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Sonic's planet as seen in Shadow the Hedgehog

Many countries have been seen throughout the Sonic the Hedgehog series, on Sonic's version of Earth, all of which are based on real-world locations. Some are minor and appear in only one game, and some are vastly important and appear multiple times.

United Federation


This flag was seen in the White House in Shadow the Hedgehog, so it is hypothesized that this is also the flag for the United Federation as a whole.

This is the country featured in nearly every game in the series since Sonic Adventure. It is based on the United States of America, with a republican government and a President who lives in the capital, Central City. Its military force is the Guardian Units of Nations, or G.U.N., which has two known bases: Prison Island and the G.U.N. Fortress.

It can be assumed that Empire City is located in the United Federation, as both are based on America. It is worth noting that the United Federation doesn't appear to be a 'World State'; in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Soleanna is strongly implied to be a wholly independent nation with its own monarchy. G.U.N. doesn't seem in too much of a rush to help the inhabitants of Monopole during Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity either.

Noble locations


  • Every game from Sonic Adventure, unless specifically stated otherwise, can be assumed to be here.

Eggman Empire

Gates of Eggmanland

The gates of Eggmanland, the Eggman Empire's capital in Sonic Unleashed.

Otherwise known as Eggmanland or Robotnikland, is a dream Dr. Eggman aspires towards, using threats such as destroying the United Federation with the Eclipse Cannon should they refuse to give him control. With the help of Dark Gaia in Sonic Unleashed, he temporarily succeeds in his goals, although it was destroyed following Sonic's victory, leaving only the capital Metropolis remaining. During a final raid on the Metropolis two years before Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, that, too, was destroyed. At the end of Sonic Chronicles, Eggman has remade his empire with no resistance, as Sonic and friends were gone in another dimension for what appeared to be a very long time in Earth.

Noble locations

Appears in


The first location to be absolutely confirmed not to be a part of the United Federation, aside from the mostly uninhabited Angel Island. Soleanna is a constitutional monarchy, ruled by those called either Duke or Princess, rather than King or Queen. The current ruler is Princess Elise the Third, daughter of the previous Duke of Soleanna, who died ten years prior. Its main industries are tourism and precision machinery. Soleanna's major religion appears to be a worship of the Sun God Solaris. It is unknown if the other people of the world follow this religion, or if it is exclusive to Soleanna.

Soleanna's capital city is also named Soleanna, though it is sometimes called the City of Water. Two-hundred years into the future, the nearest city to the capital, the more modern New City, becomes the site of the Iblis' attacks, and is known as Crisis City to the few survivors.

The appearance of the capital city is based on Venice, Italy.

Noble locations




The flag of Apotos

A country influenced by the Cyclades of Greece and located on a peninsula on the same continent as Spagonia, Apotos is the first level in Sonic Unleashed. Sonic crash-lands here following the opening of the game, and meets Chip. It is famous for its ocean side view, big windmills, and its Chocolate Chipped Cream Sundae Supreme, which Chip loves.

Noble locations

Appears in



The flag of Spagonia

The world's art capital, located on the same continent as Apotos. Spagonia houses Spagonia University, which holds the lab of Professor Pickle. Its appearance is based on many locations in Western Europe, most notably Italy, with features like clock towers, aqueducts, and cathedrals. Sonic speeds around the rooftops during his adventures here.

Noble locations

  • Spagonia University town
  • Professor Pickle's lab
  • Gaia Temple

Appears in


Mazuri flag

The flag of Mazuri

A locale based on various places in Africa, Mazuri is known for its reddish-brown soil, sandy citadels, desert expanses, and its large baobab trees, particularly the gigantic one near the village Sonic visits. Dr. Eggman comes to Mazuri in search of the Gaia Temple there, only to be thrown out by the locals (with Sonic's help). The continent in which Mazuri is located is also the first continent to be restored by Sonic after he defeats the Egg Beetle.

Noble locations

Appears in



The flag of Holoska

The northern-most country at the North Pole based on Antarctica and the Inuit villages of the Arctic, Holoska is gripped with extreme cold and covered in snow. The natives dress warmly for the harsh weather. The region features houses built out of ice, colonies of penguins, bobsled rides, and giant whales.

Noble locations

  • Village that Sonic and Chip visit
  • Cool Edge region
  • Gaia Temple

Appears in



The flag of Chun-nan

This nation is inspired by Chinese culture and appearance with foggy mountains and waterfalls, giant dragon statues, bamboo groves, and lily pad-covered rivers and ponds. There are also brick structures that are identical to the Great Wall of China. The mountain town Sonic and Chip come to has a pork bun recipe that's been passed down for generations. The town's mayor, Zonshen, had disappeared at the time of Sonic's arrival. Sonic later finds him passed out in front of the Gaia Temple after he had most likely been attacked by the temple's guardian, the Dark Gaia Phoenix.

