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Quotation1 Chao creates a shield of fire to protect against damage. Quotation2
Description, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood[1]

Korus is one of the common Chao that can be found only in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.



With a typical appearance of a regular Chao such as Cheese, Korus is a light-orange colored Chao with lime green spots on its hands and feet. It has red eyes and navy-blue colored wings. It has a black colored head-orb.


If equipped with a character, Korus will give the bonded character a shield of fire to avoid some attacks of opponents. The Chao can be seen floating by the a selected character if it has bonded with the character. It can be used by all characters in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.


Level 1 +1 Armor
Level 2 +2 Armor
Level 3 +3 Armor



  1. Official in-game description

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

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