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This is a list of Dr. Eggman's various vehicles in which he has appeared over the course of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Most of these vehicles serve as the doctor's mode of transportation or as his means of battling Sonic the Hedgehog.

Game Continuity

Egg Mobile

Alternatively spelled as Eggmobile, It is Eggman's primary transport and most frequently used vehicle. It is a small half-open egg-shaped pod-structured hover-capable vehicle, usually with a circular lamp on the front. Its appearance often changes slightly between games, but the mobile is always used for the same purpose. Eggman usually connects it to various types of armor, implemented weapons and gadgetry, have its functions modified between a large variation of modes or uses to serve as the cockpit in larger robots, and it allows him to escape when Sonic inevitably blows up his machines. It is sometimes named "Egg-O-Matic" and "Egg-O-Matic Hovercraft" in the Sonic comics cartoons and "Egg Hornet" on a card in Sonic Rivals. He has even framed it with its own walker mode, called, naturally, the Eggwalker, which is armed with a powerful vulcan cannon whose missiles can easily destroy wooden and steel containers, a homing missile launcher, a pair of hover boosters that enable to walker to hover and it can be upgraded with armor that increases it's defense. The Egg Mobile is typically colored metallic grey with some kind of black and round antigravity technology at its underside, black and yellow hazard stripes on the sides of the craft, and a single round headlamp on the front. Eggman has multiple of these flying machines; the Egg Mobiles are often destroyed by Sonic and replaced by newer models, He refers to his Egg Mobile in Sonic R as a new one, you can see at least two charging within the Egg Carrier. Usually each Egg Mobile is superior to its previous model.

Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)

Sonic the Hedgehog 2


  • Crystal Egg Zone boss: The true final boss. It is a lightning chamber controlled by Robotnik, who sits in part of it and fires flower shaped energy bolts. Artwork depicts it as Robotnik in his Egg Mobile.


Sonic the Hedgehog CD

Sonic Chaos

Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball

  • Robotnik's Ship - An escape craft utilised by Robotnik. Final boss of 16-bit version.
  • Final Showdown Boss- A small Egg Mobile variant used by Robotnik. Final boss of 8-bit version.

Sonic Drift

  • Egg Typhoon - A road vehicle that greatly resembles the Egg Mobile. The Egg Typhoon has a sturdy chassis and a good top speed but poor acceleration.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3

Sonic & Knuckles

Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble

Knuckles' Chaotix

Sonic Labyrinth

Sonic the Fighters

  • Spaceship - A ship that Robotnik uses for transportation in the game, it can also fire a blast that creates a clone of the player character.
  • E-Mech - A combat mecha used by Robotnik in the final battle on board the Death Egg II. It is the game's bonus boss.

Sonic 3D Blast

Sonic R

Sonic Adventure

Sonic Adventure 2

Sonic Advance

  • Neo Green Hill Zone: Egg Hammer Tank - A combination between a hammer with a mini-tank. Most of the body is gray, with some parts red, black and yellow stripes, and the hammer is black.
  • Secret Base Zone: Egg Press - An orange Egg Mobile with a large grey spring hooked on to the bottom.
  • Casino Paradise Zone: Egg Ball - A giant Egg Mobile with a spiked dummy ball. It's mostly blue with some gray and yellow. The dummy ball is mostly gray with some red and orange.
  • Ice Mountain Zone: Egg Spider - A two-legged spider shaped machine. It is mostly grey with some black and yellow stripes. It has yellow legs and on the bottom torso, an Egg Mobile-like pod is located.
  • Cosmic Angel Zone: Egg Snake - A machine that appears to be based off a snake or anaconda. An Egg Mobile is located in the green area on the machine. The main body moves back and forth along a bridge of grey spheres.
  • X-Zone: EGG X - An upgraded Egg Mobile armed with three main weapons, a bomb launcher, a large extendable claw arm and a laser cannon. When not attacking, the section that contains the weapons spins around while defending Eggman from attacks.
  • Moon Zone: Super Egg Robo - A giant blue and red Eggrobo style robot fought by Super Sonic on the Moon.

