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The MX-4180 Electroplasmatic Capsulator is an object that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is an invention created by Miles "Tails" Prower which can generate force-fields.



The Electroplasmatic Capsulator is a yellow and grey energy cannon with three symmetrically-aligned legs. Standing on its footing is a rotatable cannon with a tick-mouthed barrel, a round midsection and an exhaust on the rear. Its upper section holds a small, yet tall dome, four prongs connected in pairs by wires, and a small red-tipped antenna. On its sides it has Tails' emblem.

Features and abilitiesEdit

Funny controller

Eggman wearing the Electroplasmatic Capsulator's controller.

The Electroplasmatic Capsulator has a plantanium casing and hydroponic stabilizers. When used, it fires a beam that restructures the humidity molecules in the air to synthesize a hyper-magnetic force-field. These force-fields can either be projected as midair barriers or a surface-close field over targets, the latter of which can almost completely immobilize a person or reinforce fragile constructs.[1]

The device runs on brainpower which is transmitted through a flying helmet-like hat. To fire it, the user just has to say something smart; oppositely, saying something stupid shuts its force-fields down. Removing the hat will yield the same effect.[1]


TV seriesEdit

Season oneEdit

Sonic caught

Sonic's force-field enhanced cage.

The Electroplasmatic Capsulator was created by Tails to fight Dr. Eggman. However, Eggman managed to trick the device away from Tails, and used it to capture Sonic in a force-field enhanced cage. When the rest of Team Sonic arrived, while Eggman defended himself with the device, they took the controller from Eggman and freed Sonic. The team then used the device to encage Sonic with Eggman in response to Sonic's snarky remarks.[1]


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