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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Lady Goat[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom franchise. She is an anthropomorphic goat who lives on Seaside Island.


Lady Goat is a thin anthropomorphic goat of average height with a beige muzzle, a black nose, and blue eyes. She has long hair that she keeps together in a ponytail, curved ears, stubby white horns, and a short bushy tail. For attire, she wears a blue headband with light blue flower patterns on it. She also wears white gloves, a long red dress with a pink collar and yellow butterflies depicted on it, a rope belt with a buckle resembling a cat's face, and small and pointy brown shoes with white straps and soles. On her right wrist, she wears a rope-like bracelet.

During the first season of Sonic Boom, Lady Goat had mostly cream fur. For the second season, her fur was made much darker.

In the Archie Comics, Lady Goat is given an entirely different color scheme. In this media, she has aqua fur, a green dress and headband, and shoes with pale yellow stripes.


TV series

Season one

Someones gonna get fired

Lady Goat attacked by Anti-fire Bot.

While Lady Goat was in the Village Center, she was attacked by Fire Bot, but was saved by Team Sonic before she got roasted.[4] Lady Goat was soon after caught in another crisis when meteors rained down on the village until Sticks fended them off. Not long after, she joined the gala at the Awardy Awards, where she saw Dr. Eggman arrive after committing electoral fraud.[5]

Over the subsequent period, Lady Goat would spend her time visiting Meh Burger a few times, watch a horrible street act by Orbot and Cubot while trekking through the Village Center, and visit T.W. Barker's Circus of Wonders for a show.[6][7][8] Back in the Village, Lady Goat and the villagers were left at the mercy of the Mega when Eggman invaded the island. Fortunately for them, the Mega got destroyed by Knuckles's bad luck streak when the echidna joined Eggman.[9] When Eggman sued Sonic for injuring him, Lady Goat served as a jury member for their trial. Before Lady Goat and her fellow jurors could give their verdict though, Eggman was revealed to be okay, rendering the trial moot.[3] Later on, Lady Goat found Eggman selling his product "Eggman's Tomato Sauce" but Sonic, who thought it was poisoned, stopped her from tasting it until Eggman proved that it was untainted (although it was still part of an evil scheme).[10]

Villagers deli prodiucrs

Lady Goat delivering deli products.

During Lady Goat's trip to Meh Burger, reality got caught in a time loop created by Eggman. Unaware of what happened, she relived the same day until the loop was broken.[11] Lady Goat was later delivering deli products to the Village, only to find a sleeping Granifer Giganticus blocking the delivery route, whom Team moved away.[12] More trouble arrived when she and the villagers later got assaulted by Eggman's rampaging robots, deployed by the Lightning Bolt Society, until Team Sonic and Eggman stopped them.[13]

While seeking a place to eat, Lady Goat was caught up in the Battle of the Buns between Chez Amy and Meh Burger. Over the next period, she would switch between these establishments, depending on their gimmicks, before settling at Chez Amy until Eggman destroyed it.[14] Lady Goat was later in town where she saw Swifty the Shrew and was instantly captivated by his streetwise style, though the shrew soon turned out to be an agent of Eggman.[15] At the dawn of the Chili Dog Cook-Off later on, Lady Goat found time to visit Meh Burger.[16] She late made a trek to the yard sale at Sticks' Burrow where she did a little bit of window-shopping.[17] While Knuckles served as deputy mayor, Lady Goat came to him to have several requests approved by law. However, she soon saw chaos in her Village unfold from Knuckles' reckless usage of power.[18]

Eggman movie premire

Lady Goat at Eggman's movie premiere.

