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The Lost Pyramid of Sandopolis[1] is a location that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is an ancient pyramid located in the Sandopolis Zone.


The Lost Pyramid of Sandopolis resembles one of the real-life Egyptian pyramids. The insides consist of dark passages with the "Lost Tomb of Sandopolis" in its center, where piles of gold, gems and others treasures are stored. The pyramid is fitted with a lighting system of torches that are activated by switches in the passages. Having remained unused for thousand of years however, the system is not as reliable as it used to.[2]

To safeguard the pyramid from unworthy trespassers, the pyramid is patrolled by two kinds of protectors: the indestructible Guardians and the untouchable Hyudoros ghosts. These guards are referred to as the pyramid's "curse."[2]

A button was left behind at another pyramid that was able to raise the Lost Pyramid of Sandopolis from the sands.[2] Oppositely, the inside of the pyramid is fitted with a seal that, if broken, will fill the pyramid with sand, causing it to sink back into the sanddunes permanently. There is also a secret exit in the pyramid that leads to the Lava Reef Zone.[1]



The Lost Pyramid of Sandopolis originate from the era of the Ancient Echidnas, 8,000 years before Sonic's time. Before it was buried beneath its Zone's sanddunes, piles of the Floating Island's treasures were hidden inside it.[2]

Ruled by Robotnik

With the Floating Island's existence confirmed, Captain Plunder and his Sky Pirates located the Lost Pyramid of Sandopolis to steal its treasure, with Plunder having hired the Professor to translate the sacred texts that gave instructions on how to raise and unlock the pyramid.[1] A Guardian then appeared and fought Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles the Echidna while the pirates crept into the pyramid. Activating the pyramid's lights, the Sky Pirates found the tomb with treasure. As they escaped with some treasure though, just as Sonic and Knuckles caught up with them, the lights gave out. Hyudoros then emerged and chased the pirates out of the pyramid empty-handed, before sealing the entrance. Trapped inside, Knuckles broke the seal that made the pyramid sink back into the sand while he and Sonic escaped to the Lava Reef Zone through a secret exit.[2]

The pyramid would later be unearthed by Nack the Weasel, who used a shrinking ray to shrink down all the sand inside the pyramid and its treasure, allowing him easily steal the latter. The Chaotix Crew and Knuckles followed him into the pyramid though, and, after dealing with some Hyudoros and a Guardian reprogramed by Nack, the heroes would catch the weasel. With Chaotix returning with Nack to the Special Zone, Knuckles was left to clean up the pyramid's scattered treasure.[3]


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