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Sonic Underground "Liberty Rocks!" Music Request01:11

Sonic Underground "Liberty Rocks!" Music Request

"Lady Liberty" is a song played in the Sonic Underground episode "The Pendant."


SONIA: Lady Liberty salutes the green and blue

Liberty’s working hard for me and you

ALL THREE: She always does her part

She’s a Mobian at heart

Lady Liberty’s working hard for me and you

SONIA: Manic!

MANIC: When Liberty runs Robotnik out of town

It’s gonna be a thunderous sound

ALL THREE: Oh, first she’ll make him pay

Then she’ll send him on his way

When liberty drums Robotnik out of town

MANIC: Sonic!

SONIC: Liberty's gonna rock again someday

Liberty’s gonna let the music play

ALL THREE: Every song she will allow

Be it soft or be it loud

Liberty’s gonna rock again someday

Lady Liberty’s gonna rock again someday

SONIC: Liberty Rocks!


  • This song implies that Mobius has its own flag, the colors of which are green and blue.
  • This is an instance where any of the characters' singing voice actors does some speaking, when Sonia calls Manic's name to take a turn, Manic calls Sonic's for the same reason, and Sonic concludes the song with "Liberty Rocks!"

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