Sonic Advance 2

Sonic Advance 3

Note: Eggman's machines are all co-piloted by G-mel, and are colored his black and yellow colors, as well.

  • Route 99: Egg Hammer 3 (エッグハンマー3). Another hammer machine. This time Eggman pilots the hammer's head, which is connected to a base which G-merl is in.
  • Sunset Hill: Egg Ball No.2 (エッグボールNo.2). A completely round machine. It rolls around trying to crush the character. Its only weak spot is the cockpit.
  • Ocean Base: Egg Foot (エッグフット). A machine on two long legs. It jumps up and lands trying to crush the player.
  • Toy Kingdom: Egg Cube (エッグキューブ). A giant jack-in-the-box. Eggman comes out of the front; after hitting him, several different things (operated by G-Mel) pop out of the top.
  • Twinkle Snow: Egg Chaser (エッグチェイサー). A machine on a continually rising track; the objective is to climb up avoiding Eggman, while also trying to make the platforms fall on him.
  • Cyber Track: Egg Pinball (エッグピンボール). A round machine armed with a cannon that can aim in a 180-degree arc, the cannon balls must be attacked and made to bounce back into Eggman.
  • Chaos Angel: Egg Gravity (エッググラビティー). A machine on a very springy track (á la Sonic Advance); one must make it bounce and attack the weak underside. There are pipes at the sides of the room that will lead to the bottom of the track (with reversed gravity). There are also spikes on the ceiling and floor of the room you battle in.
  • Altar Emerald: Hyper EggRobo (ハイパーエッグロボ). A large mecha with hands separate from its body. The cockpit is the weak point, but it cannot be reached without an extra boost. The hands tries to punch you, slam you, grab you, and shoot red bouncing mines at you.
  • Nonaggression: During the final battle with G-Mel, Eggman just flies in his Egg Mobile, waiting to be thrown around by Super Sonic to reveal G-Mel's weak point.

Shadow the Hedgehog

  • Egg Breaker: This robot somewhat resembles the Egg Emperor from Sonic Heroes, except it bears a red and blue paint scheme instead of gold, and its right hand is a giant spiked ball, used to try to crush Shadow and create shock-waves. It also has the ability to leap considerable distances, fire horizontal arrays of bombs, shoot laser beams with its eyes and throw its spiked ball (it quickly generates a new one). It appears in Cryptic Castle, Mad Matrix and Iron Jungle and has an extra ability for each level.
  • Egg Dealer: This vehicle has slot reels on the front of its body, which indicate what attack the robot will use. Sometimes Eggman will trigger the attacks, but Shadow can also trigger them by attacking the buttons below the reels, which causes the attacks to backfire and damage the machine. Egg Dealer appears in Lava Shelter, Black Comet (Hero Side) and Cosmic Fall (Dark Side).
  • Egg Balloon: This is a massive blimp used by Eggman to regroup from the Black Arms. It is a striking resemblance to the middle section of Egg Albatross which uses the same attack (although the Egg Balloon has no propeller) and can also separate itself when damaged. When it was put to use however, his retreat to the base was made difficult due to G.U.N., E-123 Omega, and (optional) Shadow himself.
  • Eggman Fleet Flag Ship: The largest of a fleet of flying red and yellow battleships similar to the Egg Fleet from Sonic Heroes. The flagship is larger than the other ships, and is equipped with more cannons.

Sonic Rush

Note that Eggman and his counterpart from Blaze's dimension, Eggman Nega, both use the same vehicles, they just have slightly different color schemes.

