This location exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic the Comic continuity.
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Shortfuse climbing out of the Lava Loch in Sonic the Comic #106. B & W art by Roberto Corona and colouring by Nigel Dobbyn.

The Lava Loch Zone is a location that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is a Zone of Mobius, which is named after its main feature: an enormous pool of boiling lava. Stone houses are built on the igneous rock shores of the lock.

Shortfuse the Cybernik was flying over the Lava Loch when the Black Asteroid exploded. The resulting electromagnetic pulse cut out his armour's power and he plummetted into the boiling sea, but was saved from death by his reserve life-support systems and his invincible armour. When the power was finally restored, he crawled to the shore, but the lava caked on his armour solidified, trapping him as a statue. A local lizard summoned the Freedom Fighters to examine the strange "lump of rock" that had appeared, and Shortfuse was subsequently freed.[1]


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