During Eggman's filming of his movie, Lady Goat got involved in a scene where the villagers were attacked by Obliterator Bot. She later came to the movie's premiere at Eggman's lair, which was a failure on Eggman's behalf when the movie failed to enslave the audience with hypnotism.[19] While later at Meh Burger, Lady Goat and the villagers heard Sonic call Mike the Ox "just a guy" which they saw as an insensitive comment. As this escalated into an uproar that made Sonic retire, Lady Goat and the villagers were harassed by the Lightning Bolt Society, which culminated in a sheep stampede. Fortunately, Sonic got both the stampede, Lightning Bolt Society and a surprise attack from Eggman under control, and Lady Goat realized she had been wrong about Sonic. No sooner though, she was insulted by Willy Walrus.[20]

Another time in the Village, Lady Goat saw Dave the Intern's sad attempt to use Octopus Bot for an attack on Sonic.[21] At the time of New Year's Eve, she participated in the party in the Village Center. During the event, Eggman used his Slow Motion Machine to slow down time long enough for him to beat Sonic in something before New Year, though Lady Goat did not see Eggman's victory as it happened too fast for her to notice it.[22] When the Justin Beaver fever hit the Village, Lady Goat was turned into a mindless Justin fan girl and consumer by Justin's mind control music. After spending her money on Justin's merchandise and autograph, she would attend Justin's concert where he and Dreamboat Express had a sing-off. During the show, Lady Goat was freed from the mind control by Dreamboat Express (as Dude-itude).[23]


Lady Goat watching Tails dance.

As Lady Goat saw Eggman try to get a package at the post office, she ran away when Eggman called in Decimator Bot. She later took a scroll on the beach with Lady Walrus where they were charmed by Knuckles. Back in the village, Lady Goat had a laugh watching Tails dance, though she soon fled from an Eggman attack, which Tails stopped.[2] Not long after, Lady Goat came to see Bro-Down Showdown live in the Village Center. During the show however, Obliterator Bot attacked, making Lady Goat seek shelter.[24] She later followed Comedy Chimp's fan signing and photo shooting, during which Knuckles began a trash can trend. Once Lady Goat heard these news, she would adore Knuckles and pick up his trend herself during his time of fame.[25]

During a tour of Eggman's lair, Lady Goat saw Sonic being labeled a thief, much to her shock. As Sonic seemingly committed more thefts, Lady Goat joined an angry mob at town hall where Knuckles promised to find Sonic. Lady Goat and a group followed Knuckles to help, but soon lost both him and Sonic. Regardless, the group kept looking for Sonic, who cleared his name in the meantime.[26] Lady Goat later participated in the Robot Battle Royale, but her robot lost to Eggman's in the second round. She continued to watch the tournament though, where she saw Eggman steal Tails' Hypno-bot at the end.[27] As a heatwave later hit the island, Lady Goat would chat with the Old Monkey at Meh Burger.[28]

Gasp at Puppy Con

Lady Goat at Puppy Con.

Continuing her Meh Burger visits, Lady Goat came to Puppy Con where she saw Eggman's fruitless attempt to steal a rare Fuzzy Puppies playing piece.[29] Then, when she and the villagers were attacked by Eggman's new Obliterator Bot, she saw Team Sonic defeat the doctor and earn their Greatest Role Model of All Time Award. However, Lady Goat's routines would be halted by Team Sonic's annoying attempts to live up to their award.[30] Lady Goat later showed up to A Rose Without Thorns, a play put on by Team Sonic. Though she applauded the play, a storm broke out after the finale, and Lady Goat took Sonic's offer to seek shelter in Amy's House.[31]

Season two

A fan of Tommy Thunder, Lady Goat came to the movie star's latest movie promotion. Although she fled when Eggman attacked, she came back to hail Team Sonic's win over Eggman. She also showed up to hail Tommy after he "beat" Obliterator Bot.[32] Hearing later that an asteroid would impact the earth, Lady Goat showed up to buy a spot in Eggman's bunker to ride out the impending apocalypse in. Although she did not get a spot, Team Sonic would stop the asteroid.[33] After watching the opening of the new scissor factory, Lady Goat would come to see Sticks' interviews after she got a popular TV news gig. As Sticks admitted she had sold herself out to the media though, Lady Goat felt Sticks had betrayed them, but was then inspired by the repentant Sticks to "fight the power." She and the villagers thus began a random revolt before getting calmed and directed into destroying Eggman's latest device when he showed it.[34]


Lady Goat watching Sonic vanish from her plane.

