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This is a list of each episode of the animated television series Sonic X.

Season 1 (First half of Series 1)

New World Saga

Episode 1: Chaos Control Freaks

Japanese Title: Chou Onsoku Hero Toujou! (Enter the Supersonic Hero!)

French Title: L' arrivée de Sonic (Sonic's arrival)

For the transcript of this episode, see Chaos Control Freaks/Transcript.

Sonic the Hedgehog busts into Dr. Eggman's fortress to stop him from using the seven Chaos Emeralds and saves two of his friends, Cream the Rabbit and Cheese the Chao. Due to an accident, Chaos Control activates, sending everyone to another world, Earth. Sonic is confused by his surroundings and in turn, the humans are stunned at seeing a blue hedgehog. The police try to catch him but Sonic's too stubborn and quick for them. The authorities decide to use Sam Speed and the Speed Team to catch the hedgehog but Sonic toys around with them, being too fast for his pursuits. Sam has no choice but to use his Super Nitro but even speeding at 500kph, Sonic is able to leave the S-Team in his dust.

However, Sonic is unable to stop himself before he goes off the end of an unfinished overpass. His speed is so great that he actually soars for awhile, looking down at all the beautiful sights. Eventually, he starts to fall, but unfortunately falls into a pool and is not able to get up! Luckily, he is saved by Christopher Thorndyke, who is shocked that Sonic can talk so they become friends.

Episode 2: Sonic to the Rescue

Japanese Title: Sennyuu! Area Kyuu-zyuu Kyuu (Infiltrate! Area 99)

French Title: Zone 99 (Area 99)

For the transcript of this episode, see Sonic to the Rescue/Transcript.

Sonic has unofficially taken residence at Chris' luxury house. Sonic then hears on the TV that Cream and Cheese were by authorities, indicating that Sonic is not alone in this new world. Chuck Thorndyke, Chris' grandfather, sees this and agrees to help Sonic find his friends. Cream and Cheese have been taken to Area 99; a top-secret research military base. It is very tight on security, so Chuck gives Sonic an infrared scope to find his way around.

Sonic finds Cream and Cheese in a lab being tested. He breaks them out, but then the security cameras detect the trio and start firing their lasers at them. Sonic, Cream and Cheese evaded the laser blasts and despite of some difficulties, they all managed to escape from Area 99 aboard the Tornado, piloted by Tails who has unknowingly helped Sonic, Cream and Cheese at some points and the heroes fly back to Chris' house to reunite.

Episode 3: Missile Wrist Rampage

Japanese Title: Dr. Eggman no Yabou (Dr. Eggman's Ambition)

French Title: Robotnik contre-attaque (Robotnik counter-attack)

For the transcript of this episode, see Missile Wrist Rampage/Transcript.

Knuckles and Amy discuss about the recent events that have sent Sonic and his friends to this new world only to lead to a conflict between the two. Dr. Eggman devises a plan to take over this new world and uses a giant robot named E-23 Missile Wrist. Not long, Missile Wrist has successfully filled the city of Station Square with feared citizens and destruction and even the police forces' efforts are useless to keep order. Sonic, who is unaware of this, is on a care-free run around the city outskirts while Tails and Chris seeks out for him.

Eggman makes his introduction and reveals his intentions for world domination to the civilians and everyone in Chris' house learn of this. Tails and Chris set off again; this time they will try and stop Dr. Eggman. When the duo finally arrive, Eggman orders Missile Wrist to destroy Chris and Tails and although they narrowly avoid Missile Wrist's attacks, they are unable to defeat the robot. Knuckles and Amy also join in the fight but even they are unable to defeat Missile Wrist.

When it seems that all is lost, Sonic finally makes his appearance and confronts Missile Wrist. Sonic at first toys around the doctor by taunting him while avoiding Missile Wrist's attacks and then finally deals the fatal blow towards Missile Wrist, destroying it for good. The heroes all return for home on the Tornado but Knuckles leaves to go on his own path.

Episode 4: Chaos Emerald Chaos

Japanese Title: Chaos Emerald wo Te ni Irero! (Get the Chaos Emerald!)

French Title: A la recherche de l' Emeraude du Chaos (Searching the Chaos Emerald)

For the transcript of this episode, see Chaos Emerald Chaos/Transcript.

Chris finally learns about Chaos Control from Sonic, Amy, Tails and Cream and they light up at the optimism that Sonic and his friends are able to return back to their home planet. Meanwhile Chris gets a new teacher named Mister Stewart at school who is a actually an undercover government agent in order to learn about Sonic and his friends.

A Chaos Emerald appears in a construction site which causes machines go haywire. Both Sonic and his friends and Dr. Eggman learns about this and are determined to find the emerald. Eggman "hatches" a giant bird robot named "E-11 Beacon" and Amy and Tails use the Tornado 2 to search for the Emerald while Sonic goes on his own. Sonic clashes with Beacon but the robot bounces the hedgehog around, rendering him helpless. Meanwhile, Chris has found the Chaos Emerald but Eggman snatches it and takes off into the sky, with Chris holding onto the Egg Mobile. The two fight over the emerald but Chris manages to retrieve it but falls off the Egg Mobile. With the help of Tails and Amy, Sonic destroys Beacon and rushes to Chris' aid and saves him. At the Thorndyke Mansion, everybody celebrates on the collection of the Chaos Emerald.

Episode 5: Cracking Knuckles

Japanese Title: Gekitotsu! Sonikku bāsazu Nakkuruzu (Clash!! Sonic vs Knuckles)

French Title: Duel au sommet (Clash on the summit)

For the transcript of this episode, see Cracking Knuckles/Transcript.

Knuckles is sitting a dark alley and Eggman tricks him into believing that Sonic is enjoying the new world better than the world which Sonic, his friends and Eggman originally come from and doesn't allow anybody to return back under his word. Knuckles' rage takes over him and he vows to fight Sonic and take his Chaos Emerald.

Amy informs Chris and Tails of possible suspicion of a Chaos Emerald located in Silver Valley and they take the train after Sonic declines an invitation. When nobody is seen to be finding the emerald, they settle for a picnic and Eggman's robot, E-47 Pumpty, attacks and traps the trio inside. Sonic meets up with Knuckles and they begin to fight for a while. Meanwhile, Tails, Amy and Chris attempt to free themselves.

Knuckles finally figured out that Eggman tricked him and together, Sonic and Knuckles managed to free his friends and destroy Pumpty respectively. Knuckles goes his own way once more with protest from Chris and Amy.

Episode 6: Techno-Teacher

Japanese Title: Nessen! School Wars (Fierce Battle! School Wars)

French Title: Le maître d' école (The professor)

For the transcript of this episode, see Techno-Teacher/Transcript.

Chris is glad to hear that his parents are coming home for a visit. Meanwhile, Eggman plans to brainwash the kids so that they could convince their parents to see Dr. Eggman as a magnificent ruler. He sends out his robot "E-51 Intelligente" to replace Mr. Stewart. The robot does well in pleasing the kids, although he is not getting the kids to please Eggman. Meanwhile, Chris' parents have arrived.

Eggman gets mad of this and arrives at school, threatening Intelligente to get the kids to like him or he will get dismantled, causing Intelligente to keep the kids in for detention and so they draw Dr. Eggman. Back at home, Chris' parents start to worry for their son as they have been waiting for a while. Soon, Sonic takes off to Chris' school and fights Intelligente. Intelligente is destroyed and Chris heads home, being able to see his parents.

Episode 7: Party Hardly

Japanese Title: Daikonsen! Chris no Home Party (Giant Free For All! Chris' House Party)

French Title: La fête à la maison (The party at the home)

For the transcript of this episode, see Party Hardly/Transcript.

Chris' mom suggests a dinner party and invites Chris' uncle Sam (from the Speed Team). Upon hearing this, Cream and Cheese wanted to help in the party. Mr. Stewart invites himself to the party by Chris' surprise. Cream causes another mess in the kitchen by accident before escaping. Mr. Stewart and Sam Speed arrive for the party. Chris' mother is forced to leave, feeling sad that she couldn't spend time with Chris. Upon hearing this, Chris calls her rude. Cream remembers her mother and bursts out of hiding and yells at Chris. She runs away and Chris explains to Ella and Mr. Tanaka about Sonic and co. It is from this point on, Sonic and co. are able to roam throughout the mansion without any problems.

Episode 8: Satellite Swindle

Japanese Title: Kinkyuu Hasshin! X Tornado (Emergency Launch! X Tornado)

French Title: La guerre des satellites (Satellite's war)

For the transcript of this episode, see Satellite Swindle/Transcript.

Eggman launches his E-90 Super Sweeper robot to suck up satellites in outer space, disrupting military communications and the Thorndyke Mansion's television reception. Sonic and Tails try to stop Super Sweeper and although they endured the robot's hard-pressing attacks, Tails' Tornado plane suffers an engine failure causing the heroic duo to fall to their doom but they survived. To defeat the Super Sweeper, Tails teams up with Chuck to build the X Tornado, a plane powered by the gang's Chaos Emerald.

The following day, Sonic, Tails and Chris took off in the new X Tornado in attempt to destroy Super Sweeper again. As Sonic and his friends exchanged blows with Super Sweeper, the battle continues at outer space where Sonic and the X Tornado froze due to the extremely low temperatures. However, with Chris and Tails' help, Sonic is able to thaw out and receives enough power to destroy Super Sweeper for good.

Episode 9: The Last Resort

Japanese Title: Nagisa no Amy (Amy on the Beach)

French Title: Coquillages et crustacés (Shells and Crustacean)

For the transcript of this episode, see The Last Resort (Sonic X)/Transcript.

