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The following is a list of episode summaries of Sonic X, an anime based on the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series. Its original run was on Sundays from 6 April 2003 to 28 March 2004 with 52 episodes in total which are collectively known as Japanese "Series 1". Episodes 53-78, which are collectively known as "Series 2", never aired on TV or released on DVD in Japan but were available through rental streaming services. These episodes were first broadcast on TV in some other countries before they aired on US/UK Television.

The English dub of the episodes were produced by 4Kids Entertainment (which aired on FOX on the Saturday morning block FoxBox, later renamed 4Kids TV, from 2003 to 2006). Episodes 1-52 were split were referred to as Seasons 1 and 2, each 26 episodes long, and episodes 53-78 were referred to as Season 3. However, the Saga Set DVD releases split the first two seasons further into six seasons, with each set containing 13 episodes.

Episode list

Season 1

# English dub title
Original title (Japanese)
Original airdate (JP) Original airdate (US)
1 "Chaos Control Freaks"
"超音速ヒーロー登場!" (Chō Onsoku Hīrō Tōjō!? lit. "Supersonic Hero Appears!")
6 April 2003[1] 23 August 2003
While trying to retrieve the 7th Chaos Emerald from Dr. Eggman, Sonic and Friends are transported to the human world where Sonic is rescued by a boy named Chris. 
2 "Sonic to the Rescue"
"潜入!エリア99" (Sennyū! Eria Kyūjūkyū? lit. "Infiltrate! Area 99")
13 April 2003[2] 13 September 2003
When Sonic discovers that Cream and Cheese are being held captive by the military, Sonic, with the help of Chris' grandfather Chuck, finds and frees them only to be caught in a trap until Tails comes to the rescue. 
3 "Missile Wrist Rampage"
"Dr.エッグマンの野望" (Dr. Eggman no Yabō? lit. "Dr. Eggman's Ambition")
20 April 2003[3] 20 September 2003
When Eggman tries to use E-23 to take over the world Amy, Knuckles and Tails launch an unsuccessful counterattack, until Sonic arrives, and with a ring from Tails, destroys E-23 and saves Amy with the help of Knuckles. 
4 "Chaos Emerald Chaos"
"カオスエメラルドを手に入れろ!" (Kaosu Emerarudo wo Te ni Irero!? lit. "Get the Chaos Emerald!")
27 April 2003[4] 27 September 2003
Chris' teacher is replaced with Mr. Stewart, the President's spy, and the first Chaos Emerald appears at a construction site, it's then a race to the emerald between Eggman and Sonic and friends, with Chris stealing it from Eggman's mobile, and Sonic rescuing him from a nasty drop. 
5 "Cracking Knuckles"
"激突!!ソニックvsナックルズ" (Gekitotsu!! Sonikku Bāsazu Nakkuruzu?? lit. "Clash!! Sonic vs Knuckles")
4 May 2003[5] 4 October 2003
After Eggman tricks Knuckles into blaming Sonic for being stuck in the human world, Knuckles challenges Sonic to a duel allowing Eggman to capture Chris, Amy and Tails using E-47, but Knuckles realizes he's being duped and teams up with Sonic to destroy the robot and save the others. 
6 "Techno-Teacher"
"熱戦!スクール・ウォーズ" (Nessen! Sukūru Wōzu? lit. "Fierce Battle! School Wars")
11 May 2003[6] 11 October 2003
Eggman tries to use his robot, Intellihente, to brainwash Chris' class but when Intellihente winds up teaching more than brainwashing, Eggman steps in to put the children in permanent detention until a worried Sonic arrives, destroys the robot and saves the class. 
7 "Party Hardly"
"大混戦!クリスのホームパーティー" (Daikonsen! Kurisu no Hōmu Pāti? lit. "Giant Free-for-All! Chris' Home Party")
18 May 2003[7] 18 October 2003
When Mr. Stewart drops by for a surprise visit, Chris and Chuck are able to keep Sonic and Friends' stay a secret but after the S-Team Leader, Chris' uncle, arrives things get messier and everyone including Ella and Mr. Tanaka find out Chris' secret. 
8 "Satellite Swindle"
"緊急発進!Xトルネード" (Kinkyū Hasshin! Ekkusu Torunēdo? lit. "Emergency Launch! X-Tornado!")
25 May 2003[8] 25 October 2003
After Eggman discovers that he is being watched by the military he sends E-90 to swallow the satellite, but this disrupts all television so Chuck and Tails turn Tornado into Tornado X allowing Sonic to enter space and destroy E-90. 
9 "The Last Resort"
"渚のエミー" (Nagisa no Emī? lit. "Amy on the Beach")
1 June 2003[9] 1 November 2003
After Chris, Amy, Cream and Cheese arrive at a resort, Eggman appears and tries to take over but Sonic arrives and tries to stop him only to be saved by Amy from E-39. 
10 "Unfair Ball"
"激闘!ソニック野球軍" (Gekitō! Sonikku Yakyūgun? lit. "Fierce Fight! Sonic Baseball Team")
8 June 2003[10] 8 November 2003
It's Team Sonic vs Team Eggman in a baseball game for a Chaos Emerald, Team Sonic falls behind at first but then wins with a Sonic super-play, only to have Eggman steal the Emerald in the end. 
11 "Fly Spy"
"美しき怪盗ルージュ" (Utsukushiki Kaitō Rūju? lit. "The Beautiful and Mysterious Thief Rouge")
15 June 2003[11] 15 November 2003
The President plants a fake emerald to try and attract Sonic but Rouge takes the bait instead and winds up searching Eggman's base, with Topaz, for a Chaos Emerald, until she encounters E-70 and has to make an escape. 
12 "Beating Eggman, Part 1"
"エッグマン基地 総攻撃!(前編)" (Egguman Kichi Sōgeki! (Zenpen)? lit. "Eggman's All-Out Base Attack! (Part one)")
22 June 2003[12] 22 November 2003
Tails and Chris discover the third Chaos Emerald in a field and fly for it in the X-Tornado but Eggman and E-51 catch up and trap them, meanwhile Rouge and Topaz launch an attack on Eggman's base. 
