This character exists primarily or exclusively within the SatAM continuity.
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Lazaar's Guardian is a character in the Sonic the Hedgehog animated series. He was posted as protector of his master Lazaar while the wizard slept, patrolling his lair and the surrounding environs of the Forbidden Zone.


When the evil wizard Lazaar fell into his sleep, he became a guardian for Lazaar. He never lets anyone come near Lazaar if they intend harm to his 'master.' He has numerous traps in his caves. He is last seen entering Lazaar's lair with his master just before the structure disappears at the end of the episode, apparently still loyal to him even though Lazaar is no longer evil.


Lazaar's guardian is extremely committed to his duties, even turning down bribery attempts by Robotnik when he attempted to persuade the Guardian to reveal the location of his master's lair, and is aggressive towards all intruders. The only interloper the Guardian did not show any aggression towards was Princess Sally; vaporizing a Swat-bot pursuing her while almost completely ignoring Sally, likely because the Guardian considered the Swat-bot to be the more immediate threat.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Lazaar's guardian has the ability to shoot laser beams and project holographic images from his eyes. The Guardian also seems to have the power to sense the amount of good or evil in someone's heart, as demonstrated by his evaluation of Dr. Robotnik.