Amy, Cream, Cheese, Tails, and Chris go to the beach for a day off, but Sonic goes for a run. Amy daydreams about Sonic, and after seeing some lovers on the beach decides to make a bracelet out of shells to protect him from drowning. Eggman ruins her plans by showing up at the beach and wrecking the resort, luring Sonic to where he will be weakest.

Episode 10: Unfair Ball

Japanese Title: Gekitou! Sonic Yakyuugun (Fierce Fight! Sonic Baseball Team)

French Title: La belle équipe (The nice team)

For the transcript of this episode, see Unfair Ball/Transcript.

Tails locates another Chaos Emerald at a baseball field named Diamond Stadium. He meets Albert Butler, the stadium's groundskeeper, and learns about the stadium's history. Albert then holds a Chaos Emerald in close proximity with Tails' when he shows his, causing a bright light to shoot into the sky where everyone including Sonic and co. and Dr. Eggman. The doctor arrives at the stadium and steals Albert's Chaos Emerald and nearly steals Tails' as well, but Sonic and his friends arrive at the stadium on time. To settle the dispute Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and the others face Eggman's team of several E-21 Ballios robots.

The match between Sonic's team and Eggman's team starts and naturally, Eggman's team doesn't play fair and takes an early lead, mainly because of the robots' powerful throws and swings. Nevertheless, Sonic's team eventually makes ground. Reporter Scarlet Garcia, who witnessed the bright light earlier, follows them to the stadium and starts reporting on the game pretty soon. The stands are then filled with people cheering for Sonic. When Sonic's team finally edges into the lead, Eggman decides to take matters into his own hands. He remotely activates one of his robots, which attaches itself onto Sonic's head and claims that it will soon explode. Knuckles manages to knock it off at the last second, saving Sonic, but during the distraction Eggman takes his cyan Chaos Emerald and escapes.

Episode 11: Fly Spy

Japanese Title: Utsukushiki Kaitou Rouge (The Beautiful, Mysterious Thief Rouge Arrives)

French Title: Le vol de la chauve-souris (The bat's fly)

For the transcript of this episode, see Fly Spy/Transcript.

The government plans to defeat Eggman by making a deal with Sonic, but the false Chaos Emerald story they start brings in Rouge the Bat instead. Teaming up with a special team of agents, Rouge infiltrates Eggman's base, planning all the while to steal the Chaos Emeralds.

Episode 12: Beating Eggman, Part 1

Japanese Title: Egguman Kichi Sogeki! (Zenpen) (Before The Attack on Eggman's Base)

French Title: Echec à Robotnik (partie 1) (Robotnik's fail (part 1))

For the transcript of this episode, see Beating Eggman, Part 1/Transcript.

The President declares war on Eggman, launching a full aerial and naval attack on his base. While Knuckles sneaks aboard one of the planes, Rouge sneaks into Eggman's base once more, and Sonic and co. discover another Chaos Emerald. However, they find themselves at the mercy of Eggman's Funfun robot.

Episode 13: Beating Eggman, Part 2

Japanese Title: Egguman Kichi Sogeki! (Kohen) (After The Attack on Eggman's Base )

French Title: Echec à Robotnik (partie 2) (Robotnik's fall (part 2))

For the transcript of this episode, see Beating Eggman, Part 2/Transcript.

Rouge and Knuckles team up inside Eggman's base to escape, while Sonic confronts Eggman's robot Funfun. Eggman escapes with the new Emerald, and uses it in his new robot Guerra-Hard with his other Emerald. Sonic shows up, seeking to infiltrate Eggman's base.

Chaos Emerald Saga

Episode 14: That's What Friends Are For

Japanese Title: Eiyuu Sonic wo oe! (Chase After the Hero Sonic!)

French Title: La chasse au héros (Chase after the hero)

Following Eggman's defeat, Sonic is invited to a party by the President, but he declines to take his new friend to an island. However, Jerome Wise, the President's advisor, won't take no for an answer, and sends agents to pursue Sonic.

Episodes 14 and 15 are the first media in Sonic to feature drunkenness.

Episode 15: Skirmish in the Sky

Japanese Title: Idouyousai Eggfort Shuurai! (Raid of Eggfort, the Flying Fortress!)

French Title: Le retour de Robotnik (Robotnik's return)

When Ella takes Sonic's friends out to go shopping, they witness the reappearance of Eggman and his new Egg Fortress. Sonic then has to stop Eggman from destroying Station Square.

Episodes 14 and 15 are the first media in Sonic to feature drunkenness.

Episode 16: Depths of Danger

Japanese Title: Mezase! Nankai no Chinbotsusen (On Sight! The Sunken Ship in Southern Sea)

French Title: Plongée dans les mers du sud (Dive in the south sea)

Sonic and co. discover another Chaos Emerald underwater, but Eggman figures out where it is too. Sonic faces off against Eggman's bot Klarken and almost drowns!

Episode 17: The Adventures of Knuckles and Hawk

Japanese Title: Knuckles! Ikari no Tekken (Knuckles! Clenched Fists of Anger)

French Title: Les Griffes du Diables (Devil's Claws)

Knuckles goes to meet Hawk, a human he met who claims to have a Chaos Emerald. However, Knuckles must contend with several mobsters first, and then the threat of both Rouge the Bat and the robot E-91: the female ninja.

4Kids adds a scene never shown in the raw: after Kunoichi is defeated, she sends him a Thank You card like the one she used in episode 11.

Episode 18: The Dam Scam

Japanese Title: Savanna no Daikettou! (Huge Shootout on the Savanna!)

French Title: La bataille dans la savane (The Battle In The Savana)

During a battle with the Egg Fort, the X Tornado is shot down. They find themselves at the site of a new dam, but its building will harm the local wildlife. While Tails and Chris try to stop the dam completion, Sonic takes on a robot that can turn invisible.

This is the first in-series exhibition of animals from Sonic's world other than the main characters. It also implies that the games' Tornados 1 & 2 are the same plane "exactly".

Episode 19: Sonic's Scream Test

Japanese Title: Kojou no Bourei King Boom Boo (Ghost of the Old Castle, King Boom Boo)

French Title: Le château hanté (The haunted castle)

When Sonic and co. go to visit Chris' mother when filming a movie at a creepy old castle, a careless cameraman releases red-eyed ghosts. Sonic and his friends encounter the army of evil ghosts, led by King Boom Boo who begins trapping everyone, including Sonic, in an alternate dimension. Later, Amy is possessed when one of the ghosts creeps inside her body. When Sonic tries to ask Amy for help he dubs his voice and says, "I have always loved you Amy." When Chris is the only person left not trapped, he finds out King Boom Boo and his demons' weakness, recovers Amy Rose and frees Sonic and his friends.

Episode 20: Cruise Blues

Japanese Title: Shutsugeki! Egg Fort II (Departure! Egg Fort 2)

French Title: Une belle croisière (A nice cruise)

Sonic and co. go out on a yacht to see glaciers, but Sonic is not happy about it. When a helicopter comes, he assumes it is his ride home, but it is Tanaka with a bunch of senior citizens there to teach everyone how to relax. After several attempts to coerce Tails and Amy, Sonic must contend with Eggman's new Egg Fort 2.

Episode 21: Fast Friends

Japanese Title: Speed Shoubu! Sonic vs Sam (Speed Match! Sonic vs Sam)

French Title: A toute vitesse! (Faster!)

Chris' Uncle Sam wants to race Sonic, but Sonic isn't interested, even with Sam's new rocket engine in his car. After constant pestering and a threat by Eggman, Sonic gives in, and challenges Sam. Tons of people gather at the finish line, awaiting Sonic and Sam.

Episode 22: Little Chao Lost

Japanese Title: Natsu Yasumi - Chao~ na Kansatsu Nikki (Summer Vacation Chao Observation Diary)

French Title: Une belle découverte (A Nice Discovery)

While on a hiking trip in Japan, Sonic and co. lose Cheese. When they find him again, they discover a Chao colony. However, the place is put in danger when Eggman, also hiking in the vicinity, shows up with a new robot, thinking that the gang is there in search of a Chaos Emerald.

Episode 23: Emerald Anniversary

Japanese Title: Daikonran! 6 Chaos Emerald (Mayhem! 6 Chaos Emeralds)

French Title: La sixième Emeraude (The sixth Emerald)

Chris' dad buys a ring for his wife, unaware that it's actually a Chaos Emerald. Things go from bad to worse when Sonic and co., Knuckles, Rouge, and Eggman all show up looking for the Emerald.

Episode 24: How To Catch a Hedgehog

Japanese Title: Bousou Sonic! Hokaku Daisakusen (Wild Sonic! Strategic Capture Operation)

French Title: Le coureur fou (The crazy runner)

While fighting a robot, Sonic accidentally gets a microchip stuck in his ear. When the chip receives a signal from Tanaka's car remote, it causes Sonic to start running nonstop. The gang then attempts to catch him, resulting in several badly planned attempts involving assistance from Knuckles and Sam.

Episode 25: A Dastardly Deed

Japanese Title: Saigo no Chaos Emerald (The Last Chaos Emerald)

French Title: La dernière Emeraude (The last Emerald)

With one Chaos Emerald left to find, everyone makes their plans. While Sonic and co. continue to search for the Emerald, Eggman decides to rely on his robot Lucky, a clumsy robot covered in good luck charms. Knuckles, meanwhile, plans to make a temporary alliance with Eggman so he can get back home. Chris agrees with his plans, and joins him in meeting Eggman. Eggman then tricks them into bringing him their Chaos Emeralds, after which he disposes of Knuckles and then sets out to rendezvous with Lucky, who finds the last Chaos Emerald in an landfill.

