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For the robot, see Leon (Badnik).

Leon (レオン Reon?) is a minor character in the anime series Sonic X. He resided on the now-devastated planet of Cascade and used to be a trusted ally of Molly, working under her as a fighter pilot.


Leon and the rest of his team betrayed Molly and made a pact with the Metarex with the promise that if they were to deliver Doctor Eggman to Pale Bayleaf, then the Metarex would allow them to join them, so they could be spared. Knowing that she wouldn't go along with his plan, Leon had put files in the rebellion's base and asked Molly to return there to pick them up, knowing they were set to explode.


Shadow and Rouge watching Leon's death.

After failing to deliver Eggman to the Metarex, they broke off their deal and attacked the rebellion. While Leon was stunned and devastated at the Metarex betrayal, he saw Molly fighting the Metarex and told her to flee. In the Japanese version of episode 68, he and his team watched in horror as she was killed by the Metarex.

Leon was eventually captured in episode 72, along with his teammates. They were consumed by a tree and apparently died, but not before giving Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat information on the Metarex and their plans. Before Leon died, he knew that Molly was right all along (after she left in the English version).


"Metarex... They fooled us all. They told us, we could be one of them... but they lied..."
—Leon to Shadow, "Zelkova Strikes Back".