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The Kri Ma Djinn is a character that appears in Sonic and the Secret Rings. It is a chestnut-shaped djinn breed which only appears in Party Mode.


The Kri Ma Djinns are very basic in shape, resembling a round chestnut with a point on top and no limbs. Their bodies are mostly black with a yellow drawing of a face on the front and a colored patch on top. The colored patch on top of their head can be either crimson, blue or white. Their size varies greatly, from as small as footballs to about two times Sonic's size.

Powers and abilities

The Kri Ma Djinns are able to levitate and can move through midair.


The Kri Ma Djinns are only encountered during some of the mini-games in the Party Mode, where they often are an important part of the games, but also make small appearances. The mini-games they appear and the roles they have include:

  • Hold it! Treasure Haul: The player has to shovel gold coins without waking up a Giant Kri Ma Djinn, or it flatten the player.
  • Shine on! Kri Ma Djinn: They player has to shine moonlight on bypassing Kri Ma Djinns to earn points. Blue Kri Ma Djinns are worth one point and red Kri Ma Djinns are worth three points.
  • Roll it! Heavy Ball: The player has to roll over roaming Kri Ma Djinns to earn points.
  • Grab it! Kri Ma Djinn: The player must catch falling Kri Ma Djinns in a net to earn points.
  • Spin! Cogwheel Relay: The player must use cranks to get Kri Ma Djinns down to the ground and earn points. White Kri ma Djinns are worth one point and red Kri Ma Djinns are worth three points.


  • The "Ma Djinn" in the Kri Ma Djinns' name is pronounced "Majin" in Japanese, which also means "demon person." "Kri" means "chestnut" in Japanese, most likely named for their chestnut-like shape.
  • The Kri Ma Djinns appear to be very sensitive to strong moonlight as they vaporize if exposed to it for too long.
  • The Kri Ma Djinns are able to sleep.

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