Episode 26: Countdown to Chaos

Japanese Title: Tanjou! Super Sonic (The Birth of Super Sonic)

French Title: Super Sonic est né (Super Sonic is born)

With Chris as his prisoner, Eggman goes out to meet Lucky who has found the final Chaos Emerald in a landfill. However, Eggman comes under attack by Sonic and several government robots. Unwilling to be pushed around, Eggman transforms the Egg Fort 2 into the Eggsterminator and gives it the power of his six Chaos Emeralds. The government robots are destroyed, and Sonic starts to get pulverized by the super fast robot. GUN agents attempt to stop the machine but are destroyed within mere seconds, whilst Tails and Amy try to find a way of stopping it in the Tornado. Eggman is impressed by the strength of his robot but also slightly scared by its power. Sonic, heavily wounded, tells Eggman that he's coming for Chris and nothing can stop him. Suddenly, the robot uses an extra burst of energy and slams Sonic into the ground repeatedly. Eggman is afraid of his robot now and is angry at it for using all the power from the emeralds. In response, the robot lifts up Sonic, now unconscious, and thorws him into the air before slamming him once more into the sea. Chris, unable to bear the sight, breaks free of his restraints and grabs the Chaos Emeralds, jumping out the window. He is caught by Rouge, but the Chaos Emeralds fall into the sea after Sonic. As Chaos Control builds, Sonic appears in his improved form: Super Sonic!

Season 2 (Last half of Series 1)

Chaos Saga

Episode 27: Pure Chaos

Japanese Title: Wazawai no Hajimari (The Beginning of the Disaster)

French Title: Le commencement du désastre (The beginning of the disaster)

Two islands, one of them a falling Angel Island, appear on the coast of Station Square. Chaos Control seems to have brought a part of Sonic's world to Earth, leaving the heroes trapped. Also, Amy sits at her home thinking how bored she is and how she misses Sonic and the others. Then a new character named Big the Cat shows up (after appearing in Episode 1 and not appearing until now) and he has a little frog friend named Froggy who swallows a blue glob and he grows a tail! Big is confused, and Froggy runs away. Chasing Froggy, Big runs into Chris and Cream, who are leaving their short visit with Chris's mother and Big tells them about Froggy. Chris and Cream help him search for Froggy. They run into a water-like creature that is creating chaos. Things get worse as Eggman unleashes his E-100 team, an elite robot force, and the robots are powered by animals! The evil creature, Big, Cream, and Chris run into is named Chaos, a shape shifting water creature, and it begins its attack. Sonic appears and comes to the rescue. Eggman tells Sonic and his friends about Chaos and how each time he gets a Chaos Emerald, Chaos becomes bigger and stronger. He gives Chaos two Chaos Emeralds. Knuckles charges into the scene shortly after Sonic. Sonic and Knuckles duel with Chaos in a dramatic battle and win. Suddenly, Eggman and Chaos escape while Sonic and his friends think of how hard Chaos was with two emeralds; it makes them think, "What if he gets more Chaos Emeralds!"

Episode 28: A Chaotic Day

Japanese Title: Nazo no Seimeitai Chaos (The Puzzle of the Liquid Life Form, Chaos)

French Title: L' apparition du Chaos (Chaos's apparition)

The gang sets out on several quests: Sonic and Tails set out to find the Chaos Emeralds, Knuckles locates to find the pieces of the shattered Master Emerald, and Big and Chris search Big's friend Froggy. Chaos undergoes another transformation after absorbing more Chaos Emeralds, and Eggman unveils his new Egg Carrier. Tails attacks in the X Tornado, but is overcome, meanwhile a little birdy wearing a Chaos Emerald as a pendant comes falling out of the Egg Carrier headed directly for Amy. With Amy now set out protecting this poor bird is put in danger when Eggman's robot comes after the bird taking Amy along with it.

Episode 29: A Robot Rebels

Japanese Title: Toraware no Amy (Amy the Captive)

French Title: La capture d' Amy (Amy's capture)

Sonic & Tails set out to rescue Amy, & are soon accompanied by Knuckles who is also heading for the egg carrier, but to find the last shard of the Master Emerald. Eggman's new line of robots "E-100 Alpha", "E-101 Beta", "E-102 Gamma", "E-103 Delta", "E-104 Epsilon", & "E-105 Zeta" are sent to capture Bigs friend Froggy to obtain the Chaos Emerald within it. Chris & Big finally find Froggy, only to have it taken away by Gamma. Eggman impressed by Gamma, successfully completing the mission, sends Gamma to retrieve Amy's Bird friend names Lily, whom also has a Chaos Emerald. Amy talks Gamma into letting her & Lily escape.

In this episode when E-102 Gamma capture Froggy he didn't teleport in the past.

Episode 30: Head's Up, Tails!

Japanese Title: Egg Carrier no Tatakai (Egg Carrier Battle)

French Title: Robotnik se surpasse (Robotnik surpasses himself)

Chaos transforms again, and captures Froggy, Big, and Chris. Sonic and Knuckles are forced to fight Chaos to free them, while Tails must stop an Eggman missile.

Originally, Big also fought Chaos, and Knuckles didn't fight Chaos until after Big, Froggy, and Sonic left.

Episode 31: Revenge of the Robot

Japanese Title: Sasurai no Gamma (Gamma the Wanderer)

French Title: Un bon robot (A good robot)

Fed up at the treatment he received under Eggman, Gamma declares his independence and reprograms the other E-100s except Beta, who is still aboard the Egg Carrier. Amy also heads there looking for the family of the bird she has befriended. Meanwhile, Sonic fights Eggman in his new Egg Viper. Amy and Lily flee from Zero, Decoe and Bocoe in the Egg Carrier and then witness Gamma and Beta battle and destroy each other. It is then revealed that Lily's brother and sister were the animals used to run Beta and Gamma.

This is the second major game retcon for Sonic X: originally, Amy doesn't witness Gamma's destruction, and this in turn affects the later Adventure and Sonic Battle storylines.

Episode 32: Flood Fight

Japanese Title: Perfect Chaos no Sakebi (The Scream of Perfect Chaos)

French Title: Le Chaos total (Total Chaos)

Chaos absorbs the last Chaos Emerald, ascending to his ultimate form and flooding Station Square. Without the Emeralds, Sonic and co. are forced into a desperate battle against Perfect Chaos. Eggman shows up in the Egg Carrier 2, but it is destroyed. Tikal, the ancient Echidna who has been appearing to Sonic and Knuckles in visions of the past, appears and thinks that hope is lost. However, the gang brings the Chaos Emeralds together, and Sonic uses their power to turn into Super Sonic.

In Adventure's last return to the past, only Sonic went.

Shadow Saga

Episode 33: Project: Shadow

Japanese Title: Project Shadow no Nazo (The Puzzle of Project Shadow)

French Title: Le projet Shadow (The project Shadow)

While hacking into G.U.N.'s computers, Eggman comes across the diary of his grandfather, Gerald Robotnik and learns of Project Shadow, a mysterious plot that was rumoured to be so dangerous that the military attacked Gerald's home, the Space Colony ARK and captured Gerald and imprisoned the result of Project Shadow, the Ultimate Lifeform, on Prison Island. Eggman and his sidekicks break into Prison Island to unlock the Ultimate Lifeform and are in for quite a surprise.

Episode 34: Shadow Knows

Japanese Title: Toubousha Sonic (Sonic the Fugitive)

French Title: On recherche Sonic (We search Sonic)

A mysterious black hedgehog similar to Sonic robs a bank, stealing the green Chaos Emerald. Sonic is framed for stealing it and G.U.N. forces are chasing him down. Sonic and friends are shocked when they run into the thief: a black hedgehog named Shadow! Shadow is the Ultimate Lifeform, freed by Dr. Eggman. Sonic and Shadow battle, but Shadow makes his escape and Sonic is taken to Prison Island. Meanwhile, Shadow meets Eggman on the ARK and introduces him to the Eclipse Cannon, a powerful weapon that can destroy a planet. Shadow says it needs the Chaos Emeralds to be powered, and Eggman decides to use it to either conquer or destroy Earth. Rouge mysteriously appears, offering her help to collect the emeralds, but what are her real motives?

In the games, this is the first time she actually met Eggman, even though she had seen him take the Master Emerald, and heard of him before that. In X, Eggman also doesn't take the Master Emerald, Rouge does (with Topaz as a witness).

Episode 35: Sonic's Big Break

Japanese Title: Prison Island Kara no Dasshuttsu (Escape From Prison Island)

French Title: L' évasion de Sonic (Sonic's escape)

Sonic is being held in a top security prison on Prison Island, thanks to Shadow and Eggman. Tails, Amy, Chris and Mr. Tanaka venture onto the island to save Sonic. Shadow, Eggman and Rouge venture onto Prison Island to retrieve three more Chaos Emeralds. Amy releases Sonic, who races off to find Shadow. Rouge finds three emeralds but gets locked in the safe. Shadow uses Chaos Control to get to Rouge, but Chris hitches a ride as well. Shadow teleports them to the ARK, and Prison Island explodes, thankfully everyone escapes without harm.

Amy also fights a golden GUN sentry that appear in Sonic Adventure 2. When destroyed, they offer 1000 points.

Episode 36: Shadow World

Japanese Title: Uchuu Kara no Kyouhaku (Threat From Outer Space)

French Title: La menace de l' espace (The threat from outer space)

In order to get to Eggman's base on Space Colony Ark, Sonic and co. must infiltrate his launch site. However, first they must contend with Bokkun and the Egg Golem. And also King Boom Boo didn't appear.

