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Kurse the Sorcerer is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is a slave-trader and sorcerer native to Shanazar.


Kurse is a troll-like wizard with brown skin, scruffy white eyebrows, and a white beard. In terms of attire, he dons a loose, black robe that has large sleeves. He has a gray cloth wrapped around his belly, presumably to hold up his garment, and wears a gray turban that is brown on the top along with a long, flowing red cape. He also wears plenty of jewelry, having a necklaced imbued with a green gem, a silver bracelets on each wrist, two silver rings on his right hand, and three on his left.


A major-slave trader, Kurse once enslaved the Scimitar Brothers and merged them into a single being.[1]

After Sonic the Hedgehog escaped his prison cell and beat the Scimitar Brothers, Kurse appeared and trapped Sonic in a stone cage with his magic. However, when the Scimitar Brothers freed Sonic in exchange for Kurse's defeat, Kurse punished the brothers with a pain-inducing spell. He then tried turning Sonic into a frog, but Sonic was too fast and beat Kurse with a Spin Attack. As Kurse offered his service to Sonic for defeating him, the hedgehog had him free the brothers and release the slaves before telling Kurse to "get lost".[1]

Powers and abilities

Kurse is a proficient user of magic, capable of casting spells for teleportation, merging beings, inducing pain and transforming creatures. However, he is required to speak out his incantations in order for his spells to work.[1]


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