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Liza meets Espio.

Liza is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. She is a pink female Mobian chameleon who appears to be an old friend of Espio.


From Kingdom to Island

Part of a community of chameleons living in Rainbow Valley in Angel Island, Liza welcomed Espio when he arrived from the Brotherhood of Guardians to begin observing Knuckles the Echidna for the Bride of Constant Vigil. Whether or not she was a native of the island, she—like Espio and his mentor, Valdez—was a member of the Dragon Kingdom's Shinobi Clan. She later approached Espio during his time as a member of the Chaotix after he came across a wounded friend of theirs, Barney, and had Julie-Su take him to Echidnaopolis for medical attention. Though disapproving of Espio's taste in friends, she agreed to reveal the mystery of Barney's injuries to him. Espio got more than he bargained for when she led him to a roboticized Valdez, who had subjugated the chameleons on the orders of his master Dr. Eggman.

When Valdez ordered his Shadowbots to take her prisoner, Liza revealed to Espio why she had gone looking for him: she had hoped that he might be able to reach the true Valdez they had both known. Having believed Liza to prefer Espio to him for some time, Valdez ordered her roboticization as an example to the other chameleons as to what would happen if they opposed him. It was also to convince Espio to tell him everything he knew about Knuckles the Echidna or else see the other chameleons meet Liza's fate. The roboticized Liza then accompanied the pair of them as they set out to find the Master Emerald. When Espio outwitted Valdez and sent him to a watery demise, Liza was left to wonder what she would do next.

Liza later reappeared alongside the other Shinobi Clan ninja when they showed themselves to Sonic and Tails in the Dragon Kingdom.


  • Contrary to rumors, the green chameleon attending the wedding of Antoine and Bunnie in Sonic the Hedgehog #174 was not Liza. As an in-joke, artist Tracy Yardley anthropomorphized head writer Ian Flynn and his wife Aleah as guests.
  • Liza was later de-roboticized by the Bem, but she had not been seen since Knuckles the Echidna #32 and thus her fate remained unknown for some time. However, a chameleon greatly resembling Liza appeared in Sonic Universe #16 among the Shinobi Clan and it was heavily implied in a blog and later confirmed by current writer Ian Flynn that the chameleon was indeed Liza.[1][2]
  • An early concept for "The Chaotix Quest" arc (Sonic Universe #46-#49) would have featured Liza as a character. Apparently not originally a member of the Shinobi Clan by birth, Liza would have been rejected by the Rainbow Valley Chameleons following her De-Roboticization, and a sympathetic Espio would have put her in touch with the Shinobi Clan. When Mighty and Ray went searching for Mighty's sister Matilda, Espio would have contacted the Shinobi Clan and Liza would have been sent to trail the pair, partly to help them and partly to help her get over her mistrust of non-Chameleons. Apparently still a novice in terms of Chameleon stealth skills and Shinobi ninja techniques, she would have bungled along a bit but would have proved helpful in interacting with Matilda and other former Robians due to her own past experience. Aleah Baker also intended to add to her design somewhat, similar to aborted plans for Saffron Bee and Hershey St. John.[3]


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