  • Egg Hammer Mega: An Egg Viper-like machine that attempts to stomp you with its head, which is the boss' weak point. Its abilities are to smash the head down in an attempt to squash the player, A charged smash on to the arena which can instantly kill the player if struck and dropping the head down and rolling it from one side of the arena to the other and back.
  • Egg Turtle: A turtle robot that is fought in a 2.5D circular arena. It has the ability of biting the player from the background, squashing the player with the machines body and land to bite the Player any where in the circular arena.
  • Egg Scarab: A scarab-like vehicle that rolls and shoots balls in yet another 2.5D arena. This machine has the ability to chase the player with the ball still with it, throwing the ball around the arena then grabbing it as it comes round and can fly to the center of the arena and throws the ball at the player and spawns another one.
  • Egg Libra: A machine with two arms fought in the game's last circular arena, one holding Eggman/Eggman Nega and the other holding a ball that must be hit to bring Eggman down to you; it can electrify itself to protect itself from attack, shoot lightning to the ground and smash the ball down to the arena which can kill the player if struck by the ball, and it sends shock waves around the arena as well.
  • Egg Hammer Fortress: Like the first one from Leaf Storm, but there are some slight changes. It can stomp you three times instead of just one, it follows the player before it smashes down with its instant kill move and can place the head on the platform in the background and shoot rockets from the cannons on the platform (this attack replaces the rolling maneuver of the other encounter).
  • Egg Eagle: A bird robot that can shoot bullets from its wings and use other physical attacks that are typical for a (huge) bird, such as diving. It can generate a powerful gust of wind which can blow the player off the stage, losing a life unless the player presses both B and A buttons repeatedly.
  • Egg King: Yet another gigantic battle suit. The robot has several attacks such as: smashing one of its hands down sending shock waves both ways on the arena, smash both hands down which can kill the player instantly and send shock waves in both ways, send electrified robots which shoot lightning in both directions and walk to the right of the arena and punch the side of the arena several times.
  • Egg Salamander: A machine controlled by Eggman and Eggman Nega that bears some resemblance to the vehicle used in True Area 53 in Sonic Advance 2. This machine is known as the Egg Salamander. (Exception is the name of the area where this boss is fought.)

Sonic Riders

  • E-Rider: Eggman's character Extreme Gear, which is a red motorbike that he uses to race with.

Several of the Extreme Gear in the game (notably the Blue Star II board, which Miles "Tails" Prower claims to have built himself), say "By Robotnik Corp." in their descriptions. This suggests that Eggman creates and sells Extreme Gear, or that he created Extreme Gear for all the participants of the EX World Grand Prix due to being the creator of the race.

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

  • Egg Mobile: The Eggmobile has gone through radical design changes. This Eggmobile is all silver-colored, much larger (with enough room to walk around), and comes with two detachable arms that can float and can grab people like Princess Elise. The arms also double as Laser cannons, although this is only seen in the Egg Wyvern Boss fight.
  • Egg Wyvern: The Egg-Wyvern is a flying dragon-type vehicle that Dr. Eggman uses to battle Sonic. It has a long burning horn on the top of the vehicle's head, and when Sonic climbs up to his horn and hangs onto it, he can take control the robot dragon vehicle and make it fly into pieces of debris falling from Dr. Eggman's new Egg Carrier to damage it, similar to Egg-Cerberus. The Egg-Wyvern boss is believed to be mildly influenced, if not the successor, of the Egg-Viper boss in Sonic Adventure, as they sport similar color scheme and fight Sonic in a similar fashion of destroying platforms and share the same weak point. it is also based upon the Mythological dragon called the Wyvern.
  • Egg Carrier: Eggman appears to have rebuilt and redesigned his giant battleship from Sonic Adventure, but this one seems smaller, though sleeker in design. Its only known armaments are its Plasma cannons, which Eggman remotely fires at Sonic during the Egg Wyvern Boss.

Sonic Rush Adventure

  • Deep Core: Egg Wizard A mech which is piloted by both Eggman and Eggman Nega. It serves as the game's final boss fought by Super Sonic and Burning Blaze. Like Sonic Rush's final boss its attacks need to be deflected back at it to damage it. Burning Blaze's fully charged fireballs can also damage it.