Another time in the Village Center, Lady Goat was left bewildered when she saw Sonic travel to another plane of existence.[35] She later visited Meh Burger before going to the post office, where she had to deal with Mark the Tapir's impudence while waiting in line, which was followed by a trip to the movies.[36] Lady Goat would also come to Meh Burger Karaoke Night, where she saw Tails perform.[37] While subtly hypnotized by Dreamcaster's TV broadcasts, Lady Goat angrily faced Sticks when she disturbed her with her unlikely story about Dreamcaster on TV. Lady Goat soon after became Dr. Eggman's zombie slave, who had her and the hypnotized villagers build a world-controlling satellite. She would later attack Sticks when she came to the rescue, but was freed as Team Sonic foiled Eggman's plan.[38]

When Tails made a Village defense against Eggman, Lady Goat would praise the fox at his trophy ceremony until Eggman arrived through a hole in the defense. With Tails' defense backfiring while Eggman was stopped, Lady Goat would scorn Tails afterward.[39] Lady Goat eventually visited Dr. Eggman's job fair, but declined his job offer at Eggman Industries.[40] Lady Goat later got inspired to buy some Fuzzy Puppy figurines from Orbot and resell one of them to a mystery buyer, unaware that Orbot was manipulating her. She would also run from the Egg Tank when Orbot invaded the Village.[41] When having a meal at Meh Burger, Lady Goat had her shoes complemented by Knuckles as he tried to earn his foster mother's approval.[42] Lady Goat soon after returned to Meh Burger, where Sonic cut in front of her in his mech suit.[43] Sometime later, she was out getting her groceries, only to run away when the Froglodytes invaded the Village.[44]

SnapShot21 4 zpsvo2uusrm

Lady Goat at the Comedy Chimp Show.

Lady Goat would eventually come to an edition of the Comedy Chimp Show, where she lost the show's give-away prize to Knuckles. She soon after appeared at Meh Burger, impatiently waiting for the staff to take her order.[45] When the Village then had a power outage, Lady Goat would eventually begin rioting, but she calmed down once Team Sonic got the power back on.[46] Learning later that their village was named after Sticks' evil ancestor, Jebediah Badger, Lady Goat began scorning Sticks. Eventually wanting the town renamed, she agreed to a referendum between Amy and Eggman's name propositions at a town meeting. Getting enticed by Eggman's campaign, Lady Goat showed up to vote. However, after Eggman used the referendum to get elected as Village leader (for a time), Lady Goat would run away when Eggman attempted to destroy the Village.[47] The day after she saw Dave the Intern lose his job to one of Meh Burger's new robot employees in a contest, Lady Goat attended the reopening of the improved Meh Burger. There, she and the villagers got trapped in a force-field and sent towards space in Meh Burger by Eggman. Thanks to Team Sonic and Dave though, Lady Goat was rescued, along with Meh Burger.[48]

Lady Goat eventually showed up at Mr. Slate's unveiling of the Fregosi Sapphire, but ran away when Eggman appeared to steal the gemstone.[49]

Archie Comics

Lady Goat Archie Comics

Lady Goat, from Sonic Boom #5.

When Dr. Eggman held the first anual Eggtoberfest at his lair, Lady Goat came to this event, along with several other villagers. When it was revealed the rides were not working though, she joined an angry mob who made Eggman fix the rides.[50]

Game appearances

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom


Lady Goat in Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom.

In Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom, Lady Goat makes a small cameo where she can be seen alongside the tracks in the Village and in a cage in Eggman's Lair. With the removal of the Village in version 1.6.0 of the game, she now only appears in Eggman's Lair.


Lady Goat possesses a verbal tic that makes her bleat during her sentences (like a non-anthropomorphic goat).[14] She has also been known to absentmindedly eat the strangest of things, whether it is good to eat or not, like tablecloths.[48] Somewhat archaic, she has a preference for manly and macho men.[2]


  • Although she first debuted in "Buster", Lady Goat was first clearly heard talking in "Chez Amy" (twenty-three episodes later).
  • Lady Goat's verbal tic is an exclusive joke the writers made for her rather than an innate trait associated with her species.[51]
  • Lady Goat's character model was used as a basis for Belinda's.


Concept artwork



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