The Larva is an enemy that appears in the Wii version of Sonic Colors. It is a Badnik variant created by Dr. Eggman which were used during the doctor's operations to enslave the Wisps.


Larvas look like large maggots with a seven-piece segmented body, with the largest one at the end serving as the head while their other end is darker. The inner sections of their body are aligned with yellow orbs and they have two stubby arms resembling a Moto Bug's. The top of their head is red and have what appears to be mandibles.

Larvas come in two colorations. The majority have white body segments with grey joints and end segments, while another has green body segment with lime green joins and a dark green end segment.


Dolphin 2015-10-15 20-32-14-318

A group of Larvas in gameplay.

Larvas are the least common enemies in the game, appearing only in a specific area of Tropical Resort Act 2 where they unlock a Special Ring. In the final area of the Act where the Yellow Drill is usable, the player has to enter an Underground Pipe to enter the area with the Larvas.

To begin with, there with be a group of six Larvas which must be destroyed with the Yellow Drill. However, they possess no form of attack against the player. Once the group is wiped out, another appears. Continuing destroying the larvas will eventually reveal a Special Ring (one Larva in the last group will have a different color). Each destroyed Larva destroyed earns the player a White Wisp and 5,000 points.




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