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The Lit Panel[1] is a gimmick that appears in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut. It is a special type of panel placed on walls which the player can walk on them.


Lit Panels are square-shaped wall plates, adorned with dark blue mosaic that form a soft triangle in the center. They form some sort of an artificial gravity field which allows users to stand on them, regardless of their slope.



The switch for the Lit Panels.

The Lit Panels only appear in Lost World. In gameplay, they allow the player to walk on walls. When Lit Panels are activated, their triangles glow pink and the player can stand on them as if they are attached the walls. This way, the player can reach otherwise unreachable areas. Stepping outside of the Lit Panels however, will make the playable character fall off them. All Lit Panels are connected to a switch which can both activate and arrange them. By stepping on the switch, the Lit Panels will move around slightly and once they form a proper path along the walls, they will activate. It takes approximately three switch presses to arrange the Lit Panels correctly. Also, if the player falls off the Lit Panels, they will move back to their original position.


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