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For the move for trailing down Rings, see Light Speed Dash.

The Light Speed Attack (ライトスピードアタック Raito Supīdo Atakku?), also called the Light Attack (ライトアタック Raitoatakku?) is an attack that first appeared in Sonic Adventure. When using the Light Speed Attack, the user activates the Light Speed Dash, but instead of following a trail of Rings, the user proceeds to attack the enemies at the speed of light, thus allowing to attack multiple enemies in rapid succession, much like the Homing Attack, but much easier. This is particularly useful when the player is outnumbered.

Game appearances

Sonic Adventure

This move first appeared in Sonic Adventure where it is only used by Sonic the Hedgehog. In order to perform the Light-speed Spin Attack, Sonic has to possess the Ancient Light. To use the Light Speed Attack, Sonic must go into a Spin dash, and after a few seconds, Sonic will stop spinning, and will be surrounded by orbs of white light as long as the player keeps holding down the action button (In Sonic Adventure, Sonic's body glows a neon-like blue light). Releasing it will cause Sonic to perform a rapid chain of attacks on all enemies in the vicinity. Like the Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack, the Light Speed Attack can be used to deal double damage to Chaos 6.

Sonic Adventure 2

In Sonic Adventure 2, the Light Speed Attack returned. It was also shown that not only Sonic, but also Shadow has this ability. In order for either of them to perform this attack, they have to possess the Ancient Light Level Up Item. The method to execute this attack is the same as in Sonic Adventure.

The item is most useful when a P-100 Artificial Chaos transforms its body into Cells, allowing the player to destroy every one of them with ease.

Sonic Heroes

The move also reappeared in Sonic Heroes, but could only be used by Sonic after performing the Sonic Overdrive Team Blast; when there are still enemies nearby Sonic, the player presses XboxX/PSSquareButton/SNNBGAMECUBEDISCO while in the air. Super Sonic can also perform it during the battle against Metal Overlord's attacks but at the cost of five rings, which is therefore not recommended to fend off his attacks especially when the player's Ring count is low.



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