he doesn't hurt Jake, but unfortunately the EggRobo is caught by a gout of flame and explodes. It is completely destroyed.

Thinking that Jake is dead, Knuckles goes back to tell the boy's mother the bad news. When he gets there, however, he learns that Jake is alive and well. He woke up before the EggRobo grabbed him and hid in the closet, fearing to come out when he heard the shouts from outside. Knuckles is greatly relieved that Jake is safe.





Knuckles - "Reflections"


Knuckles storms into the Mushroom Hill Zone and starts smashing up the new homes of the Emerald Hill Folk. He says that he is the master of the island, and that henceforth they are all his slaves!

...But he is just an imposter, and the real Knuckles arrives moments later. The two fight, with the imposter revealing he is just as strong and fast as the real Knuckles, and even has Knuckles' memories! The imposter seems to knock Knuckles out, then gives the Emerald Hill Folk a short time to decide whether they want to be slaves or destroyed just like the original Knuckles. Once the imposter has gone, the real Knuckles gets up, none the worse for wear. Being evenly matched, he knew he couldn't go all out with the double in case an innocent bystander got hurt.

He explains that he found a mysterious mirror, and when he examined himself in it, the reflection came to life and stepped out of the reflective surface. In fact, he later learned that the mirror was a prison for evil spirits, and that one had escaped by using his reflection as a host. Now he has a plan to get the spirit back in again.

When the imposter returns, Knuckles appears and lures him around the side of a mushroom house by running away. Around the corner, the imposter sees that Knuckles has turned to fight properly and charges, only to find that he has charged at the mirror! He passes through the mirror's surface, back into the prison, and before he can escape Knuckles smashes it, preventing any spirits from getting out again!




  • In Nigel Kitching's original script, the last line of the story was "Pity... that mirror would have looked really good in my bedroom!" This was altered by the editor so that the last line in the final version included a pun, as follows: "Pity... that mirror would have looked cracking in my bedroom!"[1]
  • This story was reprinted in Sonic the Comic #221.

Other features

  • Chaotix-tics! - Profiles of Vector, Mighty, Charmy and Espio
  • Chuckles with Knuckles! - Jokes and puns
  • A Star in the Making! - Knuckles' production history, including game appearances
  • Knock-Out Pin-Up
  • The Big K Interview
  • Competitions and crossword
  • Badnik Alert! - List of Badniks from the game Knuckles' Chaotix
  • Hints and tips for Knuckles' Chaotix


  1. Post #444252 Re: Favourite Knuckles stories by Nigel Kitching at Sonic the Comic - Online! Message Zone (requires registration to view)

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