Episode 37: Robotnik's Revenge

Japanese Title: Space Colony ARK no Tatakai (Space Colony ARK Battle)

French Title: Combat sur l' Arche (Fight on the Ark)

Sonic and co. arrive on Space Colony Ark, and split up. While Sonic takes on Shadow, the others set out to find Eggman. Eggman fires a warning shot from the Eclipse cannon at the moon, destroying half of it.

In SA2, Sonic and Shadow fight AFTER the Eclipse Cannon shoots. The area they fight in has now become moving walkways amidst pipeworks. It used to be an ARK bridge in space.

Episode 38: Showdown in Space

Japanese Title: Maria no Negai, Minna no Negai (Maria's Request, Everyone's Request)

French Title: Le voeu de Maria (Maria's wish)

As Space Colony Ark heads for the Earth, the combatants put aside their differences to stop the descent. Shadow rethinks his plans, and decides to aid Sonic and co. He does so by fighting off the Bio-Lizard, a Project Shadow prototype, while Knuckles drains the Chaos Emeralds with the Master Emerald. The Bio-Lizard teleports and attaches itself to the colony, pulling it toward Earth. In order to stop it, Sonic and Shadow go into super-form to stop it. They are victorious, but Shadow falls towards Earth and is presumed dead.

Egg Moon Saga

Episode 39: Defective Detectives

Japanese Title: Chaotix Tantai Jimusho (Chaotix Detective Agency)

French Title: Les nouveaux arrivants (The newcomers)

While the gang reminisces over their recent adventure, Eggman appears to have reformed. Meanwhile, three detectives named Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon, and Charmy Bee arrive and appear to be looking for Cream. Eggman replaces the moon half he destroyed with a mechanical dome. And when the Chaotix Detectives confront Tails and Amy, the person who hired them appears.

This is basically a remake of Team Chaotix's Sonic Heroes story.

Episode 40: Sunblock Solution

Japanese Title: Eggman Kabushikigaisha (Eggman Corporation)

French Title: Une affaire juteuse (A perfect business)

When the sun is eclipsed during the New Years celebration, Eggman steps in to help. He claims that the Egg Moon has malfunctioned, and then provides a solution with his new Sunshine Balls. Eggman becomes the hero, but Sonic doesn't trust him and begins demolishing the towers that Eggman uses to power the balls.

Episode 41: Eggman for President

Japanese Title: Hikari wo Warera ni! (We Can See The Light!)

French Title: Que la lumière soit (Let the light being)

Everyone tries to stop Sonic's rampage in order to find out why he's doing it. Sonic reveals that the Eggmoon can't possibly block the sunlight all the time because the Earth is rotating, the moon is rotating around the Earth, and the two are both revolving around the sun. If the Eggmoon had really stopped moving, the rotation would allow for sunlight most of the time; therefore, Eggman is lying. Eggman takes the President hostage, but is thwarted when Sonic and co. show up to save him. The Eggmoon is taken out of Eggman's control, and Eggman is sent to jail.

Emerl Saga

Episode 42: A Date to Forget

Japanese Title: Amy Ai no Touhikou!? (Amy, Love's Escape Journey!?)

French Title: Un beau lapin (A big forgetting)

Sonic has a date with Amy, but stands her up trying to stop Bokkun. An irratated Amy ends up going out with Sam, who was also had plans with Sonic. Bokkun under the instructions of Dr. Eggman, reactivates a robot named Emerl to spring Eggman from jail, while Amy & Sam are left to take on another one of his contraptions.

Episode 43: Mean Machines

Japanese Title: Kaden Dai Panic! (Huge Home Electronics Panic!)

French Title: La revanche des appareils ménagers (Domestic appliance's revenge)

As the Sonic craze spreads, Thorndyke Industries appliances become less than perfect as workers quit to copy their hero. Fed up with this, Nelson is furious because he will lose his job because of Sonic until he has a phone call from Ella that Chris has caught a cold. Nelson departs his business and takes Linsey and both go see Chris. Eggman, in prison, repairs the appliances and places special microchips on them. When he activates them, the appliances turn evil and begin to attack the city. Meanwhile, Chris' parents arrive to visit. Ella decides to make a cheery pie to cheer Chris up, but the cooking is cut short when the kitchen appliances begin attack. Emerl somehow copies Sonic's super spin. Both he and Emerl go save Chris from danger made by the other appliances. The sprinkler system activates and everyone realizes only the water will stop the disaster. However, the appliances destroy the water supply system. Sonic goes to save people and Tails, Amy and Nelson go to the water supplies. Chris wants to help, but Lindsey refuses because of his illness. At the city, Sonic finds Knuckles attacked by the machines and comes to the rescue. Sonic and Knuckles then do battle with the machines, while the escaped Eggman gloats. Tails, Amy and Nelson fix the water supply system, but the dam is blocked. They go with Chuck and Mr. Tanaka to the dam. Lindsey finds out that Chris is feeling very well and lets him go, with herself too. Sonic and Knuckles get very tired, but their friends come to the rescue.

Episode 44: Sewer Search

Japanese Title: Okashi na Okashi na Spy Daisakusen (The Ridiculous Epic Spy Battle)

French Title: Mission presque impossible (Almost impossible mission)

With Eggman on the loose, everyone is searching for him. Mr. Stuart and the kids manage to locate his hideout, but are captured. Sonic arrives to help, but is caught by Eggman's Egg Spider. Rouge arrives to help, and Emerl copies her spinning kick to break down the door.

Episode 45: Prize Fight

Japanese Title: Sonic Battle - Kaisai!! (Sonic Battle - Face Off!!)

French Title: Un concours passionnant (A fascinating competition)

To lure Eggman into the open, the President throws a tournament with the red Chaos Emerald as the prize. Sonic and co. all enter, as do the President, a former aid, Mr. Stuart, Sam, Lucky, and Hawk. As the fights progress, Lucky manages to win through sheer luck, and Emerl defeats opponent after opponent. Sonic, forced to fight Amy, withdraws to pursue Eggman when he arrives looking for trouble. The final lineup includes: Knuckles, Amy, Rouge, Emerl, Lucky, Chris, Mr. Stewart and Tanaka.

Episode 46: A Wild Win

Japanese Title: Sonic Battle - Kesshou!! (Sonic Battle - Finale!!)

French Title: Le combat final (The final fight)

As Sonic chases Eggman, the tournament draws to a close. Knuckles takes on Rouge, defeating her, and then proceeds to the final match with Emerl. He forfeits, and Emerl gets the Emerald. However, when he absorbs it, he instantly starts wrecking everything. Emerl begins to fight everyone , jumping out of the way, harming Amy & Tails in the process, leaving Rouge & Knuckles exhausted by being an even match, & hitting Sonic in a really painful area, only to be defeated by Cream & Cheese's teamwork,

Homebound Saga

Episode 47: Map of Mayhem

Japanese Title: Ido Zero Daikessen (Decisive Battle on the Equator)

French Title: Le nombril du monde (The world's navel)

Dr. Eggman kidnaps a group of GUN soldiers, including Topaz, and steals a map of the lost continent of Murasia. Pursuing him, Sonic and the gang find him planning to activate a hotspot located beneath an island that is the last remnant of Murasia. Engaging Eggman's Giant-Makan warship, they are joined by the EGGfort 1, which has been recovered and refurbished into the GUNfort. The GUNfort sets out to destroy Eggman's vessel, not caring for the prisoners aboard. In desperation, Eggman fires the Giant-Makan's main weapon, driving off the GUN forces. Eggman, his allies, and Sonic's friends then land on the island.

Episode 48: The Volcanic Venture

Japanese Title: Sonic vs Taichitei Kaijuu (Sonic vs Monster from the Underground)

French Title: Le continent disparu (The missing continent)

Traveling around on the island, Eggman plans to set off the hotspot with an explosive. While Sonic, Knuckles, and Rouge investigate the subterranean landscape of the island, the others are trying to locate Dr. Eggman. Unwittingly, the intruders awaken a giant Mogera esque robot that attacks them. Over the coarse of a pitched battle, Decoe and Bocoe reject Dr. Eggman and try to help, but are sent flying. Sonic then throws Eggman's explosive into the robot, causing it to explode. The island begins to sink, and everyone escapes. Rouge reveals a jewel recovered from Murasia, but it is taken by the professor who accompanied them, much to Knuckles' amusement. Decoe and Bocoe then emerge, having been rebuilt by Tails and Chuck, and denounce Dr. Eggman.

Episode 49: The Beginning of the End

Japanese Title: Sekai ga Seishi Suru hi (The Day the Earth Stood Still)

French Title: Un coup de froid (A cold hit)

Everybody is having the freedom from their jobs. Lindsey and Nelson have a freedom too and they decide to visit Chris. Dr. Eggman is totally upset for that Decoe and Bocoe betrayed him. During a barbecue, Chuck gets a phone call from the president. Later, someone shows up explaining the that Sonic's world and theirs were once one and at some point in the past a catastrophic event caused the worlds to split and join parallel universes running on their own timeline. The two worlds are rejoining and the timelines will cancel each other out causing time to freeze and the only way to stop this is to send Sonic and the rest back. Chris believes this is one of Dr. Eggman's tricks so he runs away and asks Decoe and Bocoe to take him to Eggman. When Eggman tells him he didn't do it, Chris goes back home. The episode ends with Sonic finding one of the two missing Chaos Emeralds.

