The Lure Attack (ルア攻撃 Rua kōgeki?) is a technique performed by Big the Cat in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut. When performing this move, Big can attack enemies both close-up and from afar with his Fishing Rod.


The performance of the Lure Attack comes in two varieties: a long distance attack for enemies that are far away, and a short-range melee attack for close up enemies.

When performing the long range version of the Lure Attack, Big marks his target in question with his Fishing Rod, and cast its line out with his left arm to sang his target. Once he hooks onto his target with his lure, Big returns the pull on the line, dealing damage to the target. To perform it in gameplay, the player must face the target in question and press and hold the B/X button to display the cast indicator and use the control stick to position the cast indicator over the target. The player must then release the B/X button to attack. This version of the Lure Attack can even be used to intercept certain projectiles, such as the E-01 Baby Kiki's bombs.

When performing the short range version of the Lure Attack, Big simply uses his Fishing Rod as a club in his left arm and smacks the target in front of him. To perform it in gameplay, the player has to simply press the B/X button.

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