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Lightfoot Clone Type B is a character that appears in Sonic the Hedgehog in the Fourth Dimension. He is a buff clone of Johnny Lightfoot, who serves Doctor Robotnik.


The Lightfoot Clone is very muscular, having been described by Tails as "eating his greens, because he's grown up really big and strong." He also carries "a heavy heavy-duty thing."[1]


The Lightfoot Clone Type B was one of many Johnny Lightfoot clones, being specifically created with emphasis on brawn and low intelligence. He ended up meeting a confused Sonic and Tails, who thought he was the real thing. Sonic and Tails told him they were "type S" and "type T", respectively, and he begrudgingly pointed them to a cavern.[1]


As a Type B clone, the Lightfoot Clone is "big, brawny, and brainless." However, he is rather affable, given that he pointed Sonic to a cave he needed to enter.


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