Episode 50: Running Out of Time

Japanese Title: Wakare no Asa (Morning of Farewells)

French Title: Un triste matin (A sad morning)

Chris still struggles with that the time is going to stop and Sonic and his friends have to go back home in order to not let the time stop. Tails and Chuck are working on a machine to initiate Chaos Control to send Sonic and the rest back. Meanwhile, Eggman, Decoe, and Bocoe are being attacked with no permission from the president. It turns out that is the fault of a renegade general. Knuckles, Rouge and Topaz stop him and his agents from killing the President. Meanwhile, Sonic destroys some of the robots attacking them as they run through a door on a small tower which then lifts up and turns into Eggman's newest flying fortress, the Grand Egg Imperial. Eggman, telling Sonic he told him he didn't need his help, gives him a small box with a computer microchip inside since he tried to save him. Sonic gives this to Tails and Chuck with turns out to be the last part they need for the machine. Later, they start up the portal but it stops working. Sonic gives them the emerald he found and they start it back up. Eggman, Decoe, and Bocoe, in the fortress, along with all the other creatures that came through from Sonic's world, go through the portal, but it stops working again. Tails works on the portal and manages to get energy from Space Colony ARK and starts it back up. Amy, Cream, Cheese, Vanilla, Tails, Rouge and Knuckles leave now and as Sonic is about to leave Chris says goodbye to him. Just as he's about to step through the portal, Chris runs over and shuts it down.

Episode 51: Friends 'Til the End

Japanese Title: Chris no Nagai Tabi (Chris' Long Journey)

French Title: Le voyage de Chris (Chris's journey)

Chris runs away with Sonic as Chris' father, Nelson Thorndyke, sends helicopters out to look for them. Later on, Chuck confronts Nelson and Lindsey with that only Chris will be found by his parents only. After going from place to place trying to hide, they reach a cabin that Chris and his family used to go to but all of a sudden stopped. Chris can't get in because of a lock but Sonic breaks it saying "Huh...Looks like the chain broke." They sit by the campfire near the beach out in front of the cabin. Sonic says he'll stay if Chris wants. Chris tells that Sonic must return and finally admits he was alone before Sonic arrived and he's afraid to be alone again if Sonic will leave. Sonic tells Chris that they'll see each other someday. In the end, Chris's mother and father are looking for him, thinking he might be there. They come running up and see Chris standing on the deck alone.

Episode 52: A New Start

Japanese Title: Kaze No Omoide (Memories of the Wind)

French Title: Souvenirs, souvenirs (Memories, memories)

Eggman is announcing that he's back and is going to rule the world, hoping that he will lure Sonic to him. Sonic hadn't shown up yet and everyone wondered if he was there or not. Eggman's announcement interrupts Amy's chat with Cream & Vanilla, about them wanting Amy to move in now with sonic gone. Already in bad moods, Amy & Tails attack Eggman in rage. Eggman tells Tails he isn't ready to fight him yet as the ship is hit by another hammer by Amy. Eggman flies off as Tails follows him. Eggman tries to hide behind some clouds trying to trick Tails but Tails starts shooting at him first. As Eggman starts firing at him and surrounds him with missile fire, Tails realizes he has to give up. He pulls a lever and a message from Chuck says that he modified the Tornado saying he hopes his gift comes in handy. The Tornado transforms into a high-powered Hyper Tornado jet. Tails attacks him with plasma blasts and missile fire but Eggman's ship is unaffected. Eggman fires his new Interceptor Missile that only follows Tails' plane and Tails can't get rid of it. Just then, Super Sonic appears and blow up the missile right before it hit Tails. Super Sonic then lands on Eggman's ship and Eggman comments that he's finally back. Then Sonic says Eggman won't be taking over this world either and Eggman tells him not to get in the way. Then he blows up the ship and flies away. Super Sonic lands and as the sun raises shining bright Amy comes to her house to find Sonic waiting there for her. She yells at him saying how stupid he was and that she thought she'd never see him again and breaks down in tears at how she's so happy now to finally have him back. She just wants Sonic to say that I love you: the hedgehog hands her a flower and replies. This event varies between countries; in the Japanese version, Sonic says something to Amy but it is muted, and in the American and English versions he says he will never leave Amy. In the French version he actually replies, "I love you." Then Amy hears what he says and hugs him and starts crying but Sonic just smiled. Elsewhere, some time has gone by and Chris stands next to the portal working on it as Helen comes in telling him that it is time. Chris says that it's useless until he figures out how to cause Chaos control. The two of them say that they cannot believe it has already been six years since they've seen Sonic & the others. He remembers the point when he was saying goodbye and realizes that Sonic can cause Chaos Control. Sonic says to hold on tight and that he is going to go really fast. Chris has some flashbacks, his times with Shadow, the first time Super Sonic was seen, and the time he rescued Sonic from the pool. With that Chris lets out a tear and sees Sonic letting out his own as Super Sonic uses Chaos Control to leave.

Season 3 (Series 2)

Metarex Saga

Episode 53: A Cosmic Call

French Title: La messagère de l' espace (The messenger of the space)

In the episode's opening, Super Sonic is fighting against a mysterious robot. Super Sonic is unable to defeat him and he sends the Chaos Emeralds away to avoid his opponent to take them from him. Without the Emeralds, Sonic loses his energy and he falls to his planet. Another robot (a Metarex) follows him. Back on the planet, Tails, Amy, Cream & Cheese watch the sky and assist to a meteoric shower. However, a space ship crashes near them, carrying a strange alien girl named Cosmo. After introducing themselves, they are surprised by the arriving Metarex who starts destroying the forest with laser beams. Tails, accompanied by Cosmo, starts fighting it with the X-Tornado and he's soon joined by Knuckles. Sonic (who was rescued by Dr. Eggman, similar to why Shadow survived his fall to Earth in gaming canon) arrives but they can't beat the Metarex. The last-mentioned is able to finish his duty: to remove the "planet egg" which, Cosmo explains, "is the lifeforce that sustains their world". Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles make a last effort to save the Planet Egg, but the Metarex escapes. Cosmo then tells Sonic that he is the final hope to save the galaxy. At the same moment, Chris (who is now 18) completes his new machine that will transport him to Sonic's world. It works, but Chris arrives in his 12-year-old body.

Episode 54: Cosmic Crisis

French Title: L' envol du Typhon (Typhoon's flight)

Chris arrives in Sonic's world as his 12-year-old self. He makes contact with everyone and is introduced to Cosmo, but Sonic faints shortly after. Apparently, the recent battle tailed him off. Back to Cream's house, Cosmo explains the Metarex goals and the consequences of the planet egg's removal. Cosmo also admits that she's the only survivor from her group, which was eliminated by the Metarex. Later on, Tails tells Chris that he created the teleport gate over six months. Chris finally realizes at Sonic's world are six months only since he said goodbye with Sonic. Chris explains that in his world, the time is six years ahead of Sonic's world and he's currently 18 years old. As Tails, Amy and Chris enter to Cream's bedroom to tell that to Sonic, they realize he woken up and left by the window. Vanilla gives Chris the clothes which she made from her memories. Everybody (except for Knuckles, who's suspicious of her) agrees that the Metarex must be stopped and they decide to go into space to destroy the Metarex and to find the lost Chaos Emeralds. Luckily for them, Tails has just finished to build his new invention: a big flying fortress called the Blue Typhoon. Unfortunately, his new ship used to be powered by the Chaos Emeralds. Chris thinks that they could use the Master Emerald. Knuckles disagrees, but with some female "persuasion" (aka: They beat him up), he finally agrees. At the same time, another Metarex is sent to the planet in order to destroy Sonic and the Blue Typhoon. A fight engages between the Metarex and Sonic & Knuckles. With the help of the Typhoon's primary weapon, the "Sonic Power Cannon" ("Sonic Driver" in the original Japanese version), the Metarex is destroyed. Sonic falls to the sea, but Chris takes off in the Hyper Tornado and comes to the rescue. While all this happens, Cream comes back to her house and asks her mother to depart too. Vanilla agrees and Cream hugs her to say goodbye. The Blue Typhoon takes off, but it is followed by Dr. Eggman and Rouge.

Episode 55: H2 Whoa

French Title: La planète aride (The dry planet)

The Blue Typhoon is now on its way to a new adventure. Knuckles thinks that a Chaos emerald is nearby due to the Master Emerald's reactions. A planet is located and according to Sonic's guidebook, this is a dry planet. However, they find out that it's covered by water. Accidentally separated of the others, Chris & Sonic arrive to a Metarex base, where several Metarex await them. The fight is engaged, but Chris, wanting to help his friend, is unable to punch a Metarex without hurting himself. Eventually, Sonic is captured and Chris is able to escape. Informing Tails of the situation, Chris wants to rescue Sonic with the X-Tornado, but Tails insists that Chris won't be capable of his own. This leads Chris to question himself about his utility in their mission. Chris is depressed because he's a kid again, but he's still having memories from six years. Chris wants to help Sonic and decides to do something. Amy wants to find Sonic by herself and contacts Tails to arrives with the X-Tornado as she saves Sonic. Finally, Amy and Tails succeed to rescue Sonic with the X-Tornado, but Metarex attack the plane and by accident, Sonic falls straight toward the water. Chris arrives with the Hyper Tornado and saves Sonic with his own invention: hover shoes. The Metarex are finally defeated, the water retires from the planet and the Chaos Emerald is found. Meanwhile at Chris' world, Lindsey realizes that Chris is at Sonic's world, but she does not know that he's currently at the mission to stop Metarex, save Planet Eggs and find Chaos Emeralds, and wants to do something to bring him back. Danny and Frances explain that only Chris understands how the teleport gate works. Chuck explains if he'll damage it, Chris will be at Sonic's world forever. Lindsey begins crying, but Nelson cheers her up by telling her they have to trust Chris. Helen tells them Chris will contact them.

