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"Late Night Wars" is the forty-second episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 30 August 2015 in France and on 5 September 2015 in the United States.


When Knuckles replaces Comedy Chimp on the Comedy Chimp show, Comedy Chimp elicits the help of Eggman to steal back the show. Sonic and the gang must save their friend.








At the beginning of the episode, Comedy Chimp is signing autographs in the Village Center when one of his photos is criticisized as misrepresentative and is thus poorly received. Deciding to update his personal image, he then poses for Diane Aardvark and her assistant Gunther, with Team Sonic and some townspeople looking on. Knuckles then sees an abandoned empty trash can and, at a whim, puts it on his head. Diane, distracted by Knuckles' shinanigans, then takes pictures of him instead of Comedy Chimp. The photos of Knuckles are then seen in the local newspaper and he quickly gains popularity in the town.

Later, on the Comedy Chimp Show, it is apparent that Comedy Chimp is resentful of Knuckles' ascension to popularity, as opposed to himself, and proceeds to make some jokes are made about Knuckles, though his name is not mentioned. Afterwards, he receives images from his earlier photo opportunity and is dissatisfied with the results and resolves to receive specialized cosmetic treatment. Dr. Eggman, attempting to seize a marketing opportunity, then tries to make an offer to Knuckles regarding sponsorship of his Eggman Industries corporation, but the echidna declines. Instead, Knuckles ends up sponsoring Meh Burger, receiving a store discount in exchange. Time passes and Knuckles remains popular and receives VIP treatment. Then, when Comedy Chimp is about to leave to undergo his procedure, he's reluctant to allow his chosen replacement, Soar the Eagle, host his show, fearing permanent replacement. As such, he selects Knuckles to substitute for him in the hope that his ineptitude on live television will damage the echidna's reputation. Knuckles struggles to read the jokes on air but his unintentional slapstick antics end up making his debut a success. The TV network for the Comedy Chimp Show is satisfied with Knuckles' performance and decides to fire Comedy Chimp.

Once he hears the news, Comedy Chimp negotiates with Eggman at his lair on broadcasting a live robot attack sponsored by Eggman Industries in exchange for the removal of Knuckles as the host of his show. In addition, Eggman gets to sponsor the Comedy Chimp Show as well. Eggman in the Eggmobile and his robots attack the studio while Knuckles interviews Tommy Thunder. When Team Sonic watches this, they rush to the rescue. Sticks then convinces Knuckles that Eggman's robots are attacking and, as the assistant tries to tell a joke, a light falls on top of him. Knuckles assists in the defeat of the robots and reconciles with his friends regarding his recently inflated ego. Eggman then attempts to summon another robot but Knuckles places his trash can upon Eggman's head so that he cannot see. He clumsily departs, unwittingly leading his robots away. Comedy Chimp gets his show back and, due to his deal with Eggman, announces that the show is now being sponsored by Eggman Industries and proceeds to advertise its Kitty Funball, only for it to explode in his face.


  • In various scenes, the size of Knuckles' trash can changes size: in one scene, it is so small that its opening only reaches just behind Knuckles' brow ridge, but in another, it is large enough for its opening to go over Knuckles' brow ridge.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French La guerre des talk shows The Talk Show Wars
Finnish Talk-show sodat Talk-show wars
Italian Televisione spazzatura Television trash
Polish Wojny telewizyjne TV wars
Russian Телевойны TV show wars


  • The scene where Knuckles walks through the town is based off the famous opening scene from Saturday Night Fever.
  • The "Stayin' Alive" theme by Bee Gees appeared in this episode but it is slightly remixed.
  • Comedy Chimp's old headshot made a cameo in the music shop in "Battle of the Boy Bands".
  • The coffee cup next to the host seat on the Comedy Chimp Show is the same one used by the officer in "Dude, Where's My Eggman?".
  • Many fans have mistaken Staci as "another Perci" since she is identical to her twin sister.
  • This episode aired in France as the forty-fourth episode in the series.


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