Sonic Unleashed



Four of Eggman's vehicles from Sonic Unleashed (Clockwise from top-left: Egg Devil Ray, Egg Dragoon, Egg Beetle and Egg Cauldron).

  • Interceptor: a giant robot similar in appearance to the Egg Dragoon, but with a more human like appearance (i.e. arms and legs). It is equipped with machine guns in both arms, and missile launchers in its back, and one of its arms can be launched like a grapple. This mech only appears in the opening cutscene, and is destroyed when Sonic goes into his Super State. It is not to be confused with the actual Interceptor, which is a large blue robot that chases Sonic through various stages.
  • Egg Cauldron: The ship used against the Tornado 1 during both acts of Tornado Defense.
  • Egg Beetle: the boss of the Mazuri area and first boss of the game that resembles a large beetle/spider. It attacks using missiles that bursts into flame after landing, bombs released from the rear, and using the claws at the front of the mech (Eggman is temporarily vulnerable before using this ability). In the Wii/PS2 versions he releases boxes that explode upon touching Sonic in the 3D areas and missiles that launch themselves in a certain order. This boss is fought as Sonic the Hedgehog and is the only daytime boss to be piloted by Eggman in the 360/PS3 versions.
  • Egg Devil Ray: the boss of the Spagonia area. It resembles a large devil ray fish. As its names suggests, its main attack form is using its six laser beams in various ways, or using energy guns. In the 360/PS3 version, it is piloted by a group of Little Fighters, which are actually the robot hands of the Egg Fighters and Egg Shooters.
  • Egg Lancer: the boss of the Adabat level. As opposed to having an original design, it is merely a combination of the Egg Beetle and the Egg Devil Ray, and thus uses attacks from both bosses, with its sole original attacks being capable of making small pillars of fire and crashing into the side of a mountain, causing boulders to rain down. In the 360/PS3 version, it is piloted by Orbot.
  • Egg Dragoon : the boss of the Eggmanland area and the only Eggman boss to be fought by Sonic the Werehog. It attacks by using its left arm as a drill or sword and its right arm as a rapid fire gun and a bomb launcher (the bomb is capable of creating shock waves that can freeze Sonic), and can also shoot out robots from its back (only in the 360/PS3 versions). Its weak point is the two glowing orbs below the torso. In the 360/PS3 versions, Sonic forces Eggman's Egg Mobile to separate from the Egg Dragoon's cockpit at the end of the fight. In the cutscene before fighting it, Eggman refers to the Egg Dragoon as "the Ultra Hyper Prototype-1". It is massive, possibly bigger than the others.


  • Egg Mobile with feet: The first boss is the Egg Mobile turned into a walker mech.
  • Saw Egg Mobile: The Egg Mobile with saw attachments.
  • Egg Dragoon : The final boss of the mobile version of Sonic Unleashed is also named the Egg Dragoon but is far different in appearance. The mobile version of the Egg Dragoon is powered by Dark Gaia. It is fought in Mazuri.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4

In Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I, Dr. Eggman did not create new vehicles. Instead, he revised a few machines that appeared in the first three Sonic the Hedgehog games.

In Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II, Dr. Eggman constructed new machines once again, each with unique abilities.