13 "Beating Eggman, Part 2"
"エッグマン基地 総攻撃!(後編)" (Egguman Kichi Sōgeki! (Kōhen)? lit. "Eggman's All-Out Base Attack! (Part two)")
29 June 2003[13] 29 November 2003
Sonic saves Tails and Chris from E-51 while Eggman makes off with the Chaos Emerald, at Eggman's base Knuckles appears and helps Rouge plant explosives but they end up trapped. Sonic arrives and is attacked by Eggman and E-18 but Eggman drops the emerald and Sonic grabs it and destroys the robots and Eggman's base. 
14 "That's What Friends Are For"
"英雄ソニックを追え!" (Eiyū Sonikku wo Oe!? lit. "Chase the Hero Sonic!")
6 July 2003[14] 6 December 2003
When Sonic ignores the President's party to take Helen, a wheelchair-bound girl, to pick a flower, the President's aide responds by sending a unit to capture Sonic but Sonic outruns them all giving Helen the thrill of her life and ending up at the party. 
15 "Skirmish in the Sky"
"移動要塞エッグフォート襲来!" (Idōyōsai Eggu Fōto Shūrai!? lit. "The Flying Fortress Egg Fort Attacks!")
13 July 2003[15] 13 December 2003
Eggman reveals his new secret base, the Egg Fort, and attacks Station Square but Sonic hops in the X-Tornado and forces the Egg Fort out into the ocean where he sinks it into the water. 
16 "Depths of Danger"
"目指せ!南海の沈没船" (Mezase! Nankai no Chinbotsusen? lit. "Aim for it! The Sunken Ship in the Southern Sea")
20 July 2003[16] 17 January 2004
Sonic and Friends retrieve the fourth Emerald from a sunken ship, Eggman returns with his Egg Fort and attacks but Sonic uses a ring from Tails to destroy the robot with a Spin Attack. 
17 "The Adventures of Knuckles and Hawk"
"ナックルズ!怒りの鉄拳" (Nakkuruzu! Ikari no Tekken? lit. "Knuckles! Clenched Fists of Anger")
27 July 2003[17] 24 January 2004
After Hawk shows Knuckles the fifth Chaos Emerald Eggman's E-91 kidnaps Hawk for ransom, but during the trade Rouge enters and Chaos Emerald-keep away ensues until Knuckles defeats the robot, gets the Emerald, and receives a mysterious message from Tikal. 
18 "The Dam Scam"
"サバンナの大決闘!" (Sabanna no Dai Kettō!? lit. "Huge Shoot-out on the Savanna!")
3 August 2003[18] 31 January 2004
When Sonic, Tails, Chris and the Egg Fort crash land on the Nature Continent after a fight, Tails and Chris protest against a dam while Sonic is caught in a battle against Decoe, Bocoe, E-65 and Eggman, until Tails arrives with a ring and Sonic Spin Attacks his way to victory. 
19 "Sonic's Scream Test"
"古城の亡霊キングブーブ" (Kojō no Bōrei Kingu Būbu? lit. "The Ghost of King Boom Boo in the Old Castle")
10 August 2003[19] 7 February 2004
During Chris' mom's movie shoot in a haunted castle, Sonic and friends are sucked into a mirror and King Boom-Boo possesses Amy until Chris figures out the ghosts' weakness and frees Sonic, who saves everyone else. 
20 "Cruise Blues"
"出撃!エッグフォートⅡ" (Shutsugeki! Eggufōto II? lit. "Departure! Egg Fort II")
17 August 2003[20] 14 February 2004
Sonic and Co. are on a cruise when Eggman's Egg Fort appears inside a huge glacier. Sonic is unable to defeat three E-28 robots, until Knuckles arrives in a giant whale and together they smash the bots and the glacier, but the new Egg Fort 2 emerges from the ice and flies away. 
21 "Fast Friends"
"スピード勝負!ソニックvsサム" (Supīdo Shōbu! Sonikku Bāsazu Samu lit. "Speed Match! Sonic vs Sam"?)
24 August 2003[21] 21 February 2004
When the President's Aide uses Sam Speed to challenge Sonic to a race for publicity, Sonic refuses so the Aide hires Eggman to force Sonic to race, and despite Eggman's tricks Sonic wins the race and the Aide is fired for consorting with Eggman. 
22 "Little Chao Lost"
"夏休み・チャオ~な観察日記" (Natsuyasumi Chao~na Kansatsu Nikki? lit. "Summer Vacation ~ Chao Observation Diary")
31 August 2003[22] 28 February 2004
While Chris and Co. are looking for Cheese who is lost amongst multiple Chao, Eggman spots them, thinking they found another Emerald, unleashes E-66 but E-66 almost kills the Chao until Sonic defeats E-66 and rescues the Chao from environmental destruction. 
23 "Emerald Anniversary"
"大混乱!6カオスエメラルド" (Daikonran! 6 Kaosu Emerarudo? lit. "Mayhem! 6 Chaos Emeralds")
7 September 2003[23] 6 March 2004
When Chris' dad buys a Chaos Emerald for a gift, Sonic and Friends, and Eggman duke it out for the emerald but Eggman unleashes Weazo and escapes with the sixth emerald while Knuckles helps Sonic defeat the robot. 
24 "How to Catch a Hedgehog"
"暴走ソニック!捕獲大作戦" (Bōsō Sonikku! Hokaku Daisakusen? lit. "Wild Sonic! Strategic Capture Operation")
14 September 2003[24] 13 March 2004
When Sonic goes berserk and can't stop running, Chris and Chuck discover that it's Eggman's E-88 behind Sonic's problem, but when Amy tries to stop it herself, she winds up in danger and it's Sonic to the rescue again. 
25 "A Dastardly Deed"
"最後のカオスエメラルド" (Saigo no Kaosu Emerarudo? lit. "The Last Chaos Emerald")
21 September 2003[25] 20 March 2004
To return home, Knuckles calls a truce with Eggman and convinces Chris to give up all their Chaos Emeralds, but Eggman betrays them and keeps all six emeralds for himself, with the seventh emerald in the hands of his robot, Lucky. 
26 "Countdown to Chaos"
"誕生!スーパーソニック" (Tanjō! Sūpā Sonikku? lit. "Birth! Super Sonic")
28 September 2003[26] 27 March 2004
When Sonic and the seventh emerald are knocked into the water after a fight with Eggman's Chaos Emerald-powered robot, Chris steals Eggman's emeralds and drops them into the water, causing Chaos Control and a mysterious island to appear. 

