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You may be looking for Locke the Echidna from the Mobius Prime universe.
Locke Dies

Locke dies with Knuckles and Lara-Le at his bedside.

Locke is the Light Mobius version of Locke the Echidna, the father of Knuckles, and grandfather of the current Guardian Lara-Su, whom he never lived to meet.


At some point, Locke contracted cancer, which left him in critical condition. Although under treatment from Doctor Shockra, Locke's prognosis was bad, as he was unlikely to live long enough to see Ascension Day. After awakening from surgery, Locke confessed his feelings to Lara-Le and explained to Knuckles the guilt he felt over how he raised him. After this, Locke passed away overnight on the sixty-first day of 3246. (StH: #143)

In 3261 when Knuckles visited his father's grave, he revealed he learned that if he prevented his daughter from becoming a Guardian, he would be making the same mistake Locke made with him by not giving her the chance to choose for herself. He then decided he'd let her become a Guardian, at which point the spirit of Locke looked on smiling with Aurora at his side. (StH: #143)


  • Due to the changes in the timeline, it is unknown if Locke is dead or not. However, as he has yet to make an appearance, it is assumed that he is still dead. It is possible his fate was the same as it was in the prime verse after Sonic altered the timeline, though this is unknown. Additionally, it is possible that he simply died in the same fashion as in the original timeline, it being one of several elements the two have in common.

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