The Lure (ルアー Ruā?) is a series of optional Level Up Items for Big the Cat in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut.


The Lures are a set of four different fishing lures for Big's fishing rod, which depict a different fish each, which allow Big to catch bigger fish. For each Lure obtained, Big can catch progressively bigger and bigger fish, and they can be obtained in any order.


Lure Location One

This Lure Level Up Item is located in Station Square, near the same location as Tails' Jet Anklet. To obtain it, go to the area behind Twinkle Park, where there will be a small canal that leads into the sewers. The Lure Level Up Item can then be found at the end of the canal, which is blocked with bars.

Lure Location Two

This Lure Level Up Item is located in jungle area of Mystic Ruins. When standing at Big's hut, go down the second path from the left in front of Big's hut. Proceed down the path and then take the second path on the left and you will find yourself in a small clearing where the Lure Level Up Item is found.

Lure Location Three

This Lure Level Up Item is found in the Icecap and is the only Lure found in a Action Stage. To reach the area where the Lure is located, there are two paths Big can take; when beginning the stage, you can either go up the stairs on the left until Big reaches a small pool that leads to another area and follow the path until Big reaches a area with dinosaur bones on ice and a pool covered in ice. Otherwise, you can jump into the pool near the beginning and follow the path on the bottom until you enter a new area, where you have to surface and take the Springs in front of Big which will take him to the same ice covered pool. Head into this pool by breaking through the area with thin ice and dive to the bottom. The Lure Level Up Item can then be found there.

Lure Location Four

This Lure Level Up Item can be found in the Egg Carrier, inside the Egg Carrier. Go to the holding cell area where Amy Rose was held upon her capture of ZERO, and the Lure Level Up Item can be found in the cell closest to the door. To open the cell, jump onto the button close to the said cell.


  • The Lure is the only Level Up Item in the Sonic series which can be obtained multiple times by the same character.
  • The Lure Level Up Items are the only Level Up Items in Sonic Adventure where Tikal does not introduce the Level Up Item to the character.



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