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For other usages of "Labyrinth", see Labyrinth (disambiguation).

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Labyrinth of the Factory

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Quotation1 High voltage! Test your speed against the magnetic conveyor belts, and dodge power bolts coming from the ceiling. Centipede creatures ricochet around tiny, secret platforms - attack or use the square warp gates to get out of the way. Moving star platforms carry you from maze to maze, but beware - some of these platforms explode, leaving you to plummet to a terrible fate! Quotation2
Description, Sonic Labyrinth[1]

Labyrinth of the Factory is the third Zone in Sonic Labyrinth. It is an industrial maze with a modern-looking city in the background, and includes a profusion of gimmicks, including glowing floors that slow Sonic almost to a halt. The boss of this zone is Needle Man.


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