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Lost Hex
The Lost Hex as seen from a large scale.
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Sonic Lost World

in other media

Archie Comics

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Lost World


Sky of Earth


The Lost Hex (ロストヘックス Rosuto Hekkusu?) is a mysterious, unexplored continent of Sonic's world which Sonic and his friends come across in Sonic Lost World. The Lost Hex is the main setting of the game, housing a variety of areas. Lost Hex is also home to the Deadly Six, a group of six deadly Zeti that Dr. Eggman discovers and uses to conquer Lost Hex and the Earth. 

According to a Japanese trailer that shows off the boss battles, Lost Hex is a "future continent". 


Appearances in Other Media

Archie Comics

Lost Hex Archie
Lost Hex in the Archie Comics.

The Lost Hex appears in Sonic Halloween Comic Fest 2013 and in Sonic Super Special Magazine #9 published by Archie Comics as the main location in the Sonic Lost World adaption.

In the comics, Dr. Eggman, Orbot and Cubot find the Lost Hex after searching for an unknown period of time. Eggman and his lackies then explore the Lost Hex, as Cubot remarks that the place looks strangely similar to a familiar looking place. Suddenly, the evil trio are startled by Zavok, who questions Eggman and his lackies appearance on the Lost Hex. Eggman then recognizes Zavok as one of the Zeti species and the two quickly challenge each other to a duel, with Eggman using his Buzz Bomber badniks to fire at Zavok.

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