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Lost Souls[1] is a move that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is an illusion used by the Mystic Genies to discourage interlopers.


The Lost Souls are the only power the Mystic Genies have in their ghastly manifestations.[2] Although nothing more than an illusion, the Lost Souls creates projections of horrifying images in order to strike fear into the hearts of opponents. While this illusion has no physically effect, its victims can feel the illusions' contents as if they are real.[1] However, the Lost Souls have no effect on those that can keep their eyes shut and stay focused.[2]


When Sonic the Hedgehog asked too much about the Ritual of Transformation in Mystic Mountain, the Mystic Genies subjugating him to the Lost Souls. The illusion made Sonic think he had been left hanging on a tower of bones topped by hyenas in another dimension, unable to move and feeling his blood chilling, while pink, goblin-like creatures tried to pull him down. As Sonic was pulled into oblivion though, the illusion ended and the Mystic Genies warned Sonic not to ask more questions.[1]

After Sonic destroyed the Mystic Globe, the Mystic Genies hit both him and the chosen children of Shanazar with the Lost Souls as punishment. Realizing the nature of the Lost Souls, Sonic had the children hold hands and close their eyes while he guided them out of the illusion.[2]


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