Episode I

  • Splash Hill Zone: Eggmobile with wrecking ball attached, using the same powers as in Sonic 1. After turning into Turbo Mode, the Eggmobile will charge up the demolition ball and then fire it at Sonic.
  • Lost Labyrinth Zone: Normal Eggmobile like in the Labyrinth Zone in Sonic 1, Eggman is fleeing from water at the beginning; after Sonic hits him enough times he goes into Turbo Mode and starts closing and narrowing parts of the area, trying to crush Sonic.
  • Casino Street Zone: A vehicle apparently called the 'Catcher', essentially the Eggmobile from Sonic 2's Casino Night Zone except that this one doesn't have neon lights all over it. The machine's claws can grab Sonic and electrocute him. In Turbo Mode Eggman charges up his electricity and fires it at Sonic while flying around the walls of the arena, making it difficult to hit him.
  • Mad Gear Zone: Flying Eggman. Unlike the others Eggman majorly upgraded this vehicle. It is slightly redesigned, with new jet engines and a size increase to 4 times that of the original vehicle. In Turbo Mode Eggman will try to escape if Sonic tries to move behind him. Eggman will now start launching 3 types of balloons: The Normal, The Blue which is the fastest moving, and the Yellow that can grow to a Giant Size.
  • E.G.G. Station Zone: The Death Egg Robot from Death Egg (Sonic 2 version), though here it is technically the E.G.G. Station Robot. This time Eggman will fight you with rings; but apart from that, the Egg Robot's abilities haven't changed much. When, like the Sonic 2 incarnation, the robot throws its fists, Sonic can throw the fists back to the robot, causing damage. When the robot is damaged enough, it enters Turbo Mode which becomes electrocuted, so Sonic can't touch it. Its new attacks include running through the arena in attempt to stomp Sonic, fires small red energy balls, still fires its fist and sometimes fires a laser that shoots across the length the arena. After receiving enough hits, Eggman will resort to its final, suicidal attack by attempting to destroy the space station, sending Sonic falling to his death if Sonic doesn't counter quickly enough. 

Episode II

  • Sylvania Castle Zone: Eggman's first creation in Episode II features the Egg Serpentleaf, a flower and tentacle-shaped machine attached to the scientist's Eggmobile. The tentacles will attempt to smash Sonic and Tails, whilst the Eggmobile will attempt to shield itself with a ring of mechanical flowers. In its final stage, the tentacles are used to 'fuel' the Egg Serpentleaf which eventually fires a laser that shoots across the length of the arena.
  • Oil Desert Zone: The Doctor reappears in another machine called the Egg Scrap Mech, this time composed of scrap metal attracted by a giant electromagnet. Eggman will attack by tossing out barrels and crates of oil (occasionally containing explosives and spikes). Eventually, Eggman will retreat outside of the main boss room where he'll jump towards and away from the direction of the camera and will eventually attempt to stomp Sonic and Tails, where the duo can finish him off with a Rolling Combo.
  • Death Egg mk.II Zone: The final zone of the game features three bosses, in the following order:
    • The first fight consists of Doctor Eggman and Metal Sonic, in a sidescrolling showdown (similar to White Park's boss). The main objective here is to defeat Metal Sonic, while Eggman in his shielded Egg Mobile merely serves as an obstacle.
    • The final boss of the game is the Egg Heart, a heart-shaped machine which is the core of the Death Egg mkII. Doctor Eggman pilots in the center, while Sonic and Tails must jump on a few rings to smash his machine. After the first hit, some sections of the rings will be electrified. Eventually, the machine will develop a force-field, which must be broken apart with the Rolling Combo. Around this time, Eggman will use a gravity-based attack to try and smash the player if the heart is not attacked in time. This process repeats a few times until the scientist finally goes down.

Sonic Colors

  • Nega-Wisp Armor: The final boss in the Wii version of Sonic Colors and the second-to-last boss in the DS version. It is a large robot piloted by Eggman that can fire lasers, blocks and missiles. He is fought in the stage Terminal Velocity.

Sonic Generations


  • Death Egg Robot: The boss of the Death Egg. Classic Eggman pilots an enlarged version of the Death Egg Robot from Sonic the Hedgehog 2.
  • Egg Dragoon: The boss of Eggmanland. Modern Eggman pilots an upgraded version of the Egg Dragoon from Sonic Unleashed.
  • Time Eater: The final boss. It is the Time Eater entity converted into a mech with four arms and three sets of wings.