Episode 56: An Enemy in Need

French Title: Le Dr. Robotnik part en guerre (The Dr. Robotnik goes in war)

After saving the planet in the former episode, Sonic and his friends are thanked in a feast. Dr. Eggman is watching the scene and he thinks about his next scheme to take away the Chaos emerald. Bokkun suggests a plan to Eggman, but the evil doctor doesn't notice that it has been elaborated by Rouge, who made her way to the Crimson Egg. Eggman soon finds Knuckles and he tries to persuade him that he tired to be a bad person and he wishes to leave the planet by using a Chaos Emerald. Knuckles believes him and he finds the others in order to take the Emerald they just found and to give it to Eggman. Sonic disagrees and both of them engage in a fight. Taking advantage of the situation, Eggman almost takes the Emerald, but he is stopped by Amy and the others. Then, a giant robot controlled by Bocoe and Decoe appears suddenly and it captures Cosmo. Eggman summons Sonic to give him the Emerald and he would let Cosmo go away. But at the same moment, a frog-shaped Metarex rises from the ground and it grabs the Emerald. Eggman let Cosmo go and he engages a fight against the Metarex. However, Eggman is defeated. It's Sonic's turn to fight the Metarex and, with the help of the Sonic Power Cannon and Chris' trick, the blue hedgehog is victorious. The episode ends as Knuckles apologizes for being fooled by Eggman.

Episode 57: A Chilling Discovery

French Title: Comabt au palais de Glace (Fight in the Ice palace)

With the help of Chris' new program, the Blue Typhoon spots a Chaos Emerald on planet Freezy. Followed by Dr. Eggman's Crimson Egg, the Blue Typhoon approaches planet Freezy, but it's attacked by a Metarex and it crashes on the planet. Sonic, Chris, Knuckles and Cosmo decide to go get the Chaos Emerald with the X-Tornado. Rouge is also on her way for getting the emerald before Sonic. Everybody has to fight Metarex before reaching an ice palace, where the emerald is supposed to be located. Sonic's group find it, but it's sealed in a solid ice block. A more powerful Metarex appears and gets power from the emerald to become even stronger. A fight engages and Cosmo finds the way to defeat it with a laser beam. Knuckles finds the Chaos Emerald but before he gets it, Rouge steals it. However, Tails discovers that the emerald was a fake one.

Episode 58: Desperately Seeking Sonic

French Title: Piégé dans la jungle (Trapped in the jungle)

The Blue Typhoon detects two Metarex who just stole a Planet Egg on a jungle planet. Sonic destroys the biggest Metarex with the Power Cannon, but he is launched too hardly and he falls straight to the planet. He crashes on Dr. Eggman, who is already on the planet, and he takes the Chaos Emerald that the evil doctor has just discovered. Having landed on the planet, Tails and Knuckles get aboard the X-Tornado in order to find Sonic, leaving Amy behind.

Amy desperately wants to find Sonic by herself and she enters into the jungle. She is accompanied by Cosmo, who wants to find the Planet Egg, and Cream & Cheese, who don't want to be left alone. Discovering he was left alone, Chris contacts Tails, but at the same moment, the X-Tornado spots a Chaos Emerald. Inside the jungle, Amy, Cosmo, Cream & Cheese struggle to find Sonic and the Planet Egg, but they are captured twice by the small Metarex who survived the previous fight. However, they escape and are able to take possession of the Planet Egg. Sonic is still running in the jungle with the Chaos Emerald in his hand and he is found by Tails and Knuckles. Dr. Eggman arrives and he steals the emerald from Sonic. Sonic and Knuckles prepare to fight, but the girl group and the Metarex appear. Eggman captures everybody (even the Metarex). The Planet Egg begins reacting and huge creepers wraps everyone. Chris arrives and Sonic is able to free himself and with a little help from Tails and Chris, he defeats Eggman. Finally, the Planet Egg gets back where it belongs and Sonic & his friends get back to the Blue Typhoon with two Chaos Emeralds in account now.

Episode 59: Galactic Gumshoes

French Title: Un détéctive dans l' espace (A detective in the outer space)

Chris' grandfather, Chuck, finds a way to teleport material objects to Sonic's world. The stuff is discovered by Vanilla and she asks the Chaotix Detective Agency to deliver it to Chris. She's also worried about her daughter Cream and she asks them to check on her. Vector accepts, but Espio tells him that they don't have any space ship. However, Chuck also sends a space ship to Sonic's planet and the Chaotix are on their way. Aboard the Blue Typhoon, Sonic and Knuckles are playing chess. Knuckles takes time before moving a piece, and Sonic decides to take a quick walk on the ship. Accidentally, Sonic slips from the ship and he diverts into space. Knuckles leaves the Typhoon to retrieve him. Inside the ship, Tails points out that another space ship is approaching and everybody is convicted that it's a Metarex ship. Vector, Espio and Charmy try, one by one, to get aboard the Blue Typhoon, but they are all thrown out from it. They take a little distance from the Typhoon temporarily, but Tails pursues them. He discovers a little house on the Chaotix ship and he realizes that it wasn't an enemy ship. Chris and the other ones apology and everybody unburdens the Chaotix ship from the stuff sent by Chris' family. Vector, having misinterpreted Vanilla's wishes, decide to leave the Blue Typhoon, taking Cream with them. Vector kidnaps Cream, but also Cosmo (although without his knowing). But Sonic is back and he fights Vector in order to take the girls back with him. Finally, an agreement is settled and Cream gets back to the Blue Typhoon. The episode closes in Eggman's Crimson Egg, where Rouge finds a strange capsule in a secret room.

Episode 60: Trick Sand

French Title: Le retour de Shadow (Shadow's comeback)

The episode opens with a dream from Chris, where he remembers the events of Space Colony ARK and the loss of Shadow. He is awakened by Tails who tells him he has just found the signal from a Chaos Emerald. Inside the Crimson Egg, Rouge returns to the secret room she has just discovered and she spots a Chaos Emerald which is powering the strange capsule. She tries taking the emerald, but she launches an alarm and at the same time, she discovers that Shadow is currently hibernating inside the capsule. She's found out by Dr. Eggman. The Blue Typhoon follows the Chaos Emerald's signal to a dark, abandoned planet. Sonic, Amy and Knuckles search inside an old castle, while Chris and Cosmo look inside an ancient colony. Sonic's group quickly notices that the castle is a trap. In fact, it's an illusion created by a Metarex. Meanwhile, Chris and Cosmo find a video with distressing news about the planet attacked by the Metarex. After leaving the colony, Chris tells Cosmo he was dreaming earlier about Shadow and tells her all about him, but the conversation is cut short by Tails' message about losing contact with Sonic's group. Chris and Cosmo see the castle rippling. Chris takes off in the Hyper Tornado and saves Sonic's group from the Metarex. This Metarex suddenly turns the castle into a sandtrap and almost catches Sonic, but Chris comes to the rescue. The Metarex attacks Sonic's group and Chris. Sonic try to counter-attack, but he is not able to beat the Metarex and is electrocuted. Sonic is knocked out and falls to his doom. Chris tries to save Sonic, but the Hyper Tornado is damaged by the attack. Chris ends up falling to his doom too. At the same moment, in the Crimson Egg, Shadow awakens and he teleports himself to the fight place. He easily defeats the Metarex, saves Chris and he shows his presence to everybody. He looks at Chris, who just said Shadow's name, and he disappears. Shadow comes back to the Crimson Egg with the two Chaos Emeralds and passes out in front of the shocked Dr. Eggman and Rouge.

Episode 61: Ship of Doom

French Title: Le vaisseau du mal (Evil's ship)

The show opens with a fight involving a huge Metarex named Scarship and an armada of smaller ships. Scarship destroys every ship and he's assigned to a new mission: to destroy Sonic and Dr. Eggman. Inside the Blue Typhoon, everybody questions himself about Shadow's return. Aboard the Crimson Egg, Dr. Eggman finds out that Scarship is approaching and the battle engages. Eggman sends Shadow to destroy Scarship, but Shadow is unable to do the job. Rouge flees from the Crimson Egg, just before Scarship sends a missile and seems to have destroyed it. Rouge informs the Blue Typhoon's crew of the situation and sends them images from the battle. Cosmo recognizes Scarship, it's the Metarex who destroyed her group's ship. Cosmo begs Tails to flee away, because she doesn't want to risk her friend's lives. However, Sonic and the others insist that they need to face Scarship. The battle starts and nobody gets the advantage. However, Sonic, Amy and Knuckles leave the ship unnoticed and they find a way to block Scarship's weapons. Scarship decide to destroy the Blue Typhoon by crashing into it. The Typhoon won't be able to get out of its way in time, but Shadow appears from nowhere and takes Scarship away. It appears that Eggman was able to escape from Scarship. Sonic and Shadow get inside Scarship and they destroy the engine room. However, Scarship won't ever surrender and it's about to self-destroy. Shadow is able to freeze time around it and Sonic defeats it with the Power Cannon.

