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List of Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series) episodes

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The following is a list of episodes of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. The series consists of 26 episodes in total.

Season One

# Episode name Writer
1 "Heads or Tails" Len Janson
2 "Sonic Boom" Len Janson
3 "Sonic and Sally" Pat Allee and Ben Hurst
4 "Ultra Sonic" David Villaire
5 "Sonic and the Secret Scrolls" Janis Diamond
6 "Super Sonic" Jules Dennis
7 "Sonic Racer" Len Janson
8 "Harmonic Sonic" David Villaire
9 "Hooked on Sonics" Randy Rogel
10 "Sonic's Nightmare" Frank Santopadre
11 "Warp Sonic" Matt Uitz
12 "Sub-Sonic" Barbara Slade
13 "Sonic Past Cool" Kayte Kuch and Sheryl Scarborough

Season Two

# Episode name Writer
14 "Game Guy" Pat Allee & Ben Hurst
15 "Sonic Conversion" Pat Allee & Ben Hurst
16 "No Brainer" Pat Allee
17 "Blast to the Past, Part 1" Ben Hurst
18 "Blast to the Past, Part 2" Ben Hurst
19 "Fed Up With Antoine/Ghost Busted" Len Janson ("Fed Up With Antoine") and Pat Allee ("Ghost Busted")
20 "Dulcy" Pat Allee & Ben Hurst
21 "The Void" Ben Hurst
22 "The Odd Couple/Ro-Becca" Len Janson ("The Odd Couple") and Pat Allee ("Ro-Becca")
23 "Cry of the Wolf" Pat Allee
24 "Drood Henge" Ben Hurst
25 "Spyhog" Ben Hurst
26 "The Doomsday Project" Ben Hurst

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