Season 2

# English dub title
Original title (Japanese)
Original airdate (JP) Original airdate (US)
27 "Pure Chaos"
"災いのはじまり" (Wazawai no Hajimari? lit. "The Beginning of Disaster")
5 October 2003[27] 18 September 2004
While helping Big the Cat look for his friend Froggy, Chris, Cream and Cheese meet Eggman's newest fiend, the Chaos Emerald-absorbing Chaos, but as Chaos grows stronger it's up to Sonic and Knuckles to stop this menace. 
28 "A Chaotic Day"
"謎の生命体カオス" (Nazo no Seimeitai Kaosu? lit. "The Mysterious Life Form Chaos")
12 October 2003[28] 25 September 2004
While Knuckles has a mysterious vision about a girl named Tikal, Sonic and Tails have their two Chaos Emeralds stolen by Eggman and fed to Chaos making it more powerful, but after Sonic defeats Chaos, Amy is kidnapped right before his eyes. 
29 "A Robot Rebels"
"囚われのエミー" (Toraware no Emī? lit. "Amy the Captive")
19 October 2003[29] 2 October 2004
After Chris and Big find Froggy, Dr. Eggman's E100 robot, Gamma, steals the Chaos Emerald-carrying amphibian for its master, but after being ordered to harm, Lily, an old friend, Gamma turns against Dr. Eggman and sets Amy and Lily free instead. 
30 "Head's Up, Tails!"
"エッグキャリアの戦い" (Eggu Kyaria Notatakai? lit. "Egg Carrier Battle")
26 October 2003[30] 9 October 2004
Sonic and Tails try to rescue Amy and Lily from Eggman. Knuckles' quest for the Master Emerald is interrupted by another vision of Tikal. Chris and Big are caught in the Chaos monster while rescuing Froggy until Sonic extricates them. Eggman launches a missile bomb into a bridge in Station Square, which Tails defuses and saves the day. 
31 "Revenge of the Robot"
"さすらいのガンマ" (Sasurai no Ganma? lit. "Gamma the Wanderer")
2 November 2003[31] 16 October 2004
Due to Tails' newfound popularity, Ella and Tanaka sneak him out of the Thorndyke mansion using a baby carriage. Gamma deprograms himself and the other E-series robots on the Egg Carrier, thereby freeing Lily's brother and sister. 
32 "Flood Fight"
"パーフェクトカオスの叫び" (Pāfekuto Kaosu no Sakebi? lit. "The Scream of Perfect Chaos")
9 November 2003[32] 23 October 2004
Another destructive vision is revealed to Sonic and Knuckles where Tikal explains the servers and emeralds. Chaos instigates a devastating flood in Station Square. Oddly, Sonic and Eggman are on the same side against it. With help from his friends, Sonic collects Emeralds, transforms into Super Sonic, and causes the monster to retreat, happy, with Tikal and some chao friends. 
33 "Project: Shadow"
"プロジェクト・シャドウの謎" (Purojekuto Shadou no Nazo? lit. "The Mystery of Project Shadow")
16 November 2003[33] 30 October 2004
Flood damage forces Chris and friends to separate and leave the mansion. Eggman hacks into the gov't's computer to see what they have planned against him. He stumbles on the diary of his grandfather, Prof. Gerald Robotnik, and learns about Shadow. The President asks Rouge to go undercover w/ Eggman. He assigns Stewart and Scarlet to investigate Project: Shadow. Eggman locates his grandfather's secret lab on Prison Island and frees the sleeping Shadow creature. 
34 "Shadow Knows"
"逃亡者ソニック" (Tōbōsha Sonikku? lit. "Sonic the Fugitive")
23 November 2003[34] 6 November 2004
Shadow commits a crime but instead a warrant goes out for Sonic's arrest. They finally meet one dark night in brightly lit Station Square. Sonic surrenders to the police and is taken to Prison Island. Rouge lures Eggman with an Emerald, which he will use to power his Eclipse Cannon. 
35 "Sonic's Big Break"
"プリズンアイランドからの脱出" (Purizun Airando Kara no Dasshutsu? lit. "Escape From Prison Island")
30 November 2003[35] 13 November 2004
Tanaka and Chris use a paddleboat to reach Prison Island. Amy frees Sonic from an underwater jail. Eggman tries to steal Emeralds for the Eclipse Cannon. Rouge gets locked in a vault with a timed bomb, which concludes in a fiery blast. Shadow leaves the island by beaming to Space Colony Ark with Chris, whom he thinks looks like Maria. 
36 "Shadow World"
"宇宙からの脅迫" (Uchū Kara no Kyōhaku? lit. "The Threat From Outer Space")
7 December 2003[36] 20 November 2004
Shadow transports Chris to a secret orbiting colony built by Eggman’s grandfather, Robotnik. Scarlet and Stewart search for Mr. Schmitz. Eggman unveils the Eclipse Cannon and threatens the President that he'll use it unless the population surrenders. Knuckles battles Egg Golem while Tails adapts the X-Tornado to fly into space to rescue Chris. 
37 "Robotnik's Revenge"
"スペースコロニー・アークの戦い" (Supēsu Koronī ĀKU no Tatakai? lit. "The Space Colony ARK Battle")
14 December 2003[37] 27 November 2004
Scarlet interviews Schmitz about what happened 50 years ago on Space Colony Ark. Sonic rockets to Chris's his rescue, but Eggman ambushes him with an ultimatum. When Eggman fires up the Eclipse Cannon, he receives a recording from his grandfather revealing that he had his own plan to wipe out the world... 
38 "Showdown in Space"
"マリアの願い、みんなの願い" (Maria no Negai, Minna no Negai? lit. "Maria's Request, Everyone's Request")
21 December 2003[38] 4 December 2004
Gerald Robotnik reveals that his desire to destroy the world stems from a need to avenge the loss of his precious Maria. Sonic and company also realize that the only way to stop the Eclipse Canon is to deactivate the Chaos Emeralds with the Master Emerald. Together with Shadow, Sonic saves the world by stopping it from crashing into the colony. 
39 "Defective Detectives"
"カオティクス探偵事務所" (Kaotikusu Tantai Jimusho? lit. "The Chaotix Detective Agency")
28 December 2003[39] 11 December 2004
