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Sonic Adventure 2
Lost Colony

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Lost Colony is the sixth stage in the Dark story in Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. The player controls Dr. Eggman.

Stage layout

This is the first time that anyone has entered the ARK in a very long time. Therefore, everything is shut down, so it's hard to see. Eggman must shoot enemies, causing explosions, creating light that will last for a few seconds. The stage is full of G.U.N. enemies, and has an area that is practically a maze, where you have to find the way to the floor above.


Collect 100 rings

Snatch up all the Rings that can be found. Do not let the enemies touch Eggman, and this mission will be over. As a general rule, firing at everything in the path is a good idea. The exception to this tactic applies to rooms containing explosives. Once touch from their blasts will send the player's Rings flying.

When the player gets to the room where the Jet Engine was, take a moment to pick up the two Item Boxs (one is the balloon and the other is beneath a Container south of the center column.

Find the Lost Chao

Head for the edge of the first catwalk out in space, and a platform hovering just below on the right can be seen. Jump onto it to be elevated to another short catwalk with the Ancient Ruin at the end. Play the Mystic Melody atop the the shrine, and a series of platforms will appear, leading to a door. Walk across the platforms and the following door, and the player should come to a large gap with yet another low-set door positioned on the opposite side. Hover across, and blast the enemy that appears while in midair to unlock the door. Walk through one last door to find the lost Chao.

Reach the Goal within 3:30

Three and a half minutes is plenty of time to clear the stage. Just keep firing to clear the path of any unseen enemies. If the player is trying to score an A Rank, they must take a little extra time to lock onto and destroy as many enemies as possible for extra points.

Clear Hard Mode

For this mission, the Large Cannon is required:

  • Be careful when locking onto the explosions, as some of them blow up sections in the stage.
  • To open the third room, the Wooden Containers have been replaced with a stack of Iron Containers and Indestructible Containers. Destroy the Iron Containers and jump to the top of what is left. Hover along the Rings to another stack of Containers, and from there to yet another stack of Containers where the Switch is.
  • In the Jet Engine's room, walk forward a bit and go then to the right. From there, the player should see two Indestructible Containers stacked on top of an Iron Container. Blast the Iron Container to drop the Indestructible Containers. That will form steps needed to reach the platforms above.

Big the Cat sighting

Sonic2app 2017-02-16 21-35-47-453

Big the Cat in Lost Colony.

During the long elevator ride after the third Point Marker, Big the Cat can be seen sitting and fishing on a ledge on the left side of the shaft.

Chao Containers locations

  • After the first Point Marker, the first Chao Container can be found in the left part of the right edge of the square room.
  • After the first Point Marker, the second Chao Container can be found in the room with the green energy fluid, precisely between the two elevators at the beginning.
  • After the second Point Marker, the third Chao Container can be found on a ledge in the back of the second outside section.


Level Up Item

After figuring out your going in circles, you may realize you need to use the containers to climb up where you also find the Jet Engine Level Up Item. This Level Up Item is crucial to making it through the rest of the stage, along with the rest of the game.


Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Music - Lost Colony02:25

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Music - Lost Colony


Sonic Adventure 2 Lost Colony Mission 1 - A Rank HD04:03

Sonic Adventure 2 Lost Colony Mission 1 - A Rank HD

Going in Strong Sonic Adventure 2 HD Lost Colony (Hard Mode)05:42

Going in Strong Sonic Adventure 2 HD Lost Colony (Hard Mode)

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