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Lost Colony

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Lost Colony
Appearances and overview
First appearance

Sonic Adventure 2

Other appearances

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle


In the Space Colony ARK

Stage theme(s)

Space theme

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Egg Quarters

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Weapons Bed

Playable characters
(story mode)

Dr. Eggman

Level number


Number of acts



G.U.N. enemies

Lost Colony is the sixth stage in the Dark story in Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. The player controls Dr. Eggman.

Stage layout

This is the first time that anyone has entered the ARK in a very long time. Therefore, everything is shut down, so it's hard to see. Eggman must shoot enemies, causing explosions, creating light that will last for a few seconds. The stage is full of G.U.N. enemies, and has an area that is practically a maze, where you have to find the way to the floor above.

Mission Guide

Collect 100 rings

Snatch up all the rings you can find. Standard procedure, really. Just don’t let the enemies touch you, and this mission will be over before you know it. As a general rule, firing at everything in your path is a good idea. The exception to this tactic applies to rooms containing these explosives. Once touch from their blasts will send your rings flying.

Level Up Item

After figuring out your going in circles, you may realize you need to use the containers to climb up where you also find the Jet Engine Level Up Item. This Level Up Item is crucial to making it through the rest of the stage, along with the rest of the game.


Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Music - Lost Colony02:25

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Music - Lost Colony


Sonic Adventure 2 Lost Colony Mission 1 - A Rank HD04:03

Sonic Adventure 2 Lost Colony Mission 1 - A Rank HD

Going in Strong Sonic Adventure 2 HD Lost Colony (Hard Mode)05:42

Going in Strong Sonic Adventure 2 HD Lost Colony (Hard Mode)

Sonic Adventure 2

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