A handful of creatures from Sonic's world crash into the Earth. Three of them, Vector, Espio, and Charmy, run a detective company, and were coincidentally hired to investigate Cream's mysterious disappearance long ago. They become suspicious that Sonic is responsible for her disappearance, but later discover the misunderstanding, and Cream is reuinted with her mother. Meanwhile, Eggman strikes a deal with the President and rebuilds the moon... 
40 "Sunblock Solution"
"エッグマン株式会社" (Egguman Kabushiki-geisha? lit. "Eggman Corporation")
4 January 2004[40] 18 December 2004
Sonic and Co.'s New Year's celebration is interrupted by a sudden eclipse of the sun, which is supposedly caused by a malfunctioning Egg Moon. To make up for it, Eggman lights the town with giant Mirror Towers that power his specially designed Sunshine Balls. Although Eggman is praised as a hero, Sonic is not convinced, and starts toppling his Mirror Towers, much to the shock everyone else. 
41 "Eggman for President"
"光をわれらに!" (Hikari wo Warera ni!? lit. "We Can See the Light!")
11 January 2004[41] 22 January 2005
The town grows restless and increasingly angry at Sonic for wrecking the Mirror Towers. Just as things almost get out of control, however, Sonic reveals to the others that Eggman was purposely causing the Egg Moon to obstruct the sunlight so that he could brainwash the people with his Sunshine Balls. Knuckles later restores sunlight to the town by kicking the Egg Moon out of the way. 
42 "A Date to Forget"
"エミー愛の逃避行!?" (Emī Ai no Tōhikō!?? lit. "Amy's Love Escape Journey!?")
18 January 2004[42] 29 January 2005
Amy grows furious when Sonic forgets about their date together, as well as the race he planned with the S-Team Leader. While Amy and the S-Team leader are on a date together looking for Sonic, they first stop a jail-break attempt by Eggman, and later, Amy finally understands Sonic's need for speed. 
43 "Mean Machines"
"家電大パニック!!" (Kaden Dai Panikku!!? lit. "Huge Home Electronics Panic!!")
25 January 2004[43] 5 February 2005
Eggman creates appliance-controlling chips that cause the city to be overrun by maniacal household appliances. Just as it seems as though all hope is lost, Sonic and co. discover that the appliances' weakness is water, and thus, the salvation of the city... 
44 "Sewer Search"
"おかしなおかしなスパイ大作戦" (Okashi na Okashi na Supai Daisakusen? lit. "The Ridiculous Epic Spy Battle")
1 February 2004[44] 12 February 2005
As the search for an escaped Eggman commences, Chris and co. chase Eggman through the sewers only to be captured by the moustached fiend in the end. Sonic finally comes to the rescue, and with Emerl's help, he battles his way out of Eggman's underground lair. 
45 "Prize Fights"
"ソニックバトル・開催!!" (Sonikku Batoru Kaisai!!? lit. "Sonic Battle: Opening!!")
8 February 2004[45] 19 February 2005
A presidential plot to capture the elusive Eggman leads to a no-holds-barred tournament... and the grand prize is a Chaos Emerald! But when his archenemy pops in, Sonic is forced to drop out! Will Eggman get to take a victory lap? 
46 "A Wild Win"
"ソニックバトル・決勝!!" (Sonikku Batoru Kesshō!!? lit. "Sonic Battle: Finale!!")
15 February 2004[46] 26 February 2005
The robotic Emerl wins a Chaos Emerald… and loses control! His path of destruction leads directly to Sonic and company. Can our hedgehog hero put the brakes on Emerl’s destructive rampage? 
47 "Map of Mayhem"
"緯度0大決戦!!" (Ido Zero Dai Kessen? lit. "Big Decisive Battle on Latitude 0!!")
22 February 2004[47] 5 March 2005
When a battleship suddenly vanishes, Sonic and company must set sail on a rescue mission. Little do they know it’s all part of Eggman’s plan to establish his empire by setting off a chain of volcanoes! Can Sonic unravel this mystery before catastrophe erupts? 
48 "The Volcanic Venture"
"ソニック対地底怪獣" (Sonikku tai Chiteikaijū? lit. "Sonic VS the Monster from Underground")
29 February 2004[48] 12 March 2005
Time is ticking down as Eggman’s scheme to set off a volcano chain nears its explosive climax. Sonic and friends are forced to go underground… where they discover a cavernous kingdom. The group will be in a lava trouble unless they can enlist some unlikely allies! 
49 "The Beginning of the End"
"世界が静止する日" (Sekai ga Seishisuru Hi? lit. "The Day the World Stood Still")
7 March 2004[49] 12 March 2005
Sonic’s carefree ways start a national craze… but everybody’s in for a shock when it’s discovered that two worlds are warping into one! Now Sonic and his plans must head homeward before a cosmic collision stops time in its tracks! 
50 "Running Out of Time"
"別れの朝" (Wakare no Asa? lit. "Morning of Farewells")
14 March 2004[50] 19 March 2005
Sonic and friends must race back to their home planet before time freezes up. But their departure is delayed when a crazed commander launches an all-out assault against Dr. Eggman. Will Sonic set their rivalry aside to aid his archenemy? 
51 "Friends 'Til the End"
"クリスの長い旅" (Kurisu no Nagai Tabi? lit. "Chris' Long Journey")
21 March 2004[51] 19 March 2005
Tails and the others return to their planet. But when Sonic tries to follow, Chris creates a new crisis by turning off the transport machine! If Sonic stays, time will stop and the world will be locked in limbo. Can Chris learn to say goodbye before it’s too late? 
52 "A New Start"
"風の思い出" (Kaze no Omoide? lit. "Memories of the Wind")
28 March 2004[52] 26 March 2005
It’s homecoming time for Sonic and even Eggman is celebrating. The dastardly doc is soon up to his old tricks, however, as he sends Tails into a tailspin! Sonic will have to set a new speed record to save his foxy friend! 