Episode 62: An Underground Odyssey

French Title: Le souterrain secret (The secret underground)

The show opens with a sequence inside Cosmo's ship and ends when Scarship (see previous episode) destroys it, leaving Cosmo alone. Then, we find out the Blue Typhoon's crew on a new planet. It seems that there's a Chaos Emerald nearby. Tails, Knuckles and Cosmo follow the emerald's track to an abandoned city. Knuckles discovers a deep gorge. Lower, there's a cave. Tails and Cosmo enter, but Cosmo accidentally pushes a button which launches an avalanche and seals them inside the cave. Tails still receives the emerald's signal and he and Cosmo pursue their searches. Inside the Blue Typhoon, Amy receives a distress call from Knuckles and she informs Chris, Sonic, Cream and Cheese (who are all aboard the X-Tornado) of the situation. Inside the cave, Tails and Cosmo discover a big factory full of Metarex. They enter unnoticed and they find the Chaos Emerald inside a manufacturing plant of fake emeralds. They are found out by the Metarex, but they are able to escape with the real emerald. Then, Tails fools the Metarex with special "fireflies". Tails and Cosmo are found retrieved by the Metarex and they steal the emerald from them. Tails engages a fight and Cosmo can take back the emerald. Tails is caught by a Metarex, but fortunately for them, Sonic and the others come to the rescue. Tails and Cosmo also are starting to have feelings for each other.

Episode 63: Station Break-In

French Title: La base des Métarex (Metarex's base)

Dr. Eggman discovers that the last two Chaos Emeralds are located inside a huge Metarex fortress. The Crimson Egg and the Blue Typhoon arrive on location at the same moment. Eggman suggests Sonic to put their efforts together in order to enter inside the fortress. His plan: a little group will enter first and disconnect the fortress' security system, so the other ones could penetrate. Eggman sends Shadow and Rouge while Chris volunteers to accompany them. They enter with the help of Chaos Control and they succeed in their job. Sonic & Knuckles penetrate in the fortress aboard the X-Tornado, Amy & Cosmo follow them and Eggman, Bocoe & Decoe are right behind. However, Eggman secretly installed a special device on each ship and he can take control of Sonic and Amy's ships. Eggman almost succeeds, but Sonic finds the emeralds first. The only thing: he is welcomed by an entire army of Metarex, led by Dark Oak, the Metarex leader, and the battle is about to begin.

Episode 64: A Metarex Melée

French Title: Sonic contre Shadow (Sonic versus Shadow)

The fight between Sonic and Dark Oak starts. Sonic directly attacks Dark Oak, but he instantly disappears: it was a hologram. Outside the fortress, a Metarex armada, led by Red Pine, is approaching. Surprisingly, the Red Pine army begins to attack their own fortress, while there still are Metarex inside. Shadow, Rouge and Chris are transported, via Chaos Control, inside the Crimson Egg. Chris finds a way to steal the emeralds found by Eggman and flees away by using one of Eggman's mini-ships. Shadow follows him and he stops him. Rouge grabs Chris and asks him to give her the emeralds. Chris refuses and Rouge drops him. Knuckles, who's having trouble with piloting the X-Tornado, rescues Chris. Chris, Knuckles, Shadow and Rouge arrive to the fight place. The seven Chaos Emeralds are put together, transforming Sonic and Shadow into their super forms. Super Sonic and Super Shadow engage into a fight inside the fortress. At the same moment, a gravitational field is activated inside the fortress and it starts to destroy itself from the inside. The Metarex armada is destroyed, Super Shadow sends the Crimson Egg away with Chaos Control and the Blue Typhoon escapes with the power of the Master Emerald. However, during the event, the seven Chaos Emeralds disappeared.

Episode 65: Mission: Match Up

French Title: Fête à bord du Typhon (Party on the Typhoon)

The Blue Typhoon encounters the Chaotix ship. Once aboard the Typhoon, Vector and Espio explain that they lost themselves in space and that their radio got broken. Tails agrees to fix their ship and he warns them that he doesn't want any trouble on the Typhoon. Tails begins his work when Cosmo brings him lunch. She reveals that she's planning a surprise for everybody. The Chaotix watch the scene and Vector notices the growing relationship between Tails and Cosmo. In order to thank Tails for fixing his ship, Vector decides to help him winning Cosmo's heart. At the same time, Tails unintentionally discovers Cosmo's surprise: she plans to throw a party on the ship. Cosmo is disappointed because it won't be a surprise for Tails now, but the little fox tells her that she won't be able to prepare everything all by herself. Also on the scene, the Chaotix propose their help and Vector takes it as an opportunity to throw his match-up plans. However, they all fail one by one. Espio believes that their relationship should develop naturally. After finishing the preparations, the Chaotix go get everybody to the party room when they cross Knuckles' path. Knuckles was used against his will in one of Vector's plans and he decides to take his revenge. Accidentally, they end up in the party room and they ruin everything. Arriving on the scene, Tails and Cosmo are disappointed, but Sonic says it's no problem and that they'll put everything back. He also thanks Cosmo for her party idea. The episode ends with Cosmo and Tails watching the stars outside in space.

Episode 66: Clash in the Cloister

French Title: Situation critique (Critical situation)

The Blue Typhoon is pulled into the Intergalactic Cloister, a strange region of space. Eager to do battle, Metarex Commander Yellow Zelkova launches an attack on the Blue Typhoon. Sonic and Knuckles team up to fight him, finding that Zelkova is too powerful for them. However, they then trick him into freeing the Blue Typhoon from a formation of space stalactites, and put him in line with the Sonic Driver cannon. They fire, and Zelkova is thrown back, but not destroyed. They then escape as he swears vengeance.

Episode 67: Teasing Time

French Title: Le piège noir (The black trap)

Sonic and friends come across a barren planet with Chaos Emerald signals coming from it. Black Narcissus is inside, and sends a message to the Typhoon, a message that only Cosmo can understand. He then sets off fireworks, allowing Cosmo to escape to the planet undetected. Unexpectedly, Chris follows, but Narcissus captures both him and Cosmo. While trying to escape with Cosmo, Chris is attacked and stabbed (knocked out in the English version) by Black Narcissus. Sonic comes to rescue them and is horrified by their predicament, but because the Chaos Emeralds they detected were fake, Sonic draws upon their negative energies and becomes Dark Super Sonic. Dark Super Sonic then proceeds to destroy two Metarex robots Narcissus had prepared just for him. Suddenly, Eggman appears and has Decoe and Bocoe hold Narcissus down while Bokkun kicks him, dealing some damage. Sonic returns to normal. Shadow rescues Chris and Cosmo and Rouge destroys the machine controlling the fake emeralds. Sonic, Chris and Cosmo are reunited with the others and Eggman asks Black Narcissus to be joined to Metarex team.

Episode 68: A Revolutionary Tale

French Title: Le rêve de Molly (Molly's dream)

While traveling through space, Dr. Eggman and his forces come across a group of humans battling the armada of Pale Bay Leaf. The two groups talk, and Shadow and Rouge get to know a human girl named Molly. After seeing Shadow in battle, Molly comes to believe that Shadow is a hero of folklore named Black Wind. Eggman is then taken prisoner by the humans, revealing that they have made a deal with the Metarex. Molly flees in shame*, while Shadow uses a Chaos Emerald to devastate the Metarex forces. Despite the damage, Pale Bay Leaf survives, and communicates with Dr. Eggman.

  • NOTE: In the original Japanese version and in the European version, Molly is instead killed when she fires on the Metarex ships, prompting the Metarex to fire upon her in retaliation, causing her ship to explode. At the end of the episode, Shadow and Rouge are standing next to Molly's gravestone, an artifact digitally edited out of the English version.

Episode 69: The Planet of Misfortune

French Title: La planète Marmolin (The planet Marmolin)

In this episode, Sonic and his friends meet few aliens who have the Chaos Emerald. At first, the aliens refuse to give it, but then they give it. Sonic and his friends take the aliens to their homeworld, Planet Marmolin. There's a lot of fortune, even the ways for love spells. Amy tries to put a love spell on Sonic. However, it ends up backfiring, and instead works on Tails and Cosmo at the end of the episode, leading to the two embracing while watching the moon. This episode basically confirms Tails and Cosmo's relationship, while Amy gets extremely angry that she didn't catch Sonic. Meanwhile back at Chris' world, Helen, Danny and Frances try to find a password for the teleport gate and think that it's called "Sonic". They try it, but end up getting another failure.

Episode 70: Terror on the Typhoon

French Title: Le tourbillon fatal (The fatal whirlwind)

While traveling in the Galactic Cloister, the Blue Typhoon comes under attack from the Metarex fleet, led by the three surviving commanders and Dr. Eggman. Sonic attempts to attack from the Sonic Driver, but Dr. Eggman deploys a shield that not only repulses Sonic's attack, but causes an overload explosion that puts Knuckles out of commission. With Sonic and Knuckles both out cold, Tails assumes command reluctantly until Cosmo boosts his confidence. Coming up with a plan, Tails pilots the Blue Typhoon towards a black hole in the Cloister. Sonic and Knuckles recover long enough to deploy the Sonic Driver, reversing the black hole and allowing the Blue Typhoon to escape. Visiting the medical bay, Tails is praised by the injured Sonic and Knuckles.

Episode 71: Hedgehog Hunt

French Title: Un coup de main incroyable (An incredible helping hand)

Following their battle with the Metarex fleet, Sonic and the gang are stranded on an alien planet with the Chaotix, who are running a cafe to pay for parts to their own ship. Dr. Eggman arrives looking for Sonic and the others, while Pale Bay Leaf waits in orbit to shoot the Typhoon down. Helping out Sonic and the gang, the Chaotix provide parts for their ship. However, Dr. Eggman provides the real assistance when he disguises the Crimson Egg as the Blue Typhoon and takes the full force of the Metarex attack. Pale Bay Leaf moves off, and no ambush awaits the real Typhoon once it takes off.

