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Long John Baldry

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Long John Baldry

Long John Baldry

Long John Baldry (12 January 1941 - 21 July 2005, died age 64) was an English-Canadian blues singer, who voiced Dr. Ivo Robotnik in the cartoon Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.[1]

Baldry died on 21 July 2005 of a lung infection.

Early life

Baldry's birth was registered in Brixworth Registration District in the first quarter of 1941. This District includes East Haddon so it appears certain that this was his birthplace. His mother's maiden name was Parker. His early life was spent in Edgware, Middlesex where he attended Camrose Primary School until the age of 11, after which he attended Downer Grammar School. Just before his death, he attended the school's 40th anniversary celebrations.




  • Coincidentally, Deem Bristow, who originally voiced Dr. Eggman in the games, died of a heart attack the same year.

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