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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Archie Comics continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
For the character in the Sonic the Hedgehog TV series, see Lupe (SatAM).
Lupe Wolf
First appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #46

Physical description





Grayish purple, White


Black, White



Alignment and character traits



Lupe is a Mobian wolf and former leader of the Wolf Pack group of Freedom Fighters. She exists in both the Pre-and Post-Super Genesis Wave timeline.


Lupe has black fur and deep blue eyes (which are sometimes shown to be green), with thick black hair (in the shape of a mo-hawk). Her hair is tied in a ponytail that runs down her back. She has a black tail with a grey tip (when it doesn't suddenly disappear from the camera). Lupe also has a scar under her left eye. She dons a light blue bodysuit with a golden clasp around her neck, golden arm and wrist bracelets and blue sandals strapped around her legs. She's also significantly taller than the rest of the Freedom fighters.

As the Grand Chief of the Wolf Pack Nation, she gained elaborate regalia featuring a large feathered headdress and skirt, as well as a long red cape with gold trim; all of this featured elaborate designs and jewels in reds, blues and golds. Later, she entered battle in her usual outfit with the addition of red and gold shoulder pads, a heavy jeweled necklace, a feathered ornament on the left side of her head, and gold bands adorned with blue gems on her legs.


When she was the leader of the Wolf Pack, Lupe represented the strong spirit of the team and lent a helping hand toward Sally whenever she could. Lupe, in defiance of the general anti-overlander sentiment among Mobians, adopted two lonely overlander girls (Aerial and Athena) into the Pack. Unfortunately when the Pack reached home to reunite with the family members they had left behind, the Pack was caught off guard and captured by Uncle Chuck, who was under Eggman's control. Lupe was roboticized, but she fought off the mind control long enough to enable the rest of the Pack to escape. As the control was starting to take affect, she figured she would be better off staying instead of becoming a possible danger to the Pack. In memory of her leadership and bravery, the Wolf Pack put up a tomb stone dedicated to Lupe. Due to nearly everyone being de-roboticized by the Bem, Lupe is now leading the Wolf Pack again.

It was later revealed that, after their people had been scattered and their city destroyed, Lupe had relocated the wolves to their ancestral home in the southern hemisphere, forming the Wolf Pack Nation. As per the people's desire, she became the nation's Grand Chief. Despite some friction with the Felidae of the neighboring Mysterious Cat Country, Lupe successfully governed the new nation and happily raised her family there. Sonic and Sally were invited to the region to be inducted as honorary members of the Wolf Pack, but when they arrived, Lupe informed them that the sacred artifact needed for the ceremony, the Ancient Onyx, had gone missing. When it was revealed that the Felidae were also looking for the Ancient Onyx, Sally asked Lupe for permission to investigate the matter as a neutral party, to which Lupe agreed. However, while Sally was gone and Sonic was attempting to negotiate with the Felidae, Lupe lead several armed wolves into the area getting ready for battle. (StH #213)

Sonic, upset by Lupe's entrance, questioned her arrival, to which Lupe replied that she had been getting worried about him and Sally. Assuming the absent Sally to be safe, she then demanded that the Felidae return the Ancient Onyx, only for Queen Hathor to accuse the Wolves of having stolen it. Their argument soon degenerated, ranging from disputed ownership of the lands the Wolf Pack Nation had reclaimed to the various offenses each had committed against the other. Fortunately, Big stood between the two, preventing them from coming to blows while Sonic reasoned things out. Finally coming to a realization, the Hedgehog asked Lupe if her people had encountered any Eggman Empire robots upon their arrival, which Lupe confirmed, though she reported their destruction at the hands of both her people and the Felidae. After questioning Hathor, Sonic asked Lupe if she would stand down and follow him, and then had the Felidae Queen lead them both to the Mystic Ruins. Once there, they discovered a chapter of the Dark Egg Legion, whom Lupe quickly had her warriors attack. This led to the disturbing discovery that the group was composed of Wolves and Felidae, the former members of the nation who had gone missing after the mass De-roboticization of Mobius and remained unaccounted for after the resettlement. After the group was driven off, Lupe called a halt to the attack, knowing that her small force was unprepared for a drawn out conflict with the Legion. Sally then arrived with the Ancient Onyx, having been captured by Grandmasters Drago Wolf and Razorklaw, and then spoke to both groups about how they had come together to defeat a common foe. The two rulers then agreed to an uneasy peace, leaving the Ancient Onyx in the Mystic Ruins-in Felidae territory-and putting the Wolves in charge of retrieving it for special occasions. Lupe then welcomed Sonic, Sally, and Big into the Nation with grand ceremony, their hands on the recovered Onyx. (StH: #214)


Lupe is gentle but very strong willed, incredibly spiritual, confident, and sensitive. Lupe never backs down, and she fights for what she believes in right to the end (namely for her culture and her wolf pack). She and her pack also have a great respect for nature. Just by looking at her and seeing the way she behaves, one can be certain that she's very trustworthy and loyal, but Lupe is definitely no one to tangle with if you're going to be on her bad side.


  • Lupe first appeared in the Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) TV series episode Cry of the Wolf.
  • Her Grand Chief cloth bears great resemblance to Native American tribal clothing. This could be a reference to Native American's culture which involves wolves.

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