Season 3

# English dub title
Original title (Japanese)
Original airdate (FR) Original airdate (US)
53 "A Cosmic Call"
"流星雨の使者" (Ryūsei Ame no Shisha? lit. "The Messenger from a Meteor Shower")
12 March 2005 10 September 2005
Sonic returns to his planet after releasing the seven Chaos Emeralds into space. Sonic's friends are watching the skies for a meteor shower but get a surprise when an Alien named Cosmo crashes her spaceship right before their eyes! As she is recovering, a Metarex lands on Earth, destroying everything in its path in search for the Planet Egg. Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails battle the Metarex, but can't stop him from escaping into space. As Cosmo introduces herself to Sonic, an old friend makes a suprise appearance. 
54 "Cosmic Crisis"
"宇宙船ブルータイフーン号" (Uchūsen Burū Taifūn-gō? lit. "The Spaceship Blue Typhoon")
12 March 2005 17 September 2005
Chris has made it to Sonic's world, but the strange time lapse has turned him into a kid again. As Sonic recovers from his battle, Cosmo reveals the mission of the Metarex: to steal every world's Planet Egg, the heart of each planet that sustains life. Using Tail's Blue Typhoon Ship, powered by the Master Emerald, Sonic and friends prepare to foil this evil plan. But when a new Metarex comes to interfere with their goal, it's up to Sonic and Knuckles to keep it at bay. As the Blue Typhoon launches into space, Sonic destroys the Metarex in a giant blast! Sonic and his friends are on their way, but the quest to save the Universe has only just begun. 
55 "H2 Whoa"
"水の惑星ハイドー" (Mizu no Wakusei Haidō? lit. "The Water Planet Hydo")
13 March 2005 24 September 2005
As Sonic and the others find one of the Chaos Emeralds, Chris's friends and family discover that he's gone. Using submarines, the gang travels deep into a waterlogged planet only to land on an island inhabited by Metarex. When Sonic is captured by these metal meddlers, Amy devises a plan to save Sonic, but she'll have to hurry before Sonic becomes shark bait! 
56 "An Enemy in Need"
"Dr.エッグマン参戦!" (Dokutā Egguman Sansen!? lit. "Dr. Eggman Joins the War!")
14 March 2005 1 October 2005
Planet Secco's Planet Egg has been returned, and as life for its inhabitants returns to normal Sonic and friends are honored for their heroism. Meanwhile, Knuckles has found one of the Chaos Emeralds, and Eggman is determined to take it. He tricks Knuckles into believing he has changed his ways. Sonic and the others see through Eggman's trick, though. While Sonic and Knuckles fight it out, Eggman and Rouge both scheme to steal the Emerald. But a new Metarex gets in their way. It's a four-way free for all, with a Chaos Emerald as the prize! 
57 "A Chilling Discovery"
"アイスパレスの戦い" (Aisu Paresu no Tatakai? lit. "The Battle of Ice Palace")
15 March 2005 8 October 2005
Having found the first of the seven Chaos Emeralds, Sonic and friends are back on the hunt, detecting a second emerald on Planet Breezy. But Eggman is still hot on their trail. As our heroes face yet another Metarex in a battle to save the planet, Rouge has a plan of her own to steal the precious jewel. 
58 "Desperately Seeking Sonic"
"乙女のジャングルトラップ" (Otome no Janguru Torappu? lit. "The Maidens' Jungle Trap")
16 March 2005 15 October 2005
When Sonic and the gang encounter two Metarex making a getaway with a Planet Egg, they use the Power Cannon to thwart their plans. Unfortunately, Sonic is launched too far, and is hurled onto a nearby planet. When he recovers from his fall he finds an unconcious Eggman nearby, with a chaos emerald laying by his feet! As the gang searches for Sonic and the planet egg, Amy, Cream, Cheese, and Cosmo are captured by a small Metarex, but not for long! They escape, but when Eggmen steals back the Chaos Emerald, it's Chris and Sonic to the rescue. 
59 "Galactic Gumshoes"
"カオティクス、宇宙へ行" (Kaotikusu, Uchū e Iku? lit. "Go into Space, Chaotix")
17 March 2005 22 October 2005
Chris’s parents use their son's transporter to send his belongings to Sonic’s world. Cream’s mother asks Vector and his gang to track down Chris and deliver his stuff. Vector is happy to oblige, but when they reach the Blue Typhoon, instead of being welcomed, they are attacked! Tails and the others have mistaken them for Metarex. Once they realize their error, the crew of the Blue Typhoon invite Vector and his cohorts onboard. It's not long, though, before Vector gets over-zealous and decides to take Cream back to her mother, without even asking her! But Cosmo and the others aren't about to let that happen. 
60 "Trick Sand"
"シャドウ・リバース" (Shadou Ribāsu? lit. "Shadow Rebirth")
18 March 2005 29 October 2005
Rouge is about to swipe one of Eggman’s emeralds when she comes across a secret stowaway: Shadow! The crew of the Blue Typhoon go emerald hunting on a deserted planet where things get spooky: Sonic, Amy and Knuckles explore a creepy castle, while Chris and Cosmo discover a foreboding warning left behind by the planet's vanquished former inhabitants. When the entire castle turns into quicksand and swallows up Sonic, a fierce battle ensues, pitting our heroes against a new kind of powerful Metarex. Just when all appears lost Sonic and company get a blast from the past… as Shadow the Hedgehog suddenly comes to their rescue. Before they can thank him however, he snatches up their Chaos Emerald and vanishes! 
61 "Ship of Doom"
"メタレックス戦艦襲来!" (Metarekkusu Senkan Shūrai!? lit. "Metarex Battleship Attack!")
19 March 2005 5 November 2005
Scar Ship, a fearsome Metarex battleship capable of demolishing entire fleets of resistance fighters, is called upon by Dark Oak. Its new mission: destroy Sonic the Hedgehog and Dr. Eggman. Scar Ship begins by launching a suprise attack on Eggman's ship. Despite Shadow’s best efforts, it appears all hope is lost for Eggman and his crew. Rouge manages to escape, and soon informs Sonic and the gang of what has happened. Cosmo recognizes the ship: it is the same one that destroyed her family and friends! The gang decides to take on the ship in a battle royale! But it will take some cunning trickery, and some unexpected help, to take it down! 
62 "An Underground Odyssey"
"地下渓谷の秘密" (Chika Keikoku no Himitsu? lit. "Secret of the Underground Valley")
20 March 2005 12 November 2005
Sonic and the gang go exploring another deserted “ex-planet,” looking for emeralds. When Cosmo and Tails enter a canyon cave, Cosmo accidentally presses a hidden button that causes them to plunge into a huge underground cavern. The two spot some weird fireflies which they follow to a huge Metarex fortress! Once inside they discover a chaos emerald factory which uses a real emerald to create fake ones. But when they're spotted by the Metarex, they grab the emerald and run! Just when they think they're safe, the Metarex catch up with them and all seems lost. Luckily, at the same moment Sonic and the rest of the gang show up and help them defeat the Metarex and make their escape. 
63 "Station Break-In"
"宇宙要塞メタルプラント" (Uchū Yōsai Metaru Puranto? lit. "Space Fortress Metal Plant")
21 March 2005 19 November 2005