Noble locations

  • Mountain Town
  • Shrine Gate
  • Dragon Road
  • The Black Gate
  • Gaia Temple

Appears in



The flag of Shamar

Based on the Middle East, Jordan and Saudi Arabia in particular, Shamar is a sandy desert landscape with several rocky valleys and numerous ruins (one ruin in particular resembles the monastery carved into rock at Petra, Jordan). The desert town Sonic visits is host to the Hallowmoon Festival (also called Feast of Moon and Sun), a festival where the people of Shamar switch their daily life to nocturnal. The celebration is to honor the moon and the morning sun. Sonic arrives in Shamar after Professor Pickle tells him that he decided to pack up and move his lab there, as the Gaia Manuscripts say a lot about the town.

Noble locations

  • Desert town
  • Professor Pickles' secondary lab
  • Arid Sands desert
  • Gaia Temple

Appears in



The flag of Adabat

A tropical island nation inspired by Southeast Asia, most likely Thailand and Cambodia, Adabat features Buddhist statues, stilt houses, and a thick jungle filled with high cliffs, waterfalls, and many ancient ruins. It is here where Sonic finds the second-to-last Gaia Temple after dealing with Eggman in his Egg Lancer, and discovers Chip's true identity as Light Gaia.

Noble locations

  • Seaside town
  • Jungle Joyride region
  • Gaia Temple

Appears in

Standalone Areas

These places are either not ruled by any one government, far enough from their ruling government to not be labeled under that section, or the government ruling them is never stated.

Christmas Island

This island is mentioned in the Japanese manual of Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) as the place of birth of Sonic the Hedgehog. Apart from that, no other info is given about the island. It is one of the few areas in Earth that is actually named after a real-world location.

South Island

The original home of Sonic the Hedgehog and the island which houses the famed Green Hill Zone. South Island is where it all began, as it is the first of many areas attempted to be taken over by Dr. Eggman and his robotic minions, and Sonic has stopped him each time ever since then.

Noble locations


Angel Island

The island that floats in the heavens thanks to the power of the Master Emerald. Once part of the area in the present-day United Federation that is now the Mystic Ruins, Angel Island houses the remains of the ancient society of the Knuckles Clan. The sole sentient being on the island is Knuckles the Echidna (aside from the animal friends). Although it should be victim to every stray wind, it appears to stay above the Mystic Ruins at most times.

Noble locations


Little Planet

Appearing in the skies over Never Lake for one month a year, the Little Planet is a temporal anomaly. It houses the Time Stones and Time Posts, capable of sending someone either forwards or backwards in time. This was used by Dr. Eggman during Sonic the Hedgehog CD in an attempt to create the Eggman Empire. The planet makes a return in Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II, where Eggman makes a second attempt to create his Empire once again.

Noble locations


Space Colony ARK

Shut down fifty years ago, the ARK is a space colony in near-Earth orbit and is property of the United Federation. It was the workplace of Professor Gerald Robotnik, the home of Maria Robotnik, and the birthplace of Shadow the Hedgehog and the Biolizard, who are both Gerald's creations (the latter being the prototype of Shadow). Gerald created an extension of the ARK, the Eclipse Cannon, in order to destroy the Black Comet when it returned in fifty years time. However, the Guardian Units of Nations raided the ARK, believing that the space colony crew's experiments were a threat to humanity. During the raid, Maria was killed trying to save Shadow, which caused Gerald to spiral into irrational thinking. He then reprogrammed the Eclipse Cannon to use it as a means of revenge on the world, as it sent the ARK hurtling towards the Earth when fully activated 50 years later by Dr. Eggman. Sonic and Knuckles then used the Master Emerald to negate the effects that the seven Emeralds had on the Eclipse Cannon before the Biolizard fused with the ARK to carry out Gerald's plans. In the end, Super Sonic and Super Shadow destroyed the Biolizard and used Chaos Control to stop the ARK from smashing into the planet, although at the price of Shadow's life, who was believed to have died after falling back to Earth.

During the Black Arms attack on the Earth, they took over the ARK by using an amnesic Shadow to get through its defenses. They used the Eclipse Cannon to terrorize the Earth by destroying the White House, the capital of the United Federation. After Charmy Bee had struck the terminal of the ARK's main computer room, a hologram of Prof. Gerald (before he went insane) appeared. It told Shadow about how he needed help from Black Doom, leader of the Black Arms, in Shadow's creation, how Doom only helped in return for Shadow retrieving the Chaos Emeralds for him upon his return, and how Gerald created the Eclipse Cannon as a defense after he found out Doom's ulterior motives of world domination. The message motivated Shadow to confront Black Doom, who he defeated before using the Eclipse Cannon to finally destroy the Black Comet.

Noble locations


West Side Island

The birthplace and home island of Tails and setting of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Not much is known of it beyond that, but it seems to be home to a population of fox natives, as Tails was bullied by them.

Noble locations



The home of the Nocturnus Clan ruled by Imperator Ix, the only Echidna people alive besides Knuckles. Following the destruction of the Knuckles Clan, Nocturne was forcibly thrown into the Twilight Cage, a dimension where time passes differently inside than out.

Noble locations

  • Ix's Palace
  • Gizoid labs


Echidna City

Never officially given a name, this is the capital of the Knuckles Clan. Ruled by Pachacamac, it was destroyed by Chaos thousands of years before the events of the current Sonic storyline, and eventually became the Mystic Ruins while part of it lifted into the sky to become Angel Island.

Noble locations

  • Central temple


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