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The Lump from Sonic the Comic #124. Black and white art by Carl Flint, and colouring by Steve White.

The Lump, also known as Keanu, is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is a failed experiment created by Doctor Robotnik.


Robotnik intended to create an evil monster who would destroy things, but the Lump ended up more interested in handicrafts and pressing flowers, so Robotnik dumped him.

He eventually came to the Timber Village Zone, where the locals were so scared of him that they called Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary in to deal with him. They were able to communicate with him and learn his story, but before they could explain this to the townsfolk, they formed a mob and chased the Lump away. During the chase, a rope bridge snapped under the weight of the Lump and the posse, causing the Lump and two residents of the Zone (including the Zone Leader) to plummet into a chasm. The Lump was unhurt, and used his soft body to save the others, making them re-evaluate their behavior towards him. Deciding that it was wrong to insult him with a nickname like "The Lump", they said he should have a proper name, and suggested "Steve" or "Craig", but the Lump settled on calling himself "Keanu". The residents of the Zone welcomed Keanu into their community, and Tekno hoped that they'd be able to treat him as an equal from now on.[1]


Despite Robotnik's intentions, Lump is a kind-hearted creature who is constantly feared and bullied for his monstrous appearance. Although initially only able to communicate by roaring, he became able to speak normally by means of Tekno the Canary's Translator-Scan.

Powers and abilities

The Lump's body is composed of a soft, bouncy material with the consistency of sponge. This makes him immune to most injury, either from attacks or from great falls.


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