  • Big Arm: The boss of the Launch Base Zone. Classic Eggman pilots an upgraded version of the final boss of Sonic the Hedgehog 3.
  • Egg Emperor: The boss of the Final Fortress. Modern Eggman pilots an alternate version of the Egg Empror from Sonic Heroes for the first time, as it had previously been piloted exclusivley by Metal Sonic.
  • Time Eater: The final boss. It is the Time Eater entity converted into a mech with two arms and one set of wings.

Sonic Lost World

  • Eggrobo: The final boss of Sonic Lost World, a large mech that is powered by some of the energy gathered by the Extractor. The mech has the wardrobe of Classic Robotnik, with a green cape, two massive shoulder pads and a dark face.

Sonic Mania

The vehicles in Sonic Mania are created by Dr. Eggman of Classic Sonic's dimension

  • Death Egg Robot: The boss of Green Hill Zone Act 2, modeled after the robot of the same name from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Eggman uses this mech to chase the player across the level, using bombs and the mech's arm as attacks.
  • Weather Globe: In this vehicle, Eggman is able to instigate dangerous weather conditions.
  • Spider Mobile: An arachnid-like vehicle that can shoot out energy blasts and take on certain amounts of pressure due to its Bumper-like abdomen.
  • Laundro-Mobile: A water-based vehicle that is able to travel at high speeds and create whirlpools with a pole-shaped turbine.
  • Mega Octus: A submarine that resembles the Octus Badnik that is able to initiate various attacks with its "tentacles".
  • Gachapandora: A Gashapon-like vehicle that is able to dispense "prizes" that attack the player.
  • Phantom Egg: A Phantom Ruby-powered mech that Eggman wields in the penultimate battle of the game.
  • Klepto Mobile: A makeshift vehicle that was rushed in its creation to battle the Phantom King for the possession of the Phantom Ruby.

Sonic Forces

  • During the "Eggman" section of the "VS. Eggman" boss battle, Eggman wields the Egg Mobile with a saw blade attachment against Classic Sonic, similar to the first boss from the the first game.
  • Egg Dragoon: The second part of the "VS. Eggman" boss battle, where Eggman uses the Egg Dragoon to fire drills, bullets and debris at Classic Sonic.
  • Death Egg Robot: In the final battle of the game, Eggman uses a large, Phantom Ruby-powered mech to face Modern Sonic, Classic Sonic and the Avatar.

Other continuities

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Egg-O-Matic: This is basically the AoStH version of Eggman's Eggmobile, and shares a very similar appearance. It can be fitted with all kinds of devices and upgrades, all of which have ridiculously long names. Initially the craft can only seat Robotnik, but it is often shown with attached side cars which seat Scratch and Grounder.
  • Egg-O-Matic Tunnelizer and Town Terrorizer: Used by Robotnik in the episode "Lovesick Sonic", this modified version of the Eggmobile was intended to drill underground tunnels. Robotnik planned to break into the Mobius reservoir and flood a village situated in front of his fortress.
  • Blimpnik: The Blimpnik was only seen in the episode "Sonic Gets Thrashed", it is used by Robotnik as a luxury transport and to get a sky view of his reserve. It was wrecked, however, when it suffered a crash landing when Robotnik fired a harpoon in an attempt to hit Sonic.

Sonic the Comic

  • Robotnik's Engine of Destruction: Robotnik’s Engine Of Destruction was designed to pollute the atmosphere of Mobius for a thousand years and destroy Sonic. It ran on the unlimited supply of Golden Rings that were scattered around Mobius, was located in the Green Hill Zone and was destroyed by Sonic with one well-placed Super Sonic Spin Attack.

Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM)

  • Hover Unit: Primary means of transportation for Robotnik's forces, these egg-shaped shuttlecraft come equipped with searchlights, heat sensors, turbo boosters, tow cables, and laser cannons (ranging from one mounted in the nose in nearly the same location as the searchlight, to one or two mounted on the roof). While most are light & dark grey, they have been seen in other colors, such as in the episode Sonic Racer. Robotnik also had his own personal Hover Unit bearing a black and red paint scheme. In addition to the standard features of the normal Hover Units, it was also outfitted with a missile launcher and a stealth system which would allow Robotnik to make an undetected escape when one of his plans backfired, as in the episode Sonic's Nightmare. A Hover Unit was commandeered by the Freedom Fighters in the episode Harmonic Sonic by Sonic and Rotor who use it to flee a spy satellite they had just sabotaged, their flight ending in a crash landing. Rotor later repairs the craft, and the freedom fighters use it as transport and a means of covertly infiltrating Robotropolis in later episodes. Note that these Hover Units also appear occasionally in the Archie Comics Sonic the Hedgehog continuity, since the comic was originally based on this cartoon.
  • Destroyer: A massive airship used by Robotnik during the coup against the kingdom, Robotnik used this huge vessel to transform Mobotropolis into Robotropolis, the city being instantly transformed once overflown by the craft. The exact method used to achieve this is not known, or clearly explained in the show. It was seen in the opening sequence of every episode, and in the two-part episode Blast to the Past, wherein it also overflew part of the Great Forest, nearly reaching the future location of Knothole Village, something it apparently didn't do originally, according to Sally. In the show's opening sequence, Robotnik is shown aboard the Destroyer's 'bridge', while in Blast to the Past, the ship was unmanned save for a SWATbot security force.
  • Command Ship: A large hovercraft sporting a blue & black paint scheme with silver trim used by Robotnik in a few of the episodes in lieu of his personal Hover Unit, often acting as an airborne forward command post on select high-priority missions. It has a far less aerodynamic design than the Hover Units, slightly reminiscent of a flat-fronted big rig cab, complete with a large grille on the front. It has an engine pod on either side, and is capable of launching surveillance orbs en-masse and using a cloaking device. It is armed with twin laser cannons as well as forcefield nets to capture targets alive.
  • Mega Muck Unit: A hovercraft similar in design to the basic Hover Unit, only bearing a red paint scheme and with the laser cannon replaced with equipment for firing globs of 'mega muck', a viscous, glue-like substance that is strong enough to stop even Sonic dead in his tracks. Appearing in the episode Dulcy, these craft nearly succeed in capturing Sonic, covering him from the waist down in mega muck before he's saved by Dulcy. Later in the episode, Sally hijacks one and attacks a prisoner transport convoy in a bid to rescue a captured Dragon.
  • Shriekbot: Appearing in the episode Sonic Conversion, the Shriekbot was a UCAV designed to be able to chase down sonic using afterburner-equipped blast thrusters mounted at the rear of the craft. It originally featured two thrusters, but was upgraded to a total of nine in its final form. Robotnik piloted the craft from his command chair in his headquarters, which was fitted with a faux cockpit similar to a flight simulator, which resembled a stylized red Hover Unit. The Shriekbot was armed with a laser cannon mounted on a turret on the left side of the craft. It sported a dark blue & grey paint scheme, and when active, an image of Robotnik's face appeared over the craft's 'canopy'. It was destroyed when tricked into chasing Sonic into a narrow alley between two buildings in Robotropolis, leaving only the cockpit section intact.

Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics)

