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Loot the Treasure Seeker from Sonic the Comic #129. Black and white art by Carl Flint, colour by John M Burns.

Loot the Treasure Seeker is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is an anthropomorphic chameleon and a thief, who stole several works of art from the Museum of Arty Art in the Eldorado Zone. He is entirely green - including his eyes - and he wears a black-and-white striped burglar outfit. His appearance is somewhat similar to Espio's appearance. However, there are a few differences.


Using his ability to turn invisible, Loot entered the museum during opening hours, waited until everyone had left to steal the valuables, then left when the curator opened up again the following morning. After he had stolen the Bronze Monkey, the curator called private detective Harry Mole and Tails to investigate. While they were guarding the museum that night, Loot appeared in front of them, stole a statue called the Golden Handshake, then vanished again. Tricked into believing that Loot could teleport, the heroes rushed outside, letting Loot make his getaway.

Loot's plan was uncovered when Tails saw footprints being made in the muddy grass by the invisible Loot. Tails used his twin tails to sling mud all over Loot's location, covering him in mud and revealing his invisibility. Loot attempted to run far enough to become invisible again, but tripped over Harry Mole's molehill and was captured. He was soon arrested by three penguin police officers, and both his prizes were returned to the museum.[1]


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