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Lieutenant Furor from Sonic the Comic #85. Art by Richard Elson.

Lieutenant Furor is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is a police officer from New Tek City in the Special Zone. He is a bulldog and wears an eye-patch over his right eye. He smokes cigars.


Furor interrogated Sonic after the hedgehog was arrested during a fight between the Justice Brigade and the Discriminators. Furor particularly wanted to know about Sonic's involvement with the Chaotix Crew, who at the time were wanted for bank robbery (they had been framed). When Lord Sidewinder came to post Sonic's bail, Furor recognised him and angrily exclaimed that he should arrest Sidewinder too. However, Sidewinder merely pointed out that no evidence had ever linked him to "that nuclear bomb", and left with Sonic in tow.[1]

After Sidewinder and his gang were captured by Chaotix,[2] they were arrested and sent to prison. They later escaped, and Sidewinder set about trying to capture Super Sonic by teleporting Bio-Hazard to Mobius.[3] Lieutenant Furor led a squad of police officers and recaptured Sidewinder, Lightmare and Mr Fry. He then deactivated their Dimensional Teleporter, bringing Bio-Hazard back to the Special Zone, and captured him as well. The gang was arrested, and Furor sent Sidewinder off to a "nice cosy padded cell".[4]

When Knuckles and Porker Lewis were accidentally transported to the Special Zone by means of a Dimensional Gateway, some local police officers recognised Porker as Oscar the Pig, a wanted criminal.[5] Lieutenant Furor led a squad of officers to a bar called The Purple Mush Room, where the criminal Hammerhead had attempted to attack Porker, but had been defeated by Knuckles, Espio the Chameleon and Mighty the Armadillo. Furor ordered that everyone be taken in for questioning, and seemed surprised to see Oscar the Pig again. When Knuckles tried to explain that Porker wasn't really Oscar, Porker said not to bother, because he really was Oscar the Pig.[6] At the police station, Porker explained to Furor that he had once been known as Oscar the Pig. He had been tricked into building a bomb for Hammerhead, but when he found out he destroyed the research - Oscar's false reputation as a master criminal was Hammerhead's revenge. Lieutenant Furor summoned an officer named O'Brien and upbraided him for bringing in the wrong man, saying that Porker looks nothing like Oscar the Pig. He let Porker go, on condition that Oscar the Pig never be seen in the Special Zone again. Vector was surprised at the lieutenant's actions, having believed he would follow official procedure despite Porker's story. Furor then kicked everyone out of his office so that he could take care of his important police work.[7]



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