Episode 72: Zelkova Strikes Back

French Title: Qui sont les Métarex? (Who are the Metarex?)

Yellow Zelkova attacks the Blue Typhoon, equipped with a special energy shield built by Dr. Eggman. Sonic attempts to stop him, but is unable to break through the shield. Picking up where they left off, Zelkova and Knuckles get into a fierce battle, during which Knuckles smashes Zelkova's knee and breaks the spurs on one of his gloves. Using cable from the Blue Typhoon, Sonic and the others channel lightning to overload Zelkova's shield. Zelkova's mechanical outer body is destroyed, revealing the Seedrian form beneath. Zelkova attacks, but is knocked into a nearby lava pit by Knuckles. Pale Bay Leaf informs Eggman of Zelkova's demise, mocking the failure of his shield.

Episode 73: The Cosmo Conspiracy

French Title: Qu' arrive-t-il à Shadow? (Shadow the Assassion?!)

Shadow attacks the Blue Typhoon trying to kill Cosmo (changed to "get rid of" in the English dub). Sonic, Tails and Chris go to save her. Shadow attacks Sonic and Chris and badly injures them, while Tails escapes with Cosmo. However, Shadow is following them. Tails and Cosmo run throughout the ship and they attempt to escape in the X Tornado but Shadow stops it from taking off by severely damaging it, eventually Shadow catches up but Knuckles stalls him long enough for Tails and Cosmo to escape, but is injured in the process, after running for a while longer they are cornered in a dead end and Shadow insists that Tails gives him Cosmo, but he refuses and pulls a lever behind him, causing Shadow to be shot out of the Sonic Driver  (or Sonic Power Cannon) they return to the ship's bridge where Shadow reappears, Tails once more tries to stop him but is severely wounded, but he unintentionally stalls Shadow long enough for Dark Oak's flagship to arrive next to the Blue Typhoon, and Cosmo is revealed to have some kind of device implanted in her brain that allows the Metarex to monitor everything she hears and sees, and has a codename: White Seed. While all this happens, Sonic and Chris are hospitalized by Amy, Cream, and Cheese, and Knuckles finds Rouge and she explains everything.

Episode 74: Eye Spy

French Title: La planète perdue (The lost planet)

After Cosmo discovered she has a codename White Seed and the Metarex are monitoring what she hears and sees, her amulet is shining and Cosmo screams. Due of this situation, The Blue Typhoon is transported to the deserted planet. Sonic and Chris are finally recovered from being almost killed by Shadow in the previous episode.

When the team discovers that Cosmo's brain is emitting a signal to the Metarex, they plan on trying to eliminate the signal, except that the signal is connected to the part of her brain that translates sounds and sight. While Tails and Cosmo are torn about this, Knuckles pushes for the surgery.

Meanwhile, Amy starts searching for Sonic (as always), but ends up bumping into Rouge. They both discover that this planet is not only Cosmo's homeworld, but the Metarex's as well. They also discover that Cosmo's people were able to transform into huge dinosaur-like beings to protect their planet from an alien invasion. However, a few of them wanted to be able to completely destroy the alien hoard, and so crystallized the Planet Egg in order to keep the transformation from sapping their energy. They eventually led to the abandonment of the planet and transformed into the Metarex.

Cosmo, horrified by the fact that the Metarex are using her to spy on them, intends to leave, but Tails reassures her that they all will help her defeat the Metarex. Sonic and the rest of the gang also support the new resolution, and they all are ready for an attack on the Metarex, maybe the last attack.

At the end of the episode, Bokkun arrives, telling Shadow and Chris that Eggman has been captured by the Metarex.

Episode 75: Agent of Mischief

French Title: Le jour des plantations (The Day of the Plantations)

When Bokkun shows everyone Eggman's message (telling that the Metarex are starting to gather at galactic coordinates (0-0-0) because of a thousand-year prophecy), the gang starts lifting off to go beat the Metarex once and for all. Unfortunately, they leave Shadow behind! However, the Chaotix find Shadow and offer him a ride (for free, which is the surprising part) to galactic coordinates (0-0-0).

Once Sonic and the gang reach (0-0-0), they find the Metarex fleet there, ready while a Planet Egg warps in from another universe. The Egg is in the center of a planet of water, which, combined with the light of the Chaos Emeralds, help Dark Oak and two other Metarex to mutate into a giant plant-dragon mix! Sonic's fleet starts attacking the planet, but then Sonic is catapulted into the air by a pillar of water! Dark Oak then swallows Sonic, who plunges face-first into the planet.

"Ha! Now Sonic the Hedgehog, how can you hope to defeat us? Water is your weakness, and our strength! Now Forestation will be unstoppable!"

Meanwhile, Chris infiltrates Dark Oak's ship to blow Eggman, Bocoe, and Decoe out. At the same time, Shadow and the Chaotix fight more Metarex, Shadow asking every Metarex he comes across where Dark Oak is. Eventually, the ship comes apart to reveal a giant tree, which attaches to the aquatic planet and starts growing to an unimaginable size!

Episode 76: The Light in the Darkness

French Title: Inquiétudes pour Sonic (Anxieties for Sonic)

Amy tries to rescue Sonic from the watery planet, but everyone else keeps her back, trying to come up with another plan. Then, Rouge comes up with a brilliant idea: use the Master Emerald to cut off the energy supply to Dark Oak! The team charges up the Sonic Driver with the Master Emerald and fires it at Black Narcissus and Pale Bayleaf, destroying them. Unfortunately, after this is done, the Master Emerald shatters, and it is revealed that the Metarex have sucked up all the Chaos Emerald's energy!

Dark Oak's beast head becomes extremely weak because of a hit from the Sonic Driver, and finally ceases movement. The planet expands, taking Dark Oak along with it. Inside the planet, Sonic sees what happens after the Forestation process is complete. He manages to fight a bunch of sand monsters and plant-like tentacles, only to find out he's fighting in a dream. Suddenly, Amy spots Sonic inside the planet is able to get Sonic out of there, crashing through the roots into the water to rescue him.

Suddenly, the planet condenses into a giant seed-like object! Sonic stares at it, probably in despair.

Episode 77: A Fearless Friend

French Title: Cosmo à l' oeuvre (Cosmo in the work)

When the giant seed finally reaches the final stage of its metamorphosis and starts sucking the life out of everyone except for Cosmo, she takes the Chaos Emeralds to Eggman, thinking that he'll know what to do. Unfortunately, Dark Oak attacks Cosmo, who drops the Chaos Emeralds into space. Thankfully, they close in on Sonic and Shadow, who use them to transform into Super Sonic and Super Shadow and attack the Metarex seed. But, once they destroy it, they reveal an even smaller planet with a gravitational force that could potentially destroy the whole galaxy!

Cosmo feels helpless but her mother, in her mind, assures her that she is the one who will save the galaxy. She then transforms into a new form and becomes determined to stop this once and for all. She flies over to the planet, passes through the gravitational force that neither Super Sonic nor Super Shadow could pass through, and plants herself atop it. She then becomes a tree, saying that she has now immobilized Dark Oak. She tells Tails to load and fire the Sonic Driver and shoot it at the planet. Everyone is shocked and does not know whether or not to risk saving the galaxy if they're going to kill Cosmo in the process. Tails, however, is very hesitant, but Cosmo re-assures him that her seeds will be spread throughout the galaxy. He then thinks back to all of the good times they've had and their love and, tearfully, fires Super Sonic and Super Shadow at the planet, completely destroying it. Cosmo then greets Tails a final "farewell" vision saying she'll never forget Tails.

Episode 78: So Long Sonic

French Title: La renaissance des planètes (Planet's rebirth)

For the transcript of this episode, see So Long Sonic/Transcript.

The episode starts off with Vanilla stopping by the Chaotix Detective Office to thank the Chaotix for all that they did for her and Cream. Amy and Cream then bring a whole bunch of snacks to Tails to try and cheer him up. (Note: This entire first part, almost four minutes long, was not shown in the English dub of the episode.)

Chris then flashes back to the point just when the planet with Cosmo on it was being destroyed. Lucas is seen following Hertia to peace. Suddenly, the planet begins to expend all of its energy. Punching Sonic out of the way (which looked very painful for Sonic), Shadow uses the last of his energy to perform Chaos Control to stop time, giving everyone else a chance to escape. Eggman then worries that Shadow may not have survived the Chaos Control he did to save everyone, and he begins to feel some remorse for Shadow. Meanwhile, Sonic approaches Tails with only a seed from Cosmo. Tails, already upset about losing her, finally falls into Sonic's arms, crying as they fly away.

Back on their homeworld, Chris and Knuckles have a little discussion about what's next for Chris, and they fall along the lines of where Chris's home would be now that he can't go back. Rouge is seen in Eggman's ship staring at Shadow's pod. After a run-in with Eggman, Rouge suspects that he knows something about Shadow's whereabouts. Near the end of the episode, Eggman shows Chris an egg-shaped pod that will take him home, but there's a catch: Chris only has three minutes to return home, or else he could be stuck in Sonic's world! Chris has no time to say goodbye to his friends, just as Eggman planned. Chris then leaves Sonic's universe via Eggman's pod. Once Chris is gone from sight, Eggman says that with Chris out of the way, he can continue in his creation of the Eggman Empire.

Sonic's last words were "I won't forgive you, Eggman!" ("Life never stays slow around here for long, thank goodness! Watch out, Eggman! I'm coming at'cha, full speed!" in the English dub). We then see a pot with a seed (apparently the one Sonic found) in it. The episode ends as the Egg pod with Chris in, as it flies out into space and then twinkles out. Chris was supposedly sent home.

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