  • Giant Borg: A massive humanoid battle suit of seemingly unlimited power. All of the Sonics from different worlds battled it and destroyed it, all keeping a piece of the robot except for Sonic Prime.
  • During the 'Home' storyline (issues #130-133), Robotnik was shown to have an aircraft carrier which was armed with nuclear missiles. The carrier was destroyed by Bunnie Rabbot in response to Robotnik's threat to launch the missiles at Knothole Village and Station Square.
  • Hover Unit: As the comic is originally based on the SatAM cartoon, these egg-shaped hovercraft have occasionally been seen in the comic, though their full capabilities compared to their animated counterparts is unknown. It is however known that at least a few are equipped with a self-destruct system that can be remotely operated to prevent the craft and any sensitive cargo it may be carrying from falling into the hands of Robotnik's enemies.
  • Bot Bus: Appearing in the 'Fortified' storyline in issue #26, this was a large bus with tank treads instead of wheels driven by Snively (wearing a chauffer's uniform) with Robotnik riding shotgun and several SWATbots as passengers. The bus pursues the Freedom Fighters to an old, abandoned log fort, wherein Bunnie Rabbot confronts it, dispatching the SWATbots before taking on the bus itself which tries to run her down before Bunnie uses the telescoping ability of her robotic legs to evade at the last moment, sending the bus crashing out of the fort and careening out of control down a steep hill.
  • Robotnik has also been seen to operate several large blimps, which he used as cargo transports to supply his sub-bosses with weapons and supplies. One of them was equipped with a cloaking device that rendered the craft completely invisible, with the exception of directly underneath it, which led to it being discovered when it unknowingly overflew Tails while he was out at sea on one of his solo adventures.
  • The comics have also included cameo appearances by numerous Eggman vehicles used in the games, ranging from the Eggmobile of the original Sega Genesis titles to the Egg Fleet airships from Sonic Heroes.

Sonic Underground

  • Fortress of Altitude: Powered by a Chaos Emerald, it serves as a counterpart to the Death Egg in Sonic Underground. Commands a security system that uses Chaos energy to vaporize anything in its path. After the Chaos Emerald was stolen, the Fortress self-destructed.
  • The Predator: A large red vessel equipped with to laser turrets with an impenetrable skin. Created to hunt down freedom fighters by use of an organic brain.

Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie

  • A giant mecha known as Black Eggman in Japan and Metal Robotnik in the US. It was a large robot shaped like Eggman. Its hands could transform into powerful machine guns, and it was also armed with large hidden missiles and a weapon that could fire some kind of glue. At first it wore a gigantic cape, but after a while it removed the cape to reveal wings and two hidden jet engines that allowed it to fly as fast as Sonic could run. It was not piloted by Eggman, but he and Sara were able to ride inside it and give it commands.
  • A purple two-seated hovercraft which had the ability to teleport through "warp zones". It was armed with two missiles; one speedy rabbit-shaped and one slow turtle-shaped, in a parody of the fable The Tortoise and the Hare. After using the rabbit to destroy Tails' Tornado biplane, the craft was damaged as Metal Sonic crashed into its underside, and apparently destroyed when he tackled right through it while chasing Sonic. It did however appear unharmed in the final scenes.

Sonic X

  • Egg Mobile: Like the games, the Eggmobile served as the doctor's regular means of transportation.
  • Egg Spider: A spider vehicle used to capture Sonic in Episode 44.
  • Egg Fort: A giant warship with a drill on the front, used by Eggman for the first part of Sonic X and equipped with various weapons. Later abandoned, but recovered and put to use by the GUN against Eggman. It is either reclaimed or duplicated and used as a component in the Grand Egg Imperial.
  • Egg Fort II: A large grey warship composed of three smaller vessels named Bang, BaBang, and BaBaBang. It could transform into the giant robot E-99 Eggsterminator, and was destroyed by Super Sonic. Like the first Egg Fort, it is either repaired or duplicated and used as a component in the Grand Egg Imperial.
  • Egg Carrier: Its role in the anime is nearly mirrors of that in Sonic Adventure.
  • Egg Carrier 2: Once again, Egg Carrier 2 mirrors its role of that in Sonic Adventure.
  • Egg Battleship: A vehicle modeled after a pirate ship, equipped with a massive laser cannon and missiles. Destroyed by GUN Fort 1.
  • Grand Egg Imperial: A combination of Egg Forts 1 and 2 and the Egg Carrier, used in the final episodes of Sonic X season 2. It was equipped with a massive arsenal of lasers and missiles, but was nonetheless destroyed by Super Sonic.
  • Crimson Egg: Giant starship equipped with warp drive, missiles, lasers and other features. Eggman abandons this ship at the end of season 3 (the only season in which it appears).