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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Underground continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Knuckles the Echidna is a character in the Sonic Underground television series. He is the guardian of the Floating Island, and protector of the Chaos Emerald that keeps it afloat.


Knuckles was heavily dedicated to keeping the Emerald safe, and would defend it with his life against all who trespass on it. He first appeared on the show when he captured Sleet and Dingo, intending to feed them to Chomps, his pet. However, he was tricked into believing that Sonic, Manic and Sonia were going to steal the Chaos Emerald. Initially, this was their intention, but Sonic changed his mind, and brought terms of peace with Knuckles. Knuckles soon developed a crush on Sonia.


Knuckles has a tough personality, dedicated to keeping his island afloat. However, he tends to be gullible and easily misled, thus leading to his attacks on the Sonic Underground.




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