Both Eggman and Sonic's gang have located the last two chaos emeralds. Unfotunately, they are onboard a heavily guarded Metarex space fortress. Eggman proposes a little teamwork: Members from each group will enter the fortress and disarm the security system. After that, it's a race for the prize, finders keepers! Sonic and the gang agree, and Chris joins Shadow and Rouge on a mission to disarm the alarm. They're successful and both teams set off for the emeralds. Sonic’s gang easily takes the lead, but Eggman has some dirty tricks up his sleeve. When they finally reach the emeralds, they find the Metarex are using them for their evil plans. Before they know it, our heroes come face to face with Dark Oak himself, the ruler of all the Metarex! 
64 "A Metarex Melée"
"激突!ソニックvsシャドウ" (Gekitotsu! Sonikku Bāsasu Shadō? lit. "Clash! Sonic vs Shadow")
23 March 2005 26 November 2005
Sonic squares off with Dark Oak and his army of Metarex. Meanwhile Tails reports that the Blue Typhoon has been surrounded by Metarex battleships. Cosmo uses the code she deciphered to swipe the Metarex's emeralds and release the Planet Egg. When the Metarex realize what has happened they open fire on their own fortress, hoping to destroy Sonic and the others along with it. Chris is able to nab Eggman's emeralds, so all seven are now together again. Sonic and Shadow proceed to have a Super Showdown. 
65 "Mission: Match Up"
"カオティクス 電撃ラブラブ大作戦" (Kaotikusu Dengeki Rabu-Rabu Dai Sakusen? lit. "The Chaotix's Big Shocking Love-Love Mission")
5 April 2005 3 December 2005
Chris spots an unidentified spacecraft and sounds the alarm, but it's only Vector and his gang. They've been lost in space since delivering Chris's things and now they need Tails' help to repair their ship. Vector agrees not to cause any trouble, but old habits die hard: He comes up with a scheme to play match maker for Cosmo and Tails. As Cosmo plans a surprise party for Sonic and the others, Vector tries to force a love connection. In the end, though, Tails makes his own move. 
66 "Clash in the Cloister"
"銀河回廊をわたれ!" (Ginga Kairō wo Watare!? lit. "Crossing the Galaxy Corridor!")
6 April 2005 4 February 2006
The brave crew of the Blue Typhoon steer the ship directly into a gravity pool in order to reach an intergalactic cloister. Once inside the ship immediately gets caught up in vines, giving Yellow Zelkova a chance to find them and attack. As the fight ensues, Sonic realizes that they will never match this Metarex's brawn, but they can beat it using their speed. Eventually they are able to use the Sonic Power Cannon to put Zelkova out of commission. As the Blue Typhoon speeds off Chris worries about what might lay ahead. 
67 "Teasing Time"
"ブラック・トラップ" (Burakku Torappu? lit. "Black Trap")
7 April 2005 11 February 2006
Sonic and the gang realize the Metarex are leading them somewhere, but decide to go along anyway. Soon they find themselves at Black Narcissus’s base, located on a planet recently destroyed by the evil Metarex. The base is a fake emerald factory. Black Narcissus lures Cosmo and Chris into his base by promising information about Cosmo’s ancestors and the Metarex. But it’s just another dirty trick, and as soon as they arrive Black Narcissus takes them prisoner. Now it’s up to Sonic to save the day. But in order to rescue his friends he must first battle two robots created by Black Narcissus to test his abilities. He gets some unexpected help when Eggman and company intervene on his behalf. But do Eggman’s good deeds really mean he’s changed his ways? 
68 "A Revolutionary Tale"
"こわれた星の上で" (Kowa Reta Hoshi no Ue de? lit. "On a Destroyed Planet")
8 April 2005 18 February 2006
Eggman and his crew encounter a space battle between the Metarex and a band of rebel fighters. Shadow fights alongside the rebels and they are able to force the Metarex to retreat. Thankful for the help, the rebels agree to give Eggman their Chaos Emerald. But all is not as it seems. Leon sends Molly, along with Shadow and Rouge, to retrieve the Emerald, but it’s a trap. Leon and his fellow soldiers have decided to make a deal with the Metarex, but they know Molly will never go along with it. So they have set up a bomb to destroy her! Meanwhile, they plan to hand over Eggman to the Metarex, so that they might be spared. But Shadow saves Molly and Rouge from the bomb, and Eggman catches wind of Leon’s plot to betray him. 
69 "The Planet of Misfortune"
"お願いマルモリン!" (Onegai Marumorin!? lit. "Please Marmolin!")
9 April 2005 25 February 2006
The ship's scanner has located an Emerald inside what seems to be a stray asteroid. But this ‘asteroid’ turns out to be a spaceship, piloted by strange creatures from a dying planet called Marmolin. Unfortunately, despite pleas from our heroes, these space travelers refuse to part with their emerald. Sonic and his friends are able to win them over, however, by giving them a ride home and investigating what is making the planet sick. But Marmolin is no ordinary planet. It’s filled with magic, spells and fortunes. Amy is eager to try out a powerful love spell on Sonic. Chris traces the planet’s problems to an underground disease located where the Planet Egg was. By blasting Sonic into the ground they are able to destroy the disease, and heal the planet. Afterwards, Tails and Cosmo accidentally set off a love trap that was set by Amy for Sonic. Amy cannot contain her frustration as a new love between Tails and Cosmo blooms. 
70 "Terror on the Typhoon"
"エッグマン艦隊現る!" (Egguman Kantai Genru!"? lit. "The Eggman Fleet Appears!")
10 April 2005 4 March 2006
Sonic saves a spaceship that's being chased by Metarex. 
71 "Hedgehog Hunt"
"カフェ・カオティクス" (Kafe Kaotikusu? lit. "Café Chaotix")
11 April 2005 11 March 2006
The Chaotix Detective Agency's ship continues to meander through space as Eggman takes over the throne after Red Pine's death. 
72 "Zelkova Strikes Back"
"メタレックスの正体!?" (Metarekkusu no shōtai!?? lit. "The True Form of the Metarex!?")
12 April 2005 18 March 2006
Blue Typhoon must make a crash landing after a sneak attack by Yellow Zelkova. 
73 "The Cosmo Conspiracy"
"暗殺者シャドウ!" (Asantsu-sha Shadō!? lit. "Assassin Shadow!")
13 April 2005 1 April 2006
Shadow's determined to kill Cosmo, but Knuckles may have something to say about that. 
74 "Eye Spy"
"ロスト・プラネット" (Rosuto Puranetto? lit. "Lost Planet")
14 April 2005 8 April 2006
Blue Typhoon crash-lands on a planet with a cloudless blue sky. Sonic, Amy and Rouge investigate the crash site and discover that Cosmo has a tracking device in her brain. If the device is removed, Cosmo will lose her sight and hearing. 
75 "Agent of Mischief"
"森化の日" (Morika no Hi? lit. "The Day of the Plantations")
15 April 2005 15 April 2006
The Meterax fleet attacks Sonic and the others as they approach Planet Acryleus. 
76 "The Light in the Darkness"
"決戦!ダーク・オーク" (Kessen! Dāku Ōku? lit. "Decisive Battle! Dark Oak")
16 April 2005 22 April 2006
Chris and friends hatch a plan involving the Master Emerald, Sonic Driver and, hopefully, a miracle. 
77 "A Fearless Friend"
"君のためにできること" (Kimi no Tame ni Dekiru Koto? lit. "I Can Do It for Your Sake")
17 April 2005 29 April 2006
Final Mover transforms into a giant fruit and battles Sonic and Shadow. 
78 "So Long Sonic"
"星の生まれるところ" (Hoshi no Umareru Tokoro? lit. "The Place Where Stars Are Born")
18 April 2005 6 May 2006
Series finale. Cosmo stands up to the Metarex. 

Home video releases


The episodes were split up and released in VHS and DVD volumes. Volumes 1-10 were also released in "Hi-Spec" DVD formats.

VHS/DVD Name Episodes Release Date
ソニックX Vol.1
  • 1. "Supersonic Hero Appears!"
  • 2. "Infiltrate! Area 99"
  • 3. "Dr. Eggman's Ambition"
  • 4. "Get the Chaos Emerald!"
  • 5. "Clash! Sonic vs Knuckles"
July 23, 2003[53]
ソニックX Vol.2
  • 6. "Fierce Battle! School Wars"
  • 7. "Giant Free-for-All! Chris' Home Party"
  • 8. "Emergency Launch! X-Tornado"
  • 9. "Amy on the Beach"
August 21, 2003[54]
ソニックX Vol.3
  • 10. "Fierce Fight! Sonic Baseball Team"
  • 11. "The Beautiful and Mysterious Thief Rouge"
  • 12. "Eggman's All-Out Base Attack! (Part one)"
  • 13. "Eggman's All-Out Base Attack! (Part two)"
September 26, 2003[55]
ソニックX Vol.4
  • 14. "Chase the Hero Sonic!"
  • 15. "The Flying Fortress Egg Fort Attacks!"
  • 16. "Aim for it! The Sunken Ship in the Southern Sea"
  • 17. "Knuckles! Clenched Fists of Anger"
October 22, 2003[56]
ソニックX Vol.5
  • 18. "Huge Shoot-Out on the Savanna!"
  • 19. "The Ghost of King Boom Boo in the Old Castle"
  • 20. "Departure! Egg Fort II"
  • 21. "Speed Match! Sonic vs Sam"
November 21, 2003[57]
ソニックX Vol.6
  • 22. "Summer Vacation ~ Chao Observation Diary"
  • 23. "Mayhem! 6 Chaos Emeralds"
  • 24. "Wild Sonic! Strategic Capture Operation"
  • 25. "The Last Chaos Emerald"
December 17, 2003[58]
ソニックX Vol.7
  • 26. "Birth! Super Sonic"
  • 27. "The Beginning of Disaster"
  • 28. "The Mysterious Life Form Chaoss"
  • 29. "Amy the Captive"
January 21, 2004[59]
ソニックX Vol.8
  • 30. "Egg Carrier Battle"
  • 31. "Gamma the Wanderer"
  • 32. "The Scream of Perfect Chaos"
  • 33. "The Mystery of Project Shadow"
February 21, 2004[60]
ソニックX Vol.9
  • 34. "Sonic the Fugitive"
  • 35. "Escape From Prison Island"
  • 36. "The Threat From Outer Space"
March 24, 2004[61]
ソニックX Vol.10
  • 37. "The Space Colony ARK Battle"
  • 38. "Maria's Request, Everyone's Request"
  • 39. "The Chaotix Detective Agency"
April 21, 2004[62]
ソニックX Vol.11
  • 40. "Eggman Corporation"
  • 41. "We Can See the Light!!"
  • 42. "Amy's Love Escape Journey?!"
  • 43. "Huge Home Electronics Panic!!"
May 21, 2004[63]
ソニックX Vol.12
  • 44. "The Ridiculous Epic Spy Battle"
  • 45. "Sonic Battle: Opening!!"
  • 46. "Sonic Battle: Finale!!"
  • 47. "Decisive Battle on Latitude 0!!"
June 23, 2004[64]
ソニックX Vol.13
  • 48. "Sonic VS the Monster from Underground"
  • 49. "The Day the World Stood Still"
  • 50. "Morning of Farewells"
  • 51. "Chris' Long Journey"
  • 52. "Memories of the Wind"
July 21, 2004[65]

United States

In the U.S., episodes 1-52 were released in ten single-disc releases:

DVD Name Episodes Release Date
Sonic X: A Super Sonic Hero
  • 1. "Chaos Control Freaks"
  • 2. "Sonic to the Rescue"
  • 3. "Missile Wrist Rampage"
  • 27. "Pure Chaos"
June 1, 2004
Sonic X: The Chaos Factor
  • 4. "Chaos Emerald Chaos"
  • 5. "Cracking Knuckles"
  • 6. "Techno-Teacher"
  • 7. "Party Hardly"
June 1, 2004
Sonic X: Satellite Swindle
  • 8. "Satellite Swindle"
  • 9. "The Last Resort"
  • 10. "Unfair Ball"
  • 11. "Fly Spy"
October 12, 2004

Sonic X: Beating Eggman

  • 12. "Beating Eggman (Part 1)"
  • 13. "Beating Eggman (Part 2)"
  • 14. "That's What Friends are For"
  • 15. "Skirmish in the Sky"
  • 16. "Depths of Danger"
December 7, 2004
Sonic X: Sonic's Scream Test
  • 17. "The Adventures of Knuckles and Hawk"
  • 18. "The Dam Scam"
  • 19. "Sonic's Scream Test"
  • 20. "Cruise Blues"
  • 21. "Fast Friends"
January 25, 2005
Sonic X: Countdown To Chaos
  • 22. "Little Chaos Lost"
  • 23. "Emerald Anniversary"
  • 24. "How to Catch a Hedgehog"
  • 25. "A Dastardly Deed"
  • 26. "Countdown to Chaos"
April 12, 2005
Sonic X: Revenge of the Robot
  • 28. "A Chaotic Day"
  • 29. "A Robot Rebels"
  • 30. "Heads Up, Tails!"
  • 31. "Revenge of the Robot"
  • 32. "Flood Fight"
June 14, 2005
Sonic X: Project Shadow
  • 33. "Project: Shadow"
  • 34. "Shadow Knows"
  • 35. "Sonic's Big Break"
  • 36. "Shadow World"
  • 37. "Robotnik's Revenge"
  • 38. "Showdown in Space"
November 15, 2005
Sonic X: Into the Darkness
  • 39. "Defective Detectives"
  • 40. "Sunblock Solution"
  • 41. "Eggman for President"
  • 42. "A Date to Forget"
  • 43. "Mean Machines"
  • 44. "Sewer Search"
February 7, 2006
Sonic X: The Beginning of the End
  • 45. "Prize Fight"
  • 46. "A Wild Win"
  • 47. "Map of Mayhem"
  • 48. "The Volcanic Venture"
  • 49. "The Beginning of the End"
  • 50. "Running out of Time"
  • 51. "Friends 'Till the End"
  • 52. "A New Start"
May 16, 2006

These episodes were re-released in "Saga" sets:

DVD Name Episodes Release Date
Sonic X: New World Saga
  • 1. "Chaos Control Freaks"
  • 2. "Sonic to the Rescue"
  • 3. "Missile Wrist Rampage"
  • 4. "Chaos Emerald Chaos"
  • 5. "Cracking Knuckles"
  • 6. "Techno-Teacher"
  • 7. "Party Hardly"
  • 8. "Satellite Swindle"
  • 9. "The Last Resort"
  • 10. "Unfair Ball"
  • 11. "Fly Spy"
  • 12. "Beating Eggman (Part 1)"
  • 13. "Beating Eggman (Part 2)"
November 13, 2007
Sonic X: Chaos Emerald Chaos
  • 14. "That's What Friends are For"
  • 15. "Skirmish in the Sky"
  • 16. "Depths of Danger"
  • 17. "The Adventures of Knuckles and Hawk"
  • 18. "The Dam Scam"
  • 19. "Sonic's Scream Test"
  • 20. "Cruise Blues"
  • 21. "Fast Friends"
  • 22. "Little Chaos Lost"
  • 23. "Emerald Anniversary"
  • 24. "How to Catch a Hedgehog"
  • 25. "A Dastardly Deed"
  • 26. "Countdown to Chaos"
May 20, 2008
Sonic X: Chaos & Shadow Sagas
  • 28. "A Chaotic Day"
  • 29. "A Robot Rebels"
  • 30. "Heads Up, Tails!"
  • 31. "Revenge of the Robot"
  • 32. "Flood Fight"
  • 33. "Project: Shadow"
  • 34. "Shadow Knows"
  • 35. "Sonic's Big Break"
  • 36. "Shadow World"
  • 37. "Robotnik's Revenge"
  • 38. "Showdown in Space"
September 23, 2008
Sonic X: The Egg Moon, Emerl & Homebound Sagas
  • 39. "Defective Detectives"
  • 40. "Sunblock Solution"
  • 41. "Eggman for President"
  • 42. "A Date to Forget"
  • 43. "Mean Machines"
  • 44. "Sewer Search"
  • 45. "Prize Fight"
  • 46. "A Wild Win"
  • 47. "Map of Mayhem"
  • 48. "The Volcanic Venture"
  • 49. "The Beginning of the End"
  • 50. "Running out of Time"
  • 51. "Friends 'Till the End"
  • 52. "A New Start"
September 22, 2009

Episodes 53-78 made their way to the U.S. in two thirteenth-episode box sets:

DVD Name Episodes Release Date
Sonic X: The Complete 5th Season
  • 53. "A Cosmic Call"
  • 54. "Cosmic Crisis"
  • 55. "H2 Whoa"
  • 56. "An Enemy in Need"
  • 57. "A Chilling Discovery"
  • 58. "Desperately Seeking Sonic"
  • 59. "Galactic Gumshoes"
  • 60. "Trick Sand"
  • 61. "Ship of Doom"
  • 62. "An Underground Odyssey"
  • 63. "Station Break-In"
  • 64. "A Metarex Melee"
  • 65. "Mission: Match-Up"
October 31, 2006
Sonic X: So Long, Sonic
  • 66. "Clash in the Cloister"
  • 67. "Teasing Time"
  • 68. "A Revolutionary Tale"
  • 69. "The Planet of Misfortune"
  • 70. "Terror on the Typhoon"
  • 71. "Hedgehog Hunt"
  • 72. "Zelkova Strikes Back"
  • 73. "The Cosmo Conspiracy"
  • 74. "Eye Spy"
  • 75. "Agent of Mischief"
  • 76. "The Light in the Darkness"
  • 77. "A Fearless Friend"
  • 78. "So Long Sonic"
February 13, 2007

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, episodes 1-8 were released in four single-disc releases:

DVD Name Episodes Release Date
Sonic X: Volume 1
  • 1. "Supersonic Hero Appears!"
  • 2. "Escape From Area 99"
August 29, 2005
Sonic X: Volume 2
  • 3. "Dr. Eggman's Ambition"
  • 4. "Get the Chaos Emerald"
August 29, 2005
Sonic X: Volume 3
  • 5. "Sonic Vs. Knuckles"
  • 6. "I Want To Be Respected!"
November 14, 2005
Sonic X: Volume 4
  • 7. "Cream and the Flower Crown"
  • 8. "Dispatch Tornado #2!"
November 14, 2005


In Australia, 17 volumes of Seasons 1 and 2 were released by MRA Entertainment in 2005, which featured three episodes per disc (excluding Volume 4 which featured four episodes). They also feature a trailer of Sonic Mega Collection Plus.

DVD Name Episodes Release Date
Sonic X Volume 1
  • 1. "Supersonic Hero Appears!"
  • 2. "Escape From Area 99!"
  • 3. "Dr. Eggman's Ambition"
18 March 2005
Sonic X Volume 2
  • 4. "Get the Chaos Emerald"
  • 5. "Sonic Vs. Knuckles"
  • 6. "I Want To Be Respected!"
18 March 2005
Sonic X Volume 3
  • 7. "Cream And The Flower Crown"
  • 8. "Dispatch Tornado #2!"
  • 9. "Amy On The Beach"
18 March 2005
Sonic X Volume 4
  • 10. "Chaos Emerald Battle At The Baseball Stadium"
  • 11. "Rouge, Beautiful Thief!"
  • 12. "All Out Attack On Eggman's Base - Part 1"
  • 13. "All Out Attack On Eggman's Base - Part 2"
18 March 2005
Sonic X Volume 5
  • 14. "Cream And Cheese"
  • 15. "Skirmish In The Sky"
  • 16. "Depths Of Danger"
18 March 2005
Sonic X Volume 6
  • 17. "The Adventures Of Knuckles And Hawk"
  • 18. "The Dam Scam"
  • 19. "Scream Test"
18 March 2005
Sonic X Volume 7
  • 20. "Cruise Blues"
  • 21. "Fast Friends"
  • 22. "Little Chai Lost"
4 May 2005
Sonic X Volume 8
  • 23. "Emerald Anniversary"
  • 24. "How To Catch A Hedgehog"
  • 25. "A Dastardly Deed"
4 May 2005
Sonic X Volume 9
  • 26. "Countdown To Chaos"
  • 27. "Pure Chaos"
  • 28. "A Chaotic Day"
4 May 2005
Sonic X Volume 10
  • 29. "A Robot Rebels"
  • 30. "Heads Up, Tales"
  • 31. "Revenge Of The Robot"
6 June 2005
Sonic X Volume 11
  • 32. "Flood Fight"
  • 33. "Shadow"
  • 34. "Shadow Knows"
6 June 2005
Sonic X Volume 12
  • 35. "Sonic's Big Break"
  • 36. "Shadow World"
  • 37. "Robotnik's Revenge"
6 June 2005
Sonic X Volume 13
  • 38. "Showdown In Space"
  • 39. "Detective Detectives"
  • 40. "Sunblock Solution"
10 November 2005
Sonic X Volume 14
  • 41. "Eggman For President"
  • 42. "A Date To Forget"
  • 43. "Mean Machines"
10 November 2005
Sonic X Volume 15
  • 44. "Sewer Search"
  • 45. "Prize Fights"
  • 46. "A Wild Win"
10 November 2005
Sonic X Volume 16
  • 47. "Map Of Mayhem"
  • 48. "The Volcanic Venture"
  • 49. "The Beginning Of The End"
10 November 2005
Sonic X Volume 17
  • 50. "Running Out Of Time"
  • 51. "Friends To The End"
  • 52